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Dvali Taytem Apr 2020
You want to know:
Why good things happen for those who don’t deserve,
And the worst **** happens
To the rest of us -
To the best of us on Earth?

It isn’t just
Some dualistic
View of how things work
It’s more that it’s
The heavy fist
Of a God all gone berserk.

While the Devil sits,
His voice a-twist
With laughter at the fall,
The bad get new beginnings.
The good?
Nothing at all.
Wordsmith Oct 2018
Day by day I fritter away
Observing decorum as best I may
Meet me as you meet — reserved somebody
Leave me as you leave — dull nobody

Dreary, weary, listless, spiritless
A resting spirit clamours to emerge
Unguided, wild, free and seeking
Boldly defying reserved somebody

But how, just how do I unleash this defiant spirit
For it is to cross all conceivable limits
Oh but a mask, of course a mask!
The perfect accessory for this task!

Careless of propriety
Boastful of daring
Acting against my will
Or in tandem with it?

This mask — just now I can't discern
Ponder I do with great concern
Does it shield my identity
Or render truth to it?

So now just what fun in masks
One may ponderously ask

Masks, bring to life fantasy
Fantasy, a realm of our reality
Reality, wherein lies multiplicity
Multiplicity, within each individuality
This poem takes a different view on a mask. Does it shield who we are? Or does it allow us to be who we truly are?

Isn't it ironic fantasy too is part of human reality? A realm revealing psychological truths.

Masks addresses the various facets of a personality. Our fragmented identities. Multiplicity in individualities.

Halloween is round the corner. If you had the chance, who would be the Hyde to your Jekyll?
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
It’s up to you

If love is all it takes to cry, then why do we need tears at all?
If love just leaves us wondering why,
Then I will once more stand to fall.
If love is forever torn from my hands,
Then I will still remember every love I ever had.

Without a love I will never be myself;
I need your love to heal my heart…please help.
Your love can give me all the wealth;
This love thing can free me from this Hell.

A secret heart is not shatterproof;
A beauty so hard to find is what I find in you.
A date with a destiny that we never knew
And now I know who to love…you are my biggest clue.

In lights I see you immortalized;
So bright you shine new sights into my eyes.
I am telling you I love you; can you send me a sign?
Could you love me too, or shall I just leave and die?

So high with love, so low without;
So happy with you, so sad inside my head.
If I can earn your love, can you tell me how?
I do not want this love to go to waste;
Let this love live and not be left for dead.

The love songs are all about how I feel.
The poet’s words say the words I want you to hear.
Let this not only be a dream and allow this love to become real.
My thoughts I can only share with you,
But only if you stay near.

Love is all about the choices we make;
Do you want my love, for each and every day?
Or shall I just watch you walk away?

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
c Apr 2018

I've left the stove on for you
The milk has curdled and lumped
The walls torn of their bark
The shower running hot

I've given all the photos up
To flame in warm embrace
I've brimmed the socks with holes for you,
I've smithered every plate

I've sprayed the garden poisonous
I've festered root & vein
I've grown a **** in every pith
And severed every end

For you, my love
I've scorched the house
And this I'd do again
For you, my love
I would commit
Each feared unearthly sin

I am the soldier
Steadfast, held
Against all element
For you I'd burn
And fall to sword
Infatuate in death

Playing around with dualism. Hoping to write a Brain to Body
Luuk Dec 2017
There is one big illusion
We have a spacious room, where you are living on your own
Filled with perception
The concept of identity that you know
The limited illusion of the self

It only creates confusion
Because now we’re separated from eachother
Though we think it’s not
We only have to learn to
Let the e-go
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