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William Marr Feb 2021
suffering from homesickness
he returns to his homeland
returning to his homeland
he suffers from homesickness

there’s nothing he can do about it
there’s nothing he can do about it
William Marr Feb 2021
From every angle
I tried to capture your bright smiles
for a colorful dream

the images overlapped
and I had a sweet dark sleep
till dawn
William Marr Jan 2021
every marble column stands *****
reaching to heaven

day after day tourists
gather in front of the temple
to hear young guides
give the oracle
William Marr Jan 2021
the horizon knows
embracing the sky and sea
is the only way
to broaden itself

the sole reason
for being
William Marr Dec 2020
misty sky
misty earth
misty eyes
misty mind
all help to form a charming
misty poem

a scene on the TV screen
of yelling cursing crowds
with a clear dividing line

black       and       white
red       and       blue

tore the poem
pi  e  c      es
William Marr Dec 2020
at the very beginning
a bass horn hummed from the left ear
merging with the shrieking violin from the right
climbed to the mountaintop
then howling and roaring
together they rushed down and swept across the wilderness
soon they were scooped up and held in midair
waiting for the conducting baton
to drop
William Marr Dec 2020
noticing the sky has raised its eyebrows
and darkened its face
the shadows stop
their singing and dancing
and vanish
without a trace

leaving the dark ***** business
to poets and fools
to explore
and expose
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