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mark soltero Dec 2020
look up at space
the blank void
of everything
larger than any of you and i
leads us to realize
that everything slips away eventually
blank and black voids reside within you and i
only can we unlock what’s true
once we depart
Regina May 2020
mortgage was half paid
punched the clock
global virus roared
Alan S Bailey Apr 2015
You know the hardest thing I ever had to do,
Was realize no matter what I ever knew
I would never make sense to you,
Now my words are very few
And what else is new?
My time is due,
Social ruse
I will lose,
I am

Leal Knowone Jun 2019
by love you were made, and by hate you are destroyed
mystery and misery in lies, trivialities of realities demise.
The purifier of your dreams is soon to be deployed
a child of serpent and men, I will rise in due time
Know your light will go as dim as the rest in due time
Colm Apr 2019
Who I am
And if I'm good enough
True enough to be
Should not be my concern
Because when someone wants to see you
They generally see

In due time
All is seen
In due time
Smoke Scribe Mar 2018
my sally my Sally

a wonderful double entendre
for it’s time,
my internal clock chiming

to sally forth and give the due
to where dew in her garden resides,
poetry becoming sweet tears
in all our eyes
when the philipina rain thirst quests our quenching

there is no reason no request for
this sally poem but a tickling thought suggests that a good friday. could be the trigger, or that
pandora bringing me Ave Maria as I compose
the due and the dew and the do are a

the best poems are the un-requested  but the most needed,
the most holy
ilo Nov 2018
I lay in a field of dew fresh flowers
And dream of sweet spring showers
Time and Time take autumn to spring
And a tree begins to grow from me
Now mist and dew are due to me
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