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Anna Sep 17
It's funny-how one word can change everything.
One word can make the good memories fade away.
One word can hurt more than a physical blow.
One word can overtake your every thought.
One word can consume you.
One word can break you.
It's funny how one word can destroy you, but one word can also set you free.
I would rather be hit with sticks and stones- then ever have to hear that one word.
the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" is a lie. It is something we say to gather strength and dignity after the words have already done their damage.
Anna Jul 17
I have never claimed to be perfect.
I always admit to my flaws,
but somehow they can always force me to show my claws.

So I take a break.
I quickly pause,
because if I stop.
I will shatter from their barbed jaws.
Anna Jul 17
I’m falling to pieces and I feel so alone.
I feel like I have no place to call home.
I’m in shambles
Anna Jul 17
This world is made of people.
People who cheat.
People who lie.
People who deceive.
People who die.
There are many evils in this world.
People are liable to put up veils to disguise what evils they have but;
there are also joys.
People who love whole heartily.
People who are loyal to their core.
People who would never *****.
People who will save this world from the autocracies of this world.
There is evil, but there is good.
remember for every bad person in your life there is 3 good ones at least.
Anna Jul 13
She was alone, but she preferred it that way.
Because when she was alone- she could see herself.
She could be herself.
She could feel.
She could breath.
The crushing feelings of pain and anxiety disappeared.
She was alone, but she was not lonely.
she was alone, and she preferred it that way.
Being alone can clarify ones mind as much as it can destroy one.
Anna Jun 9
As a child-
When the waves knock you down it's a game.
You are so innocent to the true nature of the sea.
You are innocent to its depth.

As an adult-
When a wave knocks you down, you run.
Because you can see the true terror of what lies beneath its beautiful, blue surface.
Anna Apr 26
A storm brews inside of her.
Winds of the past ruffle her hair.
Waves of darkness crash in her eyes.
Thunder echos as her heart beats.
Lighting flashes when she breaths.

She is power.
She is a force.
She is uncontrollable.
She is beautiful.
She is unique.

But all of that power,
all of that force.
Is it to much?
Can she bear the burden?

She falls.
The weight of it too much to withstand.
She breaths.
She stands,
and she lets the world know that the worst is yet to come.
Let the world know you are a force to be reckoned with and that you wont back down.
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