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I can't count how many times
I've been to the hospital to D-Tox.
she was there by my side.
I turned her on to the cheesecake
and yogurt berry parfait.
It was a plain yogurt with
fresh black berries, raspberries, strawberries,
and blue berries.
It was amazing--it still is.
We'd stir up the parfait and pour
it on the cheesecake.
It was divine.

I sit here and eat it alone tonight.
The berries explode when I put
them in my mouth and chew on them.
It's like food for the Greek gods.
An ambrosia for the brokenhearted.

I think of you as the little blueberries
roll around on my tongue.
It's all so creamy and succulent.
But, I still sit lonely and eat our poetic
yogurt berry magic and cheesecake.
And each berry stores a memory in
every luscious bite.
I feel desolate that
you aren't here,
with that juicy purple
liquid running down your chin.
I want to be your
I'll wear red flannel shirts all
the time, and grow a scraggly
beard like Thoreau.
We could cuddle by the
fireplace on
cold winter nights.
You can grow a garden,
with potatoes and asparagus.
We can climb mountains
and hunt bears.
I could make a rug from
it's hide, and a necklace
from its claws.
I want to be your lumberjack.
In the summer,
we could skinny-dip in the
pond, by moonlight and
make love in the
dew soaked grass.
we could have a
coonhound named Festus,
and gobs of kids.
I would build a tire swing in an
old Oaktree.
**** this ****** city
with it's treachery and
its concrete.
Lets go where the fire-flies live.
I want to be your lumberjack.
I've been a slave so many
I've been a slave to
***** and vaginas,
to poverty and the streets.
I've been a slave to opiates
and poetry
brutality and love.

I've been a slave to
the flesh and my addictions,
good intentions galore.
I've been a slave to
beauty and hatred,
passion and desire
the flame
and the
fiery dance with death.
I've been a slave a slave to the
crowd and the pedestal
the morning glory women, and
their spells.
I've been a slave on
the slow ride to hell.

So for the last time,
I'm done with slavery.
Go find a new **** to control.
This rooster is going back to
the barnyard,
chase the horses and hens.
I promise
I will crow at the
freedom soaked dawn.
I don't need
friends like Judas and Brutus.
It seems as though they're everywhere.
I've even had a few Delilah's in my life.
They have exploited my
weaknesses for their own gain.
Whether it's a knife in the back,
a few pieces of silver, or a kiss
they are all betrayers;
the rotten fruit of the earth.
So this short ditty goes out to them
and their kind.
Stay away from me.
and go **** yourself.
Sorry it's not real poetic.
I see the ship
just off the coast;
darkness at the
end of
the tunnel.

Is that thunder
rolling in from
the east;
a tornado, an earthquake, a flood?

Is that sound I
hear the pounding of
hooves outside my window?

it's just the noise my
eyes make when they
I'm a hard blood draw
sticking me over again
just like ******* life.
I'm in the hospital, and I'm a hard stick.  On average it takes them about 5 times to get the I.V in or a blood draw.
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