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It is much suited, isn't it
the separation
it brings its own melody
the only thing
Everyone who listens
feel the same
It is the same longing
we all feel
all the same for all the difference
deserted in middle
met again in the same boat as travellers
finding place to soothe the thirst
rhythm of the same beat
echoing in the same heartbeat.
Sheela Aug 5
Teach me lurch these sheer visceral swings…fix my future tieing up all past rumbling strings… And never promise me again with tales of folly things

Take me to oceans, today I wanna plunge into those waters and dissolve my expections

Push me into forests for I wanna be reminded that I was deserted before by you and this ain’t new!

I am in cross roads couldn’t comprehend universe, seems like a bestowed curse…going through hypothetical battle, just letting time to travel!

You Glance at me even for a split second, my scars would gaze at me to poke as cactus plants asking not to find any romance neither would I give it a chance

Teach me lurch these sheer visceral swings…fix my future tieing up all past rumbling strings… And never promise me again with tales of folly things
Fifehanmi Jul 30
Can you relate with that feeling

When you are dying underneath that burden

When you call for help but none is forthcoming

When the friends you trusted turned their back at you

When your heart is in so much pain and ache

When you find it hard to even cry or wail

Because everyone has deserted you, including your tears.
Life is unfair sometimes
N Jun 26
Today I miss you
despite every promise I
swore to my fragile heart—

I saw you in a dream and
I was finally happy again

When I awoke your voice
was still stuck in my ear,
but your loving hand
had let go of mine
long ago
Two sides of the same moon
Ever since then, I've been gazing at your light
Yet for some reason
You've never showed me your dark
and that
tore me right apart
how your beauty, within the night
became the last strife of my life.
Äŧül Feb 14
As you will not be there
Because you are a bad girl
So, it will be so lonely there
My HP Poem #1827
©Atul Kaushal
Juliana Feb 3
Do you ever want to run away?
Like, find your person and run
To that deserted island,
Never to be seen again.

An island with an endless
Supply of food and water.
With every book and movie
In the world, just no way
To contact those you
Left behind.

Who is the person you’d pick?
What do you do when you
know that the person you’d
pick, has someone else in mind?

I know I am nobody’s favorite person.
Whether it’s because we’ve never met,
Or your mama’s your best friend,
Or you’ve known this person since kindergarten
Or he’s your boy and I’m your girl.

If I ran away to that deserted island,
what message would I leave behind?
Because even though I’m nobody’s
favorite person, they still love me,
right? Right?

If I left a note,
it would probably be song lyrics.
“I hope I made you smile
that’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

Why do I want to run away?
I want my hands to stop shaking.
I want the memories out of my head
whenever I close my eyes.
I want my mistakes not to matter anymore.
I want to forget the little things.

I hate anxiety.
I hate that it makes me think these things.
I hate that I’ve made mistakes.
I hate that I’ve hurt people I love
without the knowledge I was even doing it.

I just want to be happy
without feeling guilty for it.
I know the world isn't perfect,
but I want that to be okay.
I want to be able to say
“yes” instead of “yes, but.”

I want that deserted island
to come to me.
N Nov 2019
He spoke in silence
that’s where his fluency
flows out the most  

The lone wolf
longingly howled
at the blood moon,
his cries were
like loud sirens

His inner demons
howled for his blood
During nighttime when
he’s buried in the arms
of his beloved insomnia

He’s met with the alpha
and saw his own eyes
reflected in the other betas,
but his eye color
didn’t match with theirs

The abandoned wolf has met
with the alpha whom he shares
the same blood and eyes with,

but the wolf is a second choice in this poem,
he will never truly belong

The lone wolf
happens to be a girl,
but she never lived like one

You see,
she’s the main reason
why she has no pack
or a place to call home
Charlie Dog Oct 2018
Rain pummels against the pavement of my skull.
So loud is this silence, like static on my tv.
White noise floods the every corner of my brain.
I slide out of people's lives as quickly as I come into them.
should this be longer? An unfinished thought...
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