df 2d
i never knew it could be like this.
being in love simply felt like a far away dream.
just a number on my bucket list.
a splendid thing i'd never know of.

so, to be with you, is to be real.
because, with you, i've learned that this is real.
love is real.
loving myself is real.

love never felt so good.

df 7d
although i sign my name
at the end, it’s really you
who should take the credit.

after all, they’re all about you.

the words with which i write with
are from the dictionary you invented.
you see, i didn’t even know i could
write until my soul met yours.
all these letters i’m using are from the
alphabet you’ve imprinted in my heart.
all these poems are from the melodies
i hear when i think of you.

this, my love, is how i write poetry.

{d.f. | 09/11/17}
df Feb 11
thank you to the souls
that have an understanding
you may not understand
my situation, my hurt, or my tears,
but that doesn’t mean you don’t try.

thank you for comforting
me with a look, a nod,
or simply a gentle silent moment.

i pray, oh how i pray, that you’ll
never know what it’s like
to hate what you see in the mirror,
to be alive but not live,
to be so tired you can’t even sleep,
to be a dying ember in a fire no one wants
to stoke,
to lose hope…

thank you to the souls that care,
for how i long to meet you.

{d.f. | 01/12/18}
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df Feb 3
to be with you
leaves me feeling so blue
who knew
you’d give me such a view
away you flew
we used to be like glue
i thought we were through
but we just needed time, and apart we grew
and as if on cue
we were once again true
and loving you
became another hue.

{d.f. | 01/21/18}
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df Jan 29
you’re slipping from my grasp.
i can no longer hear the sound of your voice.
your image used to be the clearest on my mind, but now it’s fading.
my thoughts were constantly spent on you, but now they drift away.

how is it possible that i’m forgetting?
your diamond blue eyes,
your red rose lips,
your gentle steps,
your honey dipped words,
your sculpted soul?

how can i forget the connection i felt to you?
please, i don’t want to forget the one i used to dream of.

{d.f. | 08/22/17}
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df Jan 28
sometimes i wonder
what you felt as i walked out
the door.

were you hoping i'd come back?
did you doubt our love?
or did it ever cross your mind to run after me?

i won't pretend to have no fault,
i was scared that we were too young to make this love last.

so by the time i had made up my mind,
i guess you had too,
my key no longer opened your door.

{d.f. | 01/23/18}
df Jan 15
i know we don't speak.
and maybe that's because i'm too shy to say hello.
yet, everyday as you make your way into the room
i light up inside.
i wish i could walk up to you and just talk to you the way i've done so in my head.
but i can't.
i'm terrified of being disappointed.
what if i don't like you? what if you don't like me?
so for now i'll just be in the corner wondering what you think of,
and hoping that it's me.

{d.f. | 05/08/16}
sometimes there are people that i feel i could be great friends with, but sadly i lack the courage to speak to them.
df Dec 2017
the world may be your oyster,
but keep in mind that some of us are allergic to shellfish.

{d.f. | 12/07/17}
df Nov 2017
you told me you'd always
be there waiting to catch me for when or if I was ready to fall.

i would look down
and see you with your
outstretched arms and unwavering eyesight set on me.

all this time you've been ready for me,
and so one day i jumped.
i jumped to and for only you.
and as i made my descent i looked down to see you.
and i did. see. you.

but you were running to catch someone else.
someone that was ready before me.

this was the day i had chosen to trust you with my love.
this was the day that you broke me in more ways than one.

you arrived too early and faltered and i arrived too late and shattered.

{d.f. | 11/29/17}
df Oct 2017
i wish i could promise to love you forever,
but i can't.

i'm not the one for you.

i'm certain that one day,
you'll wake up next to the love of your life,
and you'll stop hating me.

in that moment you'll see, that I wasn't only letting you go,
i was setting you free.

free to experience love.
free from a soul that didn't deserve a love like yours.

{d.f. | 10/17/17}
{my soul was far too cold to keep yours warm.}
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