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KNOWER Nov 2023
as you keep reaching for the stars,
always remember that you too are a star

and speaking of stars...

being a Gemini,
always be mindful of:

your hots and colds,
your highs and lows,
your straights and folds,
your dulls and glows,
your whites and hues,
your yeses and noes...
your reds and blues,

just never lose sight of the "Gem In You"
... a freestyle poem presented to my Gemini of a sister at her graduation celebration party...
  Aug 2020 KNOWER
We are beautifully ordinary
Like pancakes on a Saturday morning
Like faint winds on a sunny afternoon
Like letters on forgotten books
Like pillows and bedroom nooks
All forming this beautiful ordinary story we now live in
Singing poetry
Dancing to tunes
Writing love on our books
One page at a time
  Aug 2020 KNOWER
Debra in Silence
it's a pandemic panic
i'm just hanging out & listening to
Anderson . Paak
what about you?
i've got the red cabbage & brussels sprouts roasting in the oven
with a little salt and pepper & olive oil
it's going on in my house
dancing  in the kitchen
the heater's on
no one's f*ing with me tonight
what about you?

KNOWER Aug 2020
if I were the Scar to your Mufasa,
then I'd re-write that whole disaster
and be th' one to go to th' hereafter,
for you, I gladly opt to be the martyr
(s)he who sheds  blood with me is my brethren
KNOWER Jul 2020
with violet bridging up the flow,
from red right thru' to indigo
somewhere inside we All do glow,
we're All th' colours o' th' rainbow
' just simply thought to let y' All know...
KNOWER Jul 2020
... will they ever?...
o, will they see The Genius?...

stead'ly lie(s) within us,
always tries within us,
and quietly cries within us...

(s)he who...
gently glows within us,
ever shines within us,
and simply sighs within us...

(s)he who...
freely flies within us,
soaring high within us,
to beam us up and lift us...

constantly does redeem us,
and daily dies within us,
each and every sinner...

only to once more...

arise, and bring us
closer to the inescapable Truth
that ever seems to fleet us...
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