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Valya Jun 2022
Feeling sparks fly
In the dark tunnel waiting to let you out
It's happened once
And I've been waiting for it to happen again ever since
Let me finish the walk out of this tunnel
Give me one more spark
It's gone
They're gone
Let me see sparks fly once more
To get out of the ever so lonely hallway
Finding what I believe to be flint
And proving that instead it's charcoal
Crumbling away under my fingers
As I try to keep it together
i really miss the spark I felt with the first where I knew that it was meant to be even if it was just temporary I can't tell who's worth it anymore ://
Valya Apr 2022
Being happy
It's such a weird, foreign feeling
It comes randomly
And leaves just as easily
Yet at the bottom of it
There's always a set of people that bring it
They come by and it comes along naturally
Humans are made to be social creatures
But it's still crazy to me that I've found them
Those 3 that bring me that immediate happiness
Will it last?
Who knows maybe not but I'm happy to have it
Or at least in the moment
It will be these people that seem so ordinary
That I'll remember years into the future
My source of light even in the darkest times
A source of comfort to balance the danger
I'm just happy to have people that I can look at and smile and get that same smile back
Valya Apr 2022
I'm in a relationship now
But the emptiness persists
They lied
You can't have someone fix you
And can you even fix yourself?
It's just a list of riddles
With an endless loop of emptiness
Valya Mar 2022
Why does it feel like you never cared
I leave once out of anger
And you don't even seem to have a dent
You move on with life
I just wish that you'd show a bit of emotion
im so ******* done with communicating first
Valya Mar 2022
I'm staring at the clock
Waiting for the 9 to become a 0
Checking how much longer
Until I'm out
I sit here in silence
Typing away
The only sound being
My fingertips on the keyboard
I look again, the 0 is there
But now I long for it to be a 1
A never ending, vicious cycle
Minutes away from a freedom
That can only be achieved
After 7 hours in this hell
When the day comes
That I no longer stare
At this digital *******
And instead enjoy what is around me
I will finally be at peace
Valya Mar 2022
They sit
Two feet away from me
Spewing sh*t about friends
I don't turn
Staring at my computer
In a slight fit of fear
That my turn will be next
I know plenty about them
And they know me too
But who's to say
That even if I don't turn
I won't be next
They love to talk
Vouching on that their word
Won't be spread
It will
idkkkk ranty time ovo
Valya Mar 2022
Is it ok
To fall for someone again
With no intention
To go far
Is it ok
To know that they have
Feelings for me
And advance on those
When I can't promise
Feelings back for long
Is it ok
To move on when I'm still so broken
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