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Jessica Oge Feb 2021
This smoke screen
A ruse to throw me off
This staunch scent
I can barely breathe
Words fail me
Paranoid and wary
Oh, how easily i'm deceived

Like a sucker to the yellow kid,
I'm enthralled in this illusion
You conceal your intentions artfully,
A gracious gift
You beguile me
I'm helpless to your control
Oh, how easily i'm deceived

Your front is peace-loving
Yet, i know no peace
and love has eluded me
Neither impatient nor angry
But this rod on my neck tells a different story
Still, your smile charms me
Oh, how easily i'm deceived

The role naive suits you
A befitting cloak for your bland tales
An unrepentant rogue
Harmless and banal
You lure me
Oh, how easily i'm deceived.
certain humans are graced in the art of deceit
Jessica Oge Feb 2021
I'm numb, i can't feel
I want to feel pain
at least thats an emotion
Tears no longer come
my eyes are dried out

I've lost sleep
I want to feel guilt
that too feels like a stain
I want to scream
an empty echo follows

I question my choices
am i not deserving
All i ask is to feel human
acknowledge my rights
am i seeking too much

Faces of strangers haunt me
It hurts to close my eyes
So i made a choice
To sit and feel
To hold on to anger as fuel
To let go but never forget
I can't stop, won't stop
I chose Confidence.
bet on you and walk in confidence.
Jessica Oge Feb 2021
As a drop in the ocean
I need my Ripple Felt.

— The End —