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Its 3:33 im sitting here alone. Wondering if you are dreaming of me.
Maybe if your awake you noticed the time.
If so i hope its me that crossed your mind.
This time seems to pass so slow.
These numbers on the clock still glow. 3:33
Not a minute has passed since i missed you last.
With every minute gone gets me further from the past.
The future seems to take its time and the present well i open my eyes.
Not a moment has passed.
I never looked at the clock when he was next to me. The days seem to go in slow motion without him here. Cant wait till hes back beside me where he belongs. Imissmesumfontenot
Jme Love Sep 6
Im fine tho. Everything is ok. Somebody. Anybody. Please catch me. Im falling. I fear my landing will not be pretty. So please somebody anybody reach out and catch me. Throw me a rope. Throw out a net. Anything. Something. Somebody. Anybody. Please can you hear me? Can you feel me? Are my screams falling on deaf ears? Are my words lying before blind eyes? I wont survive. Please i beg somebody. anybody. Im falling backwards into ways i fought so hard to escape. Falling back into habits I fought so hard to break. Scars revealing wounds that never heal. Please somebody? anybody? catch me before its to late. Im fine tho. Everything is ok.
A look into the mind of depression and addiction. On the inside it screams for help but on the outside it lies and says im fine everything is ok.
Jme Love Aug 6
Eyes can be deceiving
In recieving that which we do not wish to see. Optical illusion creates a delusion of something more pleasing. Blinded to pain and misery. Its calculated in the sensory. Knowing this vision isnt seen through rose colored glasses we make believe. Looking only at the beauty past the ugly. We camouflage the eyesores. Blinking just once to change the perspective of all things in sight. We hide behind closed eyes to avoid the view of the world as it is. We overlook just so we dont have to see. Its only when we realy look do we find the truth hidden behind blue eyes.
A collaboration with me and my best friend Fontenot
Jme Love Jul 15
It seems so wasted
Spent sad angry isolated
Lost never to be found again
Gone spent regretting
Empty no memories made
Only wishing we could go back to the first seconds of that day
How much time we spend regretting things we wasted time on
Jme Love Jun 7
Some say the mind is a terrible thing to waste.
But being stuck in my head....
I hate this place.
We all do it from time to time. Something so crazy about the mind.
Jme Love Jun 6
Manipulating, maneuvering, DarrylWade; he so kool&he, chills in the shade like willow trees. a field o'dreams, or inspirations just build it son,be dedicated, no wastefull thinking,or contemplating, to accomplish goals , u must have patience. Strive for it! U can do it, if u see it, then choose it, if its in ur grasps, grab at it, keep tha pursuit and determination will be ur success ; never the less even if ur not in first place u ahead of the rest. Head on swivle& ya mind in check. Resiliantly vigilant. Unpredictable& achieved, all cause u believed. I can & i will.
ByDarrylFontenot on jme luvs fone
Jme Love May 31
That is all
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