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Ayesha 4d
There are boys everywhere

If you go down the street
to buy some floor of wheet
If you walk up a school hall
or just stop by a shoe stall
Go to the moor for a walk
visit the neighbor for a talk
If you go to the store for pills
or run happily up the hills
If buying a dress for a ball
or some wool to knitt a shall

There are boys everywhere.

Don't ever go out late at night
Change the path at their sight
don't ever look them in the eyes
Even if you wear a disguise
Hide yourself in layers of clothes
Walk in chains you ardently loathe,
adorn your hands with rings, stones
Then cover 'em like skin on bones
Don't question the tightrope or cell
You'll be protected in this shell

There are boys everywhere

When they play you the sheep
You, my love, are not to weep
When they pull out their daggers
And start bruising you to shatters
You, my child, are to stay silent
Or they'll only get more violent
They're stronger, they're all around
Walk, run, fly, you they surround

There are boys everywhere.

If you peek into their playful eyes
they'll hypnotise you with their lies
If you try following them away
they'll leave you alone and astray
Don't you even reveal your skin
Even if they call you their kin
They'll crush you to mere ashes
and then laugh at their clashes

There are boys everywhere.

Don't smile or laugh too loud
they'll follow you out like a cloud
Don't step out of your prison house
They're cats, you a mere mouse
Don't draw curtains to sniff flowers
You know not all of their powers
stay in, don't whine, cover up
Walk slow, hide away, quieten up.

There are boys everywhere.

This is how it all has always been
There's so much you haven't yet seen
they say we were made to be used
and then thrown away when bruised
Say they they'll show us the world
Stuff then our mouths at a single word
It is how it is, it is how it ever was
there's no reason, there's no cause.

There are boys everywhere.

But, darling, I've suffered it all
and you're walking the same fall
I'll give you an advice tonight
Next time at their sight, don't fright
Look in the eye and let out a laugh
Walk up to then, play not the calf
And I know, my baby, I know
how tired you are of folks, but go

Where there are boys everywhere.

Go there, a flame in your fingers
run, burn down their rules to cinders
Go there, a faith blooming in your heart
fly, aim and fire then your perfect dart
When they laugh, love, don't you fall
When they snarl, you bravely stand tall
Go, open the chains, help all of us out
If they talk and joke, lion, you shout

When there are boys everywhere.

It's easy to give up and play the prey.
All the myths, you and I will slay.
I'll pick you up when you crumble
You hold my hand when I stumble
We'll take together this barren walk
We'll be the ones to light up the spark
Darling don't you hide anywhere
Even if there are boys everywhere.

      They cut
                your petals
                             not your
                                       w i n g s.
Wrote this at 14.
Ayesha 5d
Shallow ocean- empty yet going.
Hissing gusts, clouds roaring-
sky, a child dissolved in covers, trembling.
Sun- what sun? The placid air hides it all.
Stars, mere scattered leaves with
Stems, the broken ribs and
birds- the heart beneath the clatter.
Houses, firm as bones-
bleeding, sweating, melting.

Hold- Hold O dying tide
and never let lost!
You touch my skin
I disband to embers-
blown, then, out of the face.
pushed, then, out of the way.
Kissed in the hair, punched in the face.
Licked on the neck and kicked in the chest.
O mighty wind, break and crush,
then take along!

Picked plants, chopped fingers.
Bleeding gutters, open lips.
Entangled howls embrace in-
Devouring shadow-less beings
whirling about.
Tear-stained sky, deserted abyss.

Gleaming streets- wingless birds-
racing litters- eclipsed countenances-
cursive rain- beautifying falls-
choking trees- coughing chimneys-

yet a dusty, dry I.

O lonely wind! Hold on.
A strong, furious wind blew yesterday and
when I stood inside it's reign it was strong
enough to defy and ******* away.
I had a strange feeling that my thoughts
had escaped my mind, out into the sky.
Ayesha Jun 30
Pull all the weeds away.
Rows of caravans- unwavering oceans
- cold, ****** tides; under and over
wandering moons, weeping stars
Grab by the necks and
pull the unwelcomed out-
this sacred dirt will have no more.
Pull out, like the sea did in-
Echoing, chocking, musical screams
Bloming, wilting, weightless beings

Once more yet once more!
Come! The hungry void will hold some more.
Once more then once more!
How many were not puked out on the shore-

Rugged beds stabbing the skins
pre-engraved with tales untold.
dripping canvas of bruised camps
Let the clouds bleed over; they stained our
streets with their spitting wounds.
Let the winds wash away, far from here.
Take them along, O draining sun!
These dirt-stained faces can't blend in ours
unborn shivering, tired in wombs-
newborn silent, still as windless skies.

Once more yet once more!
Come! The starving dirt will take more treats
Once more then once more!
How many were sublimed off on the streets-

Flocks of lambs, follow they, the burning sun
Broken glass- scattered shards- missing, lost
Snarling lions, waiting, in bushes- in bygone homes
Thirsty seas, desperate for survivors- forgotten shores
Tempted despair, devours and embraces the petite lives
Impatient death being impatient death ebbing them away.

Uninvited unbidden unaccepted unwanted-
embers roaming the vacant sky, searching home.

Pull all the weeds away
- this is not their home.
- in memory of the boy who knew the secrets of ocean and beyond- Alan Kurdi- and all the children and maidens and men who dream of going home.
Ayesha Jun 27
She cupped her hands to collect the rain and I thought how if the palms were words and the rain all the eternities that went through our heads, then all that poetry could ever hold was the left out droplets of clouds sleeping peacefully on the soft of her skin.

The short verses that I write may be beautiful but it's the long, raw poems where I truly reside.
Ayesha Jun 26
What if flowers screamed
when you plucked the petals off.
Would you still go on?

What if every shriek
only made you want for more.
Would you be afraid?

Would you be fearful
of all the lives you shattered
or your own numb heart?

What if flowers flinched
whenever you made a move.
Would you still not stop?

I once saw a rose
shivering under your snarl.
I heard her quiet cries.

Looked lily in eyes;
vacant rooms where no no nos
Echoed in disguise.

Sunflower; frozen,
sweating, its light extinguished.
I once saw her die.

I saw you walk out,
leaving the stars on the street.
They never recovered.

Did they make a sound?
No, not ‘cause they did not scream,
‘cause they were not heard.

What if flowers died
when you plucked their wings away.
Would you still go on?
A bunch of Haikus petalled together.
Ayesha Jun 25
While spilling buckets of water
Into the ocean
to save the ship from drowning
You try and try
To pour your thoughts on paper
Spill by spill
Your body tiring, energy failing
Word by word
Why does the ship keep choking?
You ask no one
Panting and sobbing, streams of your
Tears and sweat
Praying and hoping, striving to stay
Live some more.
You hope you hope you hope
And write.
But the tides are way too strong.
Ship gives in.
Drowning and dying, so do you.
Hopeless, empty
you put your numb self on a wood
And endure
Until that too tires, into the blank waves
one last word.
One last verse. One last poem. One last.

A thousand more to come.
If our minds were finite, each poem would be a leaf shedding away from the stem, finally free.
Ayesha Jun 20
Picked nails, bleeding lips,
aching teeth in screeming sheep
I'm an anxious wolf.

And I'm howling soundlessly in a valley full of succumb beings
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