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Amy H Apr 2018

with mischievous smile
and painted skin,
if ever man should fly
it would be him.
the world a ground
for wanderlust
(no place could
keep him in)

has bid goodbye
while up he climbs
on quest
to clear his mind.
Africa, Andromeda
mountain peak to star;
no limits of time
or place too far.
‘ere he leaves
this Earth, before we all,
one rock
will surely call.
atop its peak
he’ll stop to rest
Everest, Sam,
ever rest.
For a departed mountain man, my friend.
Kathleen M Mar 2018
So it's been been a few years now
Your memories still scream from underground
Ya mamma tells the world about your sister talking to your ashes
Posts a picture talking your ashes

See me and your sister got something the same
Oh we talk to your ashes
And we cry your name

See I got to know your brothers
and we are the same
We are talking to your ashes
Oh we cry your name

You left to early
gave up on the game
Cut it all too short
I'll never be the same

See I see people like you and I hold on too hard
I'm afraid they'll do like you
And dearly depart
After death
Seanathon Feb 2018
When the faces repeat,
And you rinse and lather the imaginary relationships between.

It is time.

When you no longer care about anything but a smile and a wave.
And the real relationships are laid bare before you.

It is time.

When you're too close to the fire and know you it is so.
By the smell of your smoldering self-realized ego.

It is time.

When the moments have passed and the omens you knew,
Which have been good tor you, for so long, are now gone.

*Yes, it is time to go.
Say so? I do.
Is this the end?
I ask 'Azrael'
Where shall I depart
Where shall I restart
Where to take my heart?

What if the answer is silence
And if
Angel of Death
Steals my breath
And Says:
We Love you more
Then you adore
Your Leila

What Shall I say
On that day
When I will be alone on my way
Mirza Sharafat
Talking to Angel of Death, when you ask him about your love, but what if he loves you more than you love your beloved.
Gracefully Depart
My sweetheart I am in love please understand
You are so ignorant but so sweet don't debar
For the sake of your beauty give hand in hand
Be in love,  take my love don't be always in war

My love passion when blooms to touch to kiss
I suddenly embrace and take you in my arms
I miss you my miss and do not want to just miss
Your beauty informs me to follow all the norms

I love you, you take my love stance as awkward
You can't understand the sincerity of my heart
In your stupidity you take it a trick and a fraud
If you do not need me then please gracefully depart

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
I love you forever I can feel you everywhere
You are so sweet and so lovely and so dear
You need my eyes I offer you with pleasure
But do remember I take you in eyes as treasure

My love your beauty is just my only asset
Please extend all your charms and don't upset
Let us communicate to our rivals on very ouset
Who have not taken seriously our relation yet

You want me to take your hand to my heart
This is what I direly desired from the  start
I am your heart and my love you are my heart
Let us be one for never ever to leave or depart

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
uzzi obinna May 2016
Roses fade away,
Beauty wont always stay,
Your beauty in my heart,
Will never ever depart.
Love sees beyond
murf Feb 2016
I was wrong
All along

Believing in something
Ignoring everything

You played along
Maybe Coz u were alone

Now we reach
At the crossroad

And it's time
To be wise again

No more games
But you leave me with pain

But that's okay
Maybe I knew too
That you were never here to stay
Shahini Sengupta Jan 2016
I loved you, yes truly I loved you ,
but fate departed me from you !!

You captured my heart and conquered my soul,
but now I am like a dead fish in a little bowl !!

I feel you deeply through my breath ,
because I know till I am alive you won't be touched by death!!

Smile wherever you are like you always do,
Remember someone is silently praying for the little smile on you!!

Maybe in this lifetime I am not yours,
but in the next I will be for sure !!
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