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They preach forgiveness
I have some kind of animus and derisiveness
Forgiveness is a bad tool
Often used by the fools
History is replete with evidence
Forgiven came back with a vengeance
Destroying the forgiver
Punish if you could
Do justice if you could
Within the framework of law
Forgiveness is rarely a good Karma
Fairly leading to Adharma from Dharma
Forgiveness encourages the offenders
Giving impetus to innocence pretenders
Forgiveness is often used by the meek and weak
As they have no courage so as to tweak
It's a sign of surrender to  one who plunders
Forgiveness is often mistaken for reconciliation
Reconciliation is the keyword
Forgiveness is often associated with hypocrisy
Forgiver is often resentful, revengeful and deceitful from inside
When there is a valid Law of Karma
Where's the need for forgiveness drama
Punishment you can't escape indeed
Even if forgiveness is bestowed with ease
Unforgiven remain in control
As if they are on parole
They say forgiveness is necessary
To heal your soul
To me the belief in the Law of Karma
Sufficient to console and heal
the soul
When it comes to unconditional love
Forgiveness is an appropriate word
You forgive them
Whatever whatever
They do to you!
They say forgiveness doesn't mean condonation or excusing of the wrong done. If your anger and resentment against the wrong doer die, will you punish or cause to be punished the wrong doer? Punishment is inflicting some kind of physical or mental pain for the wrong done. Will true forgiveness ever do it? Some say punishment helps forgiveness. Every wrong cannot be subjected to judicial process. You may decide to punish and do justice at your own level. Wouldn't it be revenge helping forgiveness!
The Dybbuk Jun 2019
The cycle of rebirth,
Concealed in a blood orange...
With a bite missing.
Ken Pepiton Jun 2019
we come to rest in peace awaiting answers and
I slip after to the land of Nod...

woke, for a joke, we hope...

we see dis
similarities, I am shackled
standing five ten before
a trio of judges

in wigs, Shirley Temple wigs.

I grow three feet, or about two cubits,
and I stare my judges in the eye

my chains expanded with me, as bindings,
worthless, I conclude.

I can just, if I wish,
walk out, chains and all, standin tall.

being holy is easier than being sane in interesting times.
un mented real ization in
such as these: do we rule or obey or is there
another way
would seem holy right, hidden, for none to see, save
who have been bred to the task of telling this story

holy story, jots, tittles, pimples and farts and all
standin' tall.

Drama of dharma, don't we know more good than evil as we grow?

Who would hinder knowing growing good?
An evil being, or a lie believed?

The lie, right? I know, Easy.
Answers come so easy some times, we forget the questions
on the test.
While watching n the name of the rose on sundance channel, imagining feeling waves from 1327
Matthew Harlovic Jan 2018
a mind that feels no gratitude to the forest
is a coarse mind indeed—without siladhamma—
the body feeds off doubts the mind will seed.

© Matthew Harlovic
Arlene Corwin Nov 2017
I Can Write But I Can’t Speak

I can write but I can’t speak.
It’s as if God says,
“You have a message.  Write the words.
I’ll give written words a glaze,
But eloquence that can be heard’s
Off limits, for I slow you down
For honesty, integrity:
To **** the vanity you’ve sown.
I’ll make you stumble, clumsy, dumb,
Slow-thinking, witless,
Sounding somewhat girlish.
I’ve obscured your verbal self
So that you can’t impress.
I keep you in the house
So you must guess
What is and what is not success.

Left there to stammer,
Lose my language;
Syntax, grammar
In a sandwich
Of aphasic doublethink,
The phrases weak,
Technique oblique,
My karma manifestly leaking,
Left to do my dharmic seeking,
(Swim or sink)
Through scribbled, scratched and silent ink.

I Can Write But I Can’t Speak 2.11.2003
The quest for self's dharma as been solved.
Àŧùl Oct 2017
Your cuteness is my beauty,
Your prosperity is my lookout.

Your smile is my compatibility,
Your affection is my pout.

Your job is my duty,
Your happiness is my Karma.

Your satisfaction is my responsibility,
Your health is my Dharma.
Because you call me Sharma!
Ha ha ha!
You will love it when you read it.

Karma: Duty.
Dharma: Religion.

My HP Poem #1668
©Atul Kaushal
Sean Hunt Nov 2016
Just like a wisp of smoke
Swirling in the air
I am here, there
And everywhere

We were introduced
But never met
We were both blind
And deaf

You didn’t stay
For very long
Maybe my memory
Is wrong

I was almost known
But not quite
Your sense of me
Was just not right

You tried to touch me
Again and again
I tried to let you
Now and then

I’m a memory of
Someone, somewhere
Who used to be
Just over there

Behind the wall
That never fell
The other three
Made up a cell

We thought we knew
Each other too
You, me
And me, you

But we were not two
We were more
We were not two
We were four, or more

I looked for you
In your limbs
And underneath
Your silky skin

You looked for me
In my heart
And in the mind
You took apart

We never found
Someone there
All we found
Is smoky air
Sean Hunt Sep 2016
Take off your soggy shoes
Put them to the side
And come with me
Enjoy the day
As we splash and spray
And play

Watch the water
Feeling real
As it runs
From here to there
Spreading everywhere

Walk with me
Through our fountain
Of Reality

Sean Hunt   Sept 11 2016
Sean Hunt Aug 2016
Where does inspiration come from
When there’s none where has it gone

Where do thoughts come from
When they go where have they gone?

Where do dreams come from
When they die where have they gone

Where does love come from
When there’s none where has it gone

Where do memories come from
When they leave where have they gone

Where do mothers come from
When they die where have they gone

Where do ideas come from
When there are none where have they gone

Where does death come from
One day it will be gone
Sean Hunt Aug 2016
‘Inception’ implies
Much more
Than the word
That is commonly heard
When we dig deeper
This well has no bottom
Dive like a swan
Into that pit
And you’ll not find
The end of it
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