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There is a star I look upon
the midnight blue sky,
in gray moonlight
after the showers
you reached the end-
the death of star.
Gray May 11
i want you next to me,
to feel your soul intertwined

to feel you once again
would be a dream come true

you are the one thing
that meant anything to me

you held me together,
and now you're gone

wish i could bring you back
another poem for my dearly departed gramma.
01/11/1945 - 10/22/2017
you are missed more than you know
Siobhan Gray Apr 16
All I could have come to comprehend about you,
ignorantly unaware lay on the top step
I'd be shattered by your demise.
my seemingly apparent sheltered life in what
I had found comfort in,
masked like a stone in the bed of a ravine.
living only through bliss
blend in amongst others until

I found myself in a void
suddenly an internal search commenced
when the words from mouths of babes cried
'he's gone'.
fighting for value
in what could only compare to a game
in the blind mans eye.

Oblivious to my wide eyed mind
unknowing home was where you lay
with us,
until home became the numbers game
and I counted the days to its farewell.
As others may mourn-
I continue to live through fondness,
solace that you remain
remembering me through grief and tears
in a mind which is unrecognisable to most,
but when my hand touches yours,
you're home.

Years passed,
time will continue to tick and
the memory of me
shall depart from a soft grip,
and still shallow minds will grieve.
though I keep hold of all I know now
and you remain unchanged.
with a cup of tea and a lasting memory,
you were never just a story.
i miss you
2 years
danna22081 Mar 16
It might be said:

So I depart,
Without really departing,
For my adherence to the state of removal
Is not well developed.

As arrogant as the next upcoming minister,
I care not about my future,
As of now…
And only now.

My departure, conclusion, resolution,
To this journey many classify as the beginning of life,
Had never felt more diverse than my
Days during the Weekend.

And it is so,
That I have already departed…
And I have not anything to lose…
But where do I go?
She thought she knew her way.
Sara Kellie Mar 6
When we first met you re-lit the flame inside my heart.
You gave me a need to survive and I never thought we'd part.
But this world is too **** for me
to bear
and I don't want you to think that I didn't care.
So I wrote you this poem to explain to you why.
It wasn't anything you did and I don't want you to cry.
I'm sure you'll find a new home to stay where they'll give you your
food and a place to play.
Finally, try not to **** too many birds or you and I will be having words.
I'll be watching you from in the skies and every time it rains, that'll be the tears falling from my eyes.

Love from Mummy.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Megan Parson Nov 2018
Do eerie screeches startle you at night?
Or screaming banshees, your worst fear highlight?
Sudden rumbling on a rusted line,
Flashing lights that freeze your spine!

A full Moon on a motionless sky,
Tis when steam engines haunt nigh.
Departed, are its crew & passengers,
A grandma, wearing her dentures.

Chubby children waving goodbyes,
Fixed with icy cold eyes.
Stuck in speeding time,
Urging me to write this rhyme.

Waiting for that day,
When the bogies no longer sway.
...Written during a train journey...
Johnny walker Nov 2018
For my darling time now
stand still frozen forever
In time the hands of her
the clock will never move
For she now of the departed
Only those who are already
Left will no where my
beloved has gone and to
where she Is
Maybe one day when my
day Is done I may find out for
myself, If realy lucky then I
may see her
I have to wait for day to come to find where my beloved has gone
Mike Nov 2018
It is time for me to go, I, myself have decided
To leave behind the world I've known
and to depart from it
But if in my absence you remember how I left
I would ask that you cast aside the memory of me
To never remember and to forever forget


Your departed friend
The way one leaves can in turn tarnish the memory others have of them completely. It may rest easier on that individual if they were to be forgotten entirely.
(Thoughts from the past :))
Sara Kellie Oct 2018
I'm here.
You lost your way kid
and I can't see you no more.
Did the lights go out?
Did the mist decend?
You lost your way kid
and I can't see you no more.

The light's back on
and the mist has gone
. . . and I'm here,
so I can see you once more.
I'm here kid.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Inspiration from 'Leave a Light On' by Tom Watson.
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