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Jme Love Nov 18

Its like an earthquake
Deep down in your soul.

It rumbles and shakes
You can feel it in your bones.

It leaves you in the dark as
It rips through the walls of your heart.

The ground opens beneath you as you start to fall apart.

There is no warning in the moments before.
It can happen anytime.

Leaving you in shock sometimes even paralyzed.

It only takes a couple of minutes to destroy everything you own,
But it takes a lifetime rebuilding everything you know.

You asked "what is it like to lose someone you love?"


Its like a bomb going off deep down in your soul...
Except its way worse
Jme Love Nov 12
Our egos were bigger than our hearts. Our pride bigger than our minds. We couldnt take a loss yet neither of us won. Trust became an issue but only after i was honest with you. Fighting caused so many problems only because we couldnt solve them. At a loss not knowing what else to do. I ran away hoping to get through to you. I never wanted to be away this long. I just wanted you to say you need me and to come back home. But like i said once before, our egos are to big and we let our pride take all control. Afraid to lose we couldnt give in. But you tell me is this realy a win?
Sometimes winning means taking a loss
And sometimes we can mever win at all
Jme Love Oct 12
Im sure going to miss you Jimmy Lee Belcher

"Tomorrow" has become a word everyone of us use on a regular basis. "Ill do it tomorrow" "ill say it tomorrow" ill see you tomorrow" . But for some of us tomorrow never comes. And i sit here thinking did i ever tell him how much i appreciate him. Or how much i value our friendship. Did i ever tell him that i missed him when he wasnt around? I wanted to. But i told myself ill do it later tomorrow perhaps. Well his tomorrow never came. So now im sitting here thinking if i had just 5 more minutes with him i could tell him everything. But i dont have 5 more minutes. So now im beating myself up hoping he knew what would have taken only 5 minutes to say😔
R.I.P to a good friend taken way to soon.
Jme Love Apr 6
And the worst part is... I let myself down. I gave up on me. I got lost in the misunderstanding of what love should be. I fought for nothing but lies. When all i had to do was be honest with myself. As i mended the broken pieces of us i never took the time to fix the broken pieces of me. I ignored my thoughts. I neglected my own feelings. In turn it was our love that suffered. I lost myself piece by broken piece. I never realized all those pieces are what made me me.
                            ­      Love
This showed up from 2 years ago. How incredibly lonely and sad i was. How broken i felt. They say time heals. Which i do not agree. Time makes you forget. Time didnt piece me back together. I nurtured my soul. And i scrubbed every piece clean before replacing it. It took time yes. But i didnt just sit back and wait for time to fix me. I fixed myself. This here is one reason i love to write. I see where i was and how far ive come. And i dont ever want to go back to that place. Guess that might be a lesson learned.
Jme Love Mar 9
I like liking you
Its simple
And I like simple
Lets just keep it simple
Jme Love Mar 8
Well 5 missed calls.
Must be the 4 concrete walls.
Inside of a box in a box.
I know your bored.
You never thought of me this much before.
I know its hard and you are going through it.
I do my best
But you dont always believe it. You always think im doing wrong. When its you thats been gone so long. 5 missed calls now. Lets see what happens when you get out.
Inmates have so much to say when they have nothing to do.
Jme Love Feb 28
I was going to do it
Take that handful of pills
But something stopped me
Maybe it was a dream
It couldnt have been more real

I was going to do it
Pull the trigger in the car that night
But something stopped me
Everything went wrong
It couldnt have been more right

I was going to do it
Put that rope around my neck
But something stopped me
I thought the timing was perfect but
Life said you want to bet?
Life won
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