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I just listened
Chief Economic Advisor
India batted like Pujara
In 2020
Batting like Pant
In 2021
On economic front
In the wake of Corona Pandemic
Now you know
How important
Indian cricketers are!
Modi is now hitting sixes
Catch him out
If you can, you dear farmers
Long on boundary!
“We play at paste,
Till qualified for pearl,
Then drop the paste,
And deem ourself a fool.
The shapes, though, were similar,
And our new hands
Learned gem-tactics
Practising sands.”

-Emily Dickinson.
Phoenix Black Jul 2020
Softly, softly through the undergrowth
Padding through the reeds
Eyes fixed on the gazelle
As it blithely drinks and feeds

It knows nothing of my approach
It sighs, munching up its fill
Not a single sound my body makes
As I stalk towards my ****

Stupid lions intimidate
But I seem almost tame
Remember silence can be deadly
Roaring lions **** no game
CMXIClement Jun 2020
Through the tunnel, distant voices.
Through the tunnel, I see them.
Through the tunnel, the shadows strafe.
Through the tunnel, raging noises.

Through this tunnel all danger is funneled... does this keeps me protected and safe?

The inner walls, are drab and dreary.
The inner walls, comprised of the past.
The inner walls, lined with scars and sores.
The inner walls, are tired, weary.

The tunnel is caving? Yes, from pain I was braving from words, actions, and more.

A foxhole, a foxhole, only as good as its structure.
A foxhole, a tunnel, only as good as its shelter.
A tunnel, a defense, only good when intact.
A defense, a defense, will fall when punctured.

This defense mechanism is a curse and will worsen the person it was meant to protect.

This defense, this defense, is a watery grave.
This defense, this foxhole, is filling up fast.
This foxhole, this trap, no longer has purpose.
This trap, this trap, was not meant to save.
Keiya Tasire Jun 2019
Great Grandma said it.
Grandma said it.
Dad Said it.
Mom said it.
Teachers said it.
Bosses said it.
Husband said it.
Children said it.
I said, Hell, no!
There comes a time that we realized that somethings are just traditional patterns and other times it is used for control. When it is used for control I have a response!
Michael Sep 2018
Should I listen to this devil that lives within?
Should I let my anger out? Or should I hold it in?
All these thoughts and feelings are making my head ring.
I’d love an easy ride, to feel free enough to sing.
But instead I am stuck with this devil inside me, battling.
It’s a war of attrition, one that no matter what nobody can win.
It’s a terrible position that we all find ourselves in.
You run the race wrong when you enter to win.
It’s time to change tactics, you can’t possibly sustain and survive the sprint.
Life is not a sprint, it is a marathon of the ages
the title of king
was hotly contested
by a trio of men who
wanted to be invested

in pursuing the ultimate goal
of regent
only one employed a vying

wicked tactics were ever
his underhanded style of play
which saw the other two
bulldozed well out of the way

they'd not gain the
throne's highest apex
that position reserved
for his sole Rex

he now wears the crown
of questionable ascent
a king who obtained it
through an unsporting bent
Nessa dieR Dec 2017
My tactic is to look at you,
learn how you are.
Love you like you are

My tactic is to talk to you
And listen to you.
Build with words
An indestructible bridge

My tactic is
To stay in your memory.
I do not know how,
I do not know on what pretext,
but to stay inside you

My tactic is to be sincere
And know that you are sincere,
And that we do not sell simulacra
So that between the two
There exists no curtains or chasms

My strategy is,
Deeper and simpler

My strategy is
That one day,
I do not know how,
I do not know under what pretext,
At last,     *you need me.
Kenshō Sep 2015
The man who tries to prove a point
Is unsure of how sharp it is.
A man who wars with blunt arms,
Is confident in his own strength.

The man who bears armor brave,
Falls heavy into his own grave.
The man who comes naked
Is sure he will return unscathed.

But, not every warrior is the same;
And no war can be fought
In the shadow of divine aim.
who do you blame?
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