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bubblyflower Apr 2021
In my garden, when I was just a child
I would take a pencil I could find
And I would draw my own world.

It would be raining with happiness
Rainbows would burst from clouds
There would be no touch of blackness.

I remind myself all of those memories,
Tears start to flow down my cheeks,
"Oh, I wish I could live those moments again!
I wish I would have no worries like back then,
But life goes on and even if it's not the same,
I am going to transform my world
Into one where I treasure beautiful moments!"
bubblyflower Apr 2021
I braided my hair with the flowers you gave me,
You gifted me a beautiful field of fragrance,
What a fragrant flowery meadow to see!

We watched as the cloud slowly into distance departs,
I treasure the day we gave. shyly, each other's hearts,
The world is such a small place, it's a pile of sparks!

We looked at each other's eyes, we smiled with bliss,
The sunset also smiled at us as we're about to kiss,
Fate had lead us into a moment we wouldn't miss!
bubblyflower Apr 2021
When I was just an innocent child,
Unlike others, I wouldn't go wild
I would swing in a cherry blossom tree,
And no other children would notice me.
I was a shy child, very timid of socializing,
But a boy with wings was approaching,
"I can be your friend, dear one,
We will explore every corner
Of your rich imagination
We will fly beautifully together"
Time passed, I felt amazing,
But the clock was ticking,
The boy said: "It is time to go, my love,
It is time to let go, we'll be together
Even after the end!"
bubblyflower Apr 2021
Why can't I express myself into words?
This heaviness, stuck to my arms and mouth,
It makes feel like a butterfly stuck in a web.
I want to talk and write more and more,
My word is getting duller and duller
I want to confess to you
I want to speak to my friends
I want to be happy.
bubblyflower Apr 2021
I stare at the forget-me-not,
You gave it the day you left me,
Why did you leave me?
Why did you abandon us?
I start ripping each petal,
He loves me, he loves me not...
He forgets-me-not.
He loves me.
bubblyflower Apr 2021
red flowers cover the heavenly field,
your teary eyes reflect the moonlight,
the person that i need beside me is you,
i know you need me too,
staying by each other's side
what a beautiful sight!
i wish we could stay forever,
i wish we could be merrier,
it's time to say goodbye,
a butterfly tickles my hand,
let's be together even after the end!
bubblyflower Jan 2021
Our love is like the changing clouds,
Sometimes going from heavenly white to awful gray,
Hoping the clouds will never fade away.
Sometimes we drift apart,
But the wind brings us back to our art.
cloud love gray heavenly white art
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