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She's trapped there and she'll never be free
but all of a sudden, she clung on to me
She watched me, as if a hawk preparing for its dinner of pike
and then she decided to strike
She attacked me with an onslaught of words
and then she targeted my body, like a hunter with birds

No space is safe, shes always there
and when she attacks, I have to time to prepare
Then she laughs, she giggles, and lingerers around
and I cant call out to anyone, never making a sound
Silenced and alone, my own body rejects me
for I am as useful as a legless pony
She's still here, even when I write this now
for she resides in my mind, for a victim she has found
The only home she's ever known is the one she resents the most.
Yvonne Nice Apr 22
With eyes that can strike both fear and awe
and a heart that was forged of gold
A mind filled with wisdom beyond the Library of Alexandra's
and a touch of a mothers love
A hug of a fresh blanket
and a smile of sun rays
A laugh of life
and a ferocious love that envelopes all that are worthy

It is in them that I find solace
from the world and its many ravines
And when I need it most
I can always find them there
It is in them that I bestow trust
as if a chest of ancient relics
And all they have to do is look at me
and I know they'll be safe

I love you, good friend
More than I even know
Overflowing like a flood
with as much force as an earthquake
I shall always be there, my friend
and i'll do anything for you
For you are the most beautiful dragon
and I could never find another
Because in your soul, is a soul like mine
kindred spirits beyond time
And i'll always love you
Even when the moon falls
I'll be your guiding light when you need me
and we shall haunt the lands together
until the end of time

Thank you <3
I love you so much, you're an amazing little bad *** dragon and I have more faith in you than I do myself.
Yvonne Nice Apr 17
Tiles floors
As if an elaborate game of chess
Spiraled notebooks with lined paper
As if the bars on our collective prison cell
Mechanical pencils filled with lead
As if loaded weaponry to face war
Plastic chairs with metal screws
As if  the electric chair to melt our brains away
Teachers and their ungodly stare
As if guards keeping us complacent

They do it for the world, they say
They do it to prepare us for life, they say
They do it to help us grow and become smarter, they say
But that's not the whole truth, not in the slightest
They want to keep us in line
They want to keep us in place
They want to keep us silenced
They want to make us the perfect human
They want us to be perfect
We were supposed to be perfect

But we cant
We cant do what they want us to
We cant be their cookie cutter student
Never with straight As
Never with perfect manners
Never with perfect behavior
Never with their perfect emotions
Because we can't

But we can be our own person
With our own feelings
With our own emotions
With our own words
With our own personalized strengths and weaknesses
Because we can't be what they want
What humanity wants
But we can be human
We can be ourselves

And we will be
We will break and fall
And we will crumble to the sea of woes
But we shall rebuild our mighty kingdom
Out of tear drops and wooden blocks
And we will be human
We will be us
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, but we are all our own weakest link.
Yvonne Nice Apr 15
Finally leaving that most horrid pit
On the cold, wet sidewalks
I finally don't feel that ungodly pressure
That pressure to fit in
To love
To want
To feel
I don't feel unwelcome anymore
Instead I feel...
Like the cold streets of Portland want me to discover them
I feel Free
The calming chilly air around me has a hint of peace within
I love this feeling
The frozen rain droplets on my skin
I feel real
I feel alive
The urge to cry has finally subsided, and I can truly say that I am not alone anymore
In an oxymoron-ish way, I was welcomed by the loneliness and given a place to call freedom.
Yvonne Nice Apr 15
The dingy yellow glow of the street lights illuminates my path

The cold, hard pavement beneath my feet guides me

The flurry of rain dancing around me gives everything a slight glisten

The frigid darkness blanketing the sky gives the surrounding environment a gloomy feel

My ripped black skinny jeans clinging to my thighs

My baggy ash colored hoodie loosely drapes itself over my shivering torso

My obsidian colored beanie grasping my hair and sitting upon my scalp like a crown

My dirt covered converse pinching my toes

As I inhaled the crisp air, I let my eyes flutter open

The bag that holds my most valuable item dangles at my side, bouncing on my hip as I took another step forward

Surveying the space around me, I could see about three or four people nearby, their presence only heightened my awareness

Their ragged blankets and filthy clothes surrounded them, as well as a few bags containing god knows what

After watching them for a while, I turned my attention towards the street

Those people sitting in the comfort of their own personalized vehicles, encased in their comfort

The cars passing by momentarily couldn’t care less about what was happening outside their windows

As I continued walking over the bridge, I noticed that a train was on the tracks beneath me

Its powerful engine forcing it forward

All the value hidden under old paint that is unknown to the world

So I stop and stare at the old train, busting forward, hoping that it would stare back at me

It never does, though, it only faces ahead and trudges forward

Ignoring me, forgetting me, for I am nothing but an observer to the train

Goodbye, old machine, as you do your duties well

I'll always be here, if you think you want me

Now, I am unsure

Of myself or otherwise, I don’t know,

Are these even raindrops on my cheeks anymore, or are they my inner sorrow released?
A wanderer lost to the land of mortals.
Yvonne Nice Apr 15

                                                Why am









Scrambled as a mind of a lost soul.
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