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Raghu Pratap Oct 2020
My lover remembers to leave me a note,
talking about the time we used to talk
when we were lovers,
when our bedsheets aligned,
and the politics overhead too, made love every day,
and found the time to write spare notes - on cheap paper, and my borrowed pen,
to an amour she would not see anymore,
talking about the blue nights she spent with me,
my lover recalls with vividness
the words I had said to her,
before I could learn to speak again,
in this really long note she has left me, and
I can suddenly see time as I have never before, and
my lover looks at me as if she has never before,
and she doesn’t know when to stop, and her heart doesn’t stop so easy,
and I could stop reading,
knowing she might die soon.
Erica Girone Apr 2020
She took care of me
And I took advantage
She was my clarity
I took her for granted
Thought she’d never leave me
Since she knew all my damage
But she finally stop believing in me
Because her heart, I mismanaged
Can you remember when you were here?
I haven’t experienced any worse
I maybe should feel relieved
But I have never believed
That being free from your
Would mean emptiness
s Willow Jan 2019
Paleness on ex-lover’s face,
Our impassable fate brought.
In madness,
He’s missing from his holy palace.
October Dec 2018
Everyone is living their fairytale
While I’m living in hell
Come back to me already
Let's make this right
Mend this hole and close it tight
No one has to ever know
The deep cuts created
The harmful words spoke
Let’s go back to the way things were
Before you shattered my heart
Before everything between you and me fell apart
Erica Girone Nov 2018
Hours felt like days
Sentences turned into stories
Finding comfort in each other’s sorrow
Allowing you into my territory

Felt something different
A feeling that was new
Should’ve known from the start
You were too good to be true

Some say I’m a hopeless romantic
So I didn’t want to accept the truth
That the person you showed me
Was someone other than you

Held onto what I knew
Until I pushed the truth out of you
Instead of a fairytale
The story of us was through

Short but heavy
Strangers but we knew
There in that moment
We were the perfect two
Erica Girone Nov 2018
When we touch
Not a single feeling
Not even lust

When we speak
Nothing between us
That’s worth to keep

For the very first time
Empty, Deadweight
As you kiss inbetween my thighs

But I wish I loved you
Unfortunately though darling
That won’t ever be true
Erica Girone Nov 2018
Her love was like a song
But this one felt wrong
With a melody entirely out of tune
And a chorus filled with gloom

Her love was like a light
But this one didn’t shine bright
In fact at times not at all
She had too many barriers and walls

Her love some how was my favorite kind
Although it only messed with my mind
I would exaggerate all the great
While ignoring all that I would hate

Her love wasn’t complete
With everyone new she’d meet
She’d place her insecurities onto
So each one ended too soon

Her love was one I’ll miss
Since I still feel the imprints of her kiss
But unless she can love herself
I’ll have to find love in someone else
Erica Girone Nov 2018
I can feel the emptiness in your smile
Don’t know anymore if this will last a while
I understand your confusion
My own heart’s in a delusion
Don’t hurt me
I know the lies from your eyes
I see the end, I can’t comprehend

I wanted you for a long ride
You wanted to test drive
Told me I was a familiar soul
I’d rather die than see you go
Left one last kiss on your lips
Suddenly I’m okay again
Clinging to false realities
Our story, A modern day tragedy

Oh, lover but you left me burned
Oh, pain but you helped me learn
Said I’d see you again but never returned
Time for my heart to come to terms
I’m on my own again your silence confirmed
I only trust myself
No more losing me to someone else

I would never let you see me cry
Won’t tell you I’m hurt I’d rather lie
So instead of explaining I’ll say goodbye
I’ll roll up my green and I’ll get high
One day you’re going to realize
Broken hearts heal over time
But you can’t change your mind
Erica Girone Nov 2018
Opposite of gentle
Hazard to my health
Mainly my mental

Adrenaline to my veins
My favorite source of pain
Beyond insane
You stay on my brain

And even though you’re who’s toxic
I’ll take the blame
Cause only a fool
Would want your last name
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