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FC Azaele May 2021

What new adventure does the universe have in store for me?
A reckless denture
or maybe a new track to venture -
shall i meet a new adventurer along the way?
what roads will i come to stumble on?
Old universe, what new adventure do you have in store for me?

An older draft
FC Azaele May 2021
Like the sun who shares his light
         to see the flowers bloom;
I gave you much of mine
          to see you flourish in the springs warm womb
and when the night falls
          I wait the night to see you when sunrise comes about
For, without a doubt
         you stick by, waiting for me too to tell the stories
you've plucked up from the seeds that wait to sprout  

  When a bird captures your eye, or even a little butterfly
       you played jests and chased it around until
you tire, saving the rest to lay down with a cool sigh
   laughing at that little 'workout'
      and when the bright light dispels
knowing we must make our farewells
      You know not to feel alone, and rest assured me
that too and venture on home
Knowing we
      both were inseparable till night comes about
That's why I give you much of my light
      to not see you falter but flourish high as i vowed
dearly hoping to see you bloom
FC Azaele May 2021
I think i'm..
falling apart at the seams
with little to no sleep and horror-filled dreams
I cannot think straight
why bother to think of a lie to deceive
the things i'm falling into, now even stumbling on my gait;
There isn't sincerity in my smile
and wrinkles somber seen in my style
My hair's a birds mess
I don't think I call it any less
than that.. a mess
There's so much abandon
to the happy, frolicking days
I think i'm falling apart at the seams
with no more than horror-filled dreams;
A tearing mind, screaming
into the empty, silent winds
maybe i'm letting myself sabotage myself to fall apart at the seams.
Oh, maybe I am.. it seems
To the comments: Thank you. 🧡
FC Azaele May 2021
Twinkling stars, lovely
shining so bright, starry night
oh tranquil silence
FC Azaele May 2021
I fear much of that eros bow
where love so much as pierces
the pale virgins soul
Placing Sweet-kisses, red wine-stained lips;
lovers glow
Pale lines, artificial glow;
so much as complicated on patterns
pickled seen on a kaleidoscope;
Cherub aiming his charmed bow
down at mortals down low
soon where fate changes
and destines for two to meet;
weaving the patterns together so they strum
a chord together, creating an afterglow
I fear so much of the Eros bow
could, when two patterns meet,
create so much of a harmonious disaster?
A parody of fate?
or a glamour, a cover-up for a show
FC Azaele May 2021
The land was cold, and dark and dreary
Spotlights couldn’t be seen
nor sounds be heard
I took a step forward
And decide it wasn’t enough
The woods was cold, dim and soggy
down the roads where footsteps of another
drifting apart, acting no more as a flocking-fleeting friend
The crate lay heavy in my arms
perhaps I should've chosen another
but I'm too far out
to dare go back and ponder
If perhaps.. the crate had been the right one.
but maybe all wouldn't be laid fair,
until another day
where I make it back and choose what
could've been a tranquil road
The lands were cold, and dark and dreary
there's a cottage nearby
but still I stood by the dark pavement
being me,
deciding still one step after the other wasn't enough
to ease myself despite the aching pain
I doubted myself
despite the warm home nearby
that I..
I travelled by
pushing back the aching pain
and went along my way
Ignoring all the protests the soles speak -
I guess I'll have to save my pain for another day
FC Azaele May 2021
A fuelling flame, burning bright
Rage, Rage
A dancing fighter captured against the cold of the night
Nowhere to go,
but still, he moves to find the center of the light
refusing to grieve as he moves past the cold winter night
Rage, Rage
as the cold be fought like a blight
What sin can be found against the dim, darkness amidst fright
where men be fondled across the crooked bridge high
on the cold winter night
Rage, Rage
do not run nor let the ego falter
take on the cold winter night as if it were a blight
good soldier.
Rage, Rage..
like a fuelling flame, burning bright
"Do not go gentle into that good night."
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