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David Omodunmiju Apr 2016
Penetrating the walls of sin
To bring to life a dead being
Tolerating our flaws
Through the forgiveness of our trespasses

Will not behold sin
Therefore to it blinded His love
Left His throne, to eat from our dish
Working willingly towards His wish

The great deliverer
Ready to lead us out of darkness into His marvelous light
The still small voice whispering “yes you can”
From the heart of love, His blood flows
Healing the bruised, finding the lost
Assuring the hopeless, giving another chance to the prodigal
Through mercy, with a blazing grace.
Mercy through Grace
David Omodunmiju Sep 2015
Another bright day where the sun still has its smile
Business like, cars running their mile
People all around, buying and selling
And some lazy ones, still sleeping in their dwellings

Our worries cloud the reality of an expiry date
And we keep wasting time, living by fate
Well any how we use our time, it’s recorded
And some day, rewards will be accorded

More real than breath, time is ticking
To every man is a time and season
Your ignorance might just be writing you wrong pages
And before you realize, you’re referring to gone ages

Think about this more than twice
And choose the path of the wise
Just before you close those eyes
Clear your mind of those worldly lies

That paints wrong as right
Luring you away from the true light
Wake up from these illusions, stand up and fight
Keep your gaze on the truth, focused and tight

So if you see tomorrow’s sun
Don’t use another chance for fun
Register your life in it as an impactful one
By living in accordance with the will of the first born.

                                                                              - Omodunmiju David
what do you do with the day called TOMORROW?
David Omodunmiju Sep 2015
His mighty self came through a ******
His unconditional love for us made Him cross the margin
His royalty came as low as a carpenter
Just to reconcile us back to the Father

He passed through the heat of hell, to lay for us a path
Tore in two the veil, so we’ll have access to His heart
Willingly, He left the throne of grace
To give us life, and in death take our place

Who for the joy bore our pain
Setting believers free from the enemy’s chain
He felt all and more, what we now feel
And despite our foolishness, won’t give up on us still

For us He came, by us was rejected
We lived in sin while for us He fasted
Still for us
He went to the cross
And felt all kinds of pain in their gross

It’s not much He’s asking for
He’s just saying “wherever you are, be my ambassador”
Growing up all round into my stature
After all these proof of love…yes Jesus is worth dying for

                                                                                       - Omodunmiju David
is your JESUS worth dying for?
David Omodunmiju Aug 2015
Visible but stuck, it could give direction
With the truth of its helplessness
Few discover their stagnancy
Fewer find a reason to change condition

That’s how we live each day
Acting outside what we say

Our mouth, pointing to the kingdom
Our lives, pulling away from real freedom
Choosing foolishness over wisdom
By walking in this evil world’s custom

There won’t be reward
If they came because of you
But if they came with you
So drive the train
Rather than be just a pointer
Like a signboard

                                                                                           - Omodunmiju David
Live what you preach
David Omodunmiju Aug 2015
A thought on God’s mind
To rescue the lost
And give vision to the blind

So he acted
Let’s make man in our own image
His pen wrote your page
A major project, loaded with mysteries
Then He formed a habit
To make more in different ways

It became His character
To make good things better
And better things you

If there was a best project He did
The best song He composed
The best script He wrote
The best picture He painted
It’s your destiny…fulfill it

                                                                                      - Omodunmiju David
Living in the counsel and purpose of God
David Omodunmiju Jul 2015

it feeds your passion
it knows your taste
fueling your lust
you think you're smart

it would keep you busy, and won't let you ask why
running your life in the routine of a circus
you are stranded in the world of competition
and have lost touch with contentment

its job description is one
reducing a king to a beast
that now lives with only a selfish purpose
gathering only for a passing world

its the regret of the dead
the wish of the old
the regular companion of an agile heart
and the mystery unknown to a new born.

                                                                                                                               -David Omodunmiju
David Omodunmiju Jul 2015
By David Omodunmiju

The power in Him runs even through His garment
It could make your healing permanent
Ending your pain in a moment
It’s what you get, when your Father is omnipotent

She would have died, weighing the crowd
But her faith was far too proud
Her cry wouldn’t have meant a thing, though loud
But her desperation for healing changed the cloud

Now you don’t need that much
Healing has advanced to faith not touch
Even so, build not your faith from the environment
And enough of the mere talks
Resign from the dead works

Wake up! Days of turns are gone
Else like the ******* by the river, you’ll be there for long
Now the violent are the ones who take it
You’ll need your violence of faith to make it

These tears won’t help you receive
The equations have changed, don’t be deceived
It’s now faith plus work that equals achieve
Your faith might just be your own hem.

                                                                ­                                            - David Omodunmiju
Faith in action
David Omodunmiju Jul 2015

Taught by the hands of common men
You have become the replica of old stories
Vain repetitions has formed you a tradition
The fear of ME is drowning men in the pool of sameness

Verily, I have watched
As many struggle each new day, for same old things
Bound by the thought of what people will say
Shackled by the fear of the unknown
So that the waters of possibility remains untroubled

I have seen Kings die like mere men
They make old mistakes and give new excuses
Those who have resisted ME
Ended on the wrong side of history
But if You will dare to be different
You will find that there's a spirit in man
My name is CHANGE
And I hope the sons of men find this letter.

                    - David Omodunmiju
About stepping out differently
David Omodunmiju Jul 2015
Revealed from the fullness of a glad heart
Words will only ******* my expression
The sights and sounds yet unimagined
Leaving even angels in awe

Sincerely, our best materials here are its waste
Even these thoughts put my spirit in haste
I desire to live there
So I daily lose touch with the toys here

I’ll be bold to say it’s ours
When we come through salvation, and live by the rules
Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine
By the blood contract for me He signed

Yes, this tongue can’t process its taste
Waters springing from the fountain of life
Breeze that fill our lungs with holiness
Where even the lions and lambs walk together

Streets of transparent gold like glass
Mighty gates built with priceless pearls
A city where God lives, built by God
And we are still yet to find a single dust.

                                                                ­                                      - Omodunmiju David
David Omodunmiju Jul 2015
Really, the fear could get so real
You can almost feel its pulse
You want to agree with your heart beat
As the giants shout loud your name

Trembling seems like a voluntary action
Though you reject this certificate of weakness
They say “run today, fight tomorrow”
Wow, I hear “keep running loser”
Cos’ tomorrow will soon become today

See, pacing back and forth in tears doesn’t mean weakness
It means, you’re too smart not to sit down in it
Of a truth, these giants are bigger than the ‘you’ outside
But tinier than even the toes of the ‘Father’ inside
And knowing the depth of the Father’s love for you!
If I were you!
I’ll look up, call Daddy!!
Believe He heard me,
Put my faith in the sling of work,
Shoot my best, and leave the rest.

                                                                                                             - David Omodunmiju
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