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Anastasia Jun 2019
i think
your neck
is a delicacy
and sweet.
c.b. ♥
Brandon Conway Jun 2019
My sweet songbird
My sweet little Ortolan

Captured in
my hugs
I love yous
Drowned in

Draped in linen
to hide from


As I swallow
you whole

My sweet little Ortolan
My sweet songbird
Poetress2 Apr 2019
Anteaters eat Ants.
How can they taste the small Ants,
their delicacy?
nightdew Mar 2019
dampness forms in her eyelids,
slowly treading itself down her honey skin,
slipping down her cheeks;
teardrops are born.

brown eyes gaze into the horizon,
sweeping over the sunset,
forever wondering;
if the pain will cease.

fragile fingertips trace shapes,
twirling and digging themselves,
into the earth's surface;
dreading to be loved.

heart strings pull and release,
yanking emotional impulses,
and flooding imperfections;
coveting for a shoreline.

delicate arms are open,
awaiting for the storm to hit,
a futile attempt to embrace it;
but she is the storm.
when you feel like everything is falling apart beside you,
you are stronger than the hurricane, than the tsunami,
than the sandstorm, than the earthquake. show the world
who you really are.
Xallan Feb 2019
my hands are round instead of flat, now if only
my thoughts were stored in my hands
my brains and some motor control
some real talent besides empty words
my hands are similar enough to my mind

my thinking has become soft and flabby
my digits do the same wrong movements
I refrain from stretching out for what I want
my skin is so delicate I fear I may tear it
my cells liable to break under slight duress

my fingers small and deformed, clumsy
always falling short when I reach for the bar
my fingertips live in a numb icy nether
my circulation is clearly beyond subpar
my heartbeat second-rate and slowing

I wonder why my immense sky is so limiting
my body is my graven image I dare not pray to
my manifestation of an inferior mind
my burning bush is barely a flicker
as time oxidizes my single lonely existence
“Engulfed in bubblewrap
Oh, he's a fragile gift
A colorless soul, some would say

For anyone could colour it
Most would paint over the lines
Some would never even reach the delicate corners

I know of one fine artist that could paint him
Her fine fingers formed with delicacy
For only she could grace him with panache

Regrettably, their paths would never cross
As she is engulfed in bubblewrap too,
And lives in a separate box” — Demi.M Potts
Richard Frank Dec 2018
It was a dream exemplary and honorable
Delicacy laid in a glittering table
What a sweet dream it was
The sight so glamorous it will never last
The sweet scent has gone by
A luxurious aroma so enchanting, like I'm about to fly
Living in a castle full of delicacy and dreams
A knock on the door swept in
Come on and join me and take my heart
My sorrows withers when I'm with you

Trembling, Crying
The table is breaking, castle is fading
Shes chomping the delicacies voraciously, without hesitation
My Pride, My Hope, My Dreams
She ate it all, it shreds my heart
And when she's done,
She left to find a new castle
Worth 30 of my time
Reuben Dec 2017
By: Reuben Paredes

New, menus for you to taste,
Eating, every meal without any haste,
With, tender love of serving,
Zeal, of memories that is never ending,
Entice, your appetite until you craze,
Awaits, for the main course that you will praise,
Love, the dessert that makes you crave,
Acquit, yourself in the guilt you have,
Never, let anyone take a chance for you to grab,
Different, sensation tickles you to nab.
Reuben Dec 2017
By: Reuben Paredes

Make, a snack of tortilla wrap,
Enchiladas, a sauce that put on top,
X, example of food mouth drip,
In, churros a pastry chocolate dip,
Coat, in sugar until it reach the lip,
Overly, delicious recipe you can’t skip.
Reuben Dec 2017
By: Reuben Paredes

I falling in love eating,
Tomatoes use in garnishing,
And drinking,
Lemon that is refreshing,
Yet, the dishes are rewarding.
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