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Jme Love Oct 2
I Wonder where
I Might wander to
If i had a friend or
two To wander Too
Words make me wonder. They really  make me think. Did i use it right or is it rite? How are we to know that a k in front of n o w will make the sound no but add a w to no and we have now. Thats the easy part. English is hard.
Jme Love Sep 29
   feel i must write
Im blue
Down in the dumps
I need a pick me up
But where do i start
There is no cure for
A heavy heart
If i could take it out and send it away
It would be a much lighter day
I fear tho it would come rite back
Stamped return to sender in ink jet black
It worked. My heart still weighs a ton but writing this poem made me feel alittle better and perhaps a bit stronger. I think ill make it through the day.
Jme Love Sep 28
I do not know you anymore
You have become a stranger
With a familiar face
When people change
Jme Love Sep 23
Ill never find words to describe
This awful feeling deep inside
My heart  gets weaker and weaker with every break
Inside my soul it hurts it aches
This man that i love and adore
Threw my feelings down and swept them out the door
And what hurt the most is he did it with such an ease
Almost as if he had no feeling
Imy only thought is this is the last time ill ever let anyone have control of my mind
Head held high i turn and say goodbye
Never gets any better. No matter how hard we try. The hardest part is knowing when to say
good bye.
Jme Love Sep 20
The mind
Decides if we
Live or Die
Smile or Cry
The mind
Holds and stores
Good and bad
The mind
It questions
It twists and turns
Making nightmares
A reality
The mind is tricky
Jme Love Sep 17
We never had it all.
But we had an open sky full of stars.
The edge of the universe didnt seem that far.
Riding saturns rings all the way.
Passing the man in the moon with a smile and a wave.
Felt like cloud 9 only higher.
Astroids setting the night sky on fire.
Escaping reality stuck in a dream.
Lasting forever or so it seemed. Until
Out of nowhere tragedy struck.
An unseen darkness. With such a force of bad luck.
A black hole pulled us in.
A beautiful life never to be seen again.
This is what its like living the dream one day and losing it all overnight. Oh and i had a saturn ion. That car took us to places unseen. We made so many memories. But i lost the car my relationship and everything i owned overnight.
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