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-df Sep 2020
why should i wake?
only to make my bed.
cleanse my body.
eat without taste.
work myself to the bone.
be overlooked day in and day out.

grieving the loss of what was never there?
where are my answers?

where is my will to live?
hey, what are your goals in life, big and small?
-df Aug 2020
i stand with arms wide open, ready to welcome you home.

and there you are
running, running, running,

to the one that has no arms for you.
may you have the greatest love. even though that doesn't include me.
-df Jul 2020
i'm sorry i broke your heart
before you could b r e a k mine.
-df Jul 2020
with you,
i was constantly looking over my shoulder,
waiting for you
to catch up on our love.
my neck hurts, jk, it's a metaphor.
-df Jul 2020
in case i didn’t make it clear enough when i died for you.

i love you.

and that right there.
your ignorance,
nailed my c o f f i n.
why i don't believe in romantic love prt i
-df Jul 2020
i didn't love you.
not then and not now.

i loved the idea of what we could be, together.
somehow we'd be the ones to defy the odds.

but now? what i wish the most is to free myself from the illusion that we could ever work.

this is the end of the impossibility of us that lingers.
in despair. i don't believe in romantic love... hahaha.
-df Apr 2020
i don’t care to find love.
not in this world.
not where promises are b o r n to die.
guess who's back? jk, i don't know what's going on upstairs (my brain). this site seems different? my buddies are also not active anymore so... hope you're staying safe, staying home, staying hydrated. go on over to and tell me you came from hellopoetry!
-df Jul 2019
when the dark skies were here
the words wrote themselves
from the blood pouring from my veins.

now the blue skies are here,
the hot days are now,
as a result the blood has dried up.
the words have gone with the clouds

maybe this is the time to focus on the blue skies
and not the gray skies that once were.
hey, hey, hey! I've been gone, huh? my sadness has been so much better. unfortunately I found it so much easier to write when there was so much turmoil inside of me. but I'm gonna try to stop waiting for my next downfall, and the fear of getting bad again. I will try my best to find new words, words that come from these blue skies.
-df Mar 2019
call me selfish
i'll be too dead to care.

i burned for everyone i could,
i tried to be the
l i g h t
of their life.
eventually i started to
f l i c k e r,
my wick disintegrated
and i burnt out.

f a i t h
saved me time and time again.
g o d
is perfect and kind and loving and forgiving.
my god knows i tried, i
f o u g h t.

but somehow after everything, my brain has gone.
where did it go?
i wish i knew.
so now i must go find it.

now i must
g o.
written by d.f.
trying to beat the sadness/nothingness of my brain.
suicide prevention hotline:
-df Feb 2019
i sip away my tears
that have landed
in my watered down
the strength it once held
no longer holds me
written by d.f.
@daymarepoetry on instagram
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