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Even with
the warm water
running over me, I still
feel c o l d.
I'm not sure why this is;
perhaps it's something
I've been
t o l d.
I guess some of my poems are made up in the shower :)
Star moves in dark sky.
White dragon flies with the night.
Cold, dark; beautiful.
My hands were cold
Holding yours
My heart was numb
Beating senseless for you

You became my sunshine
Even tho I could not see the light
You became my touch
Even when my hands were cold
No way, no face to look at,
No touch to dive into,
No taste of sweetness,
No electrifying feelings.

No time to give to,
No one to give the time to either.
No tension, despite of illusions.
No hope, only dellusions.

Happy thoughts aren't stable, no more.
Just impulsive, in circles they go.
Chased by fear, just like every emotion,
Drowning in the cold deep ocean...

Of Loneliness, Searching and Hoping,
But senseless,
The belief is gone.
I held onto it, for too long.

The focus now is on what matters.
But isn't what should matter - love?
It's complicated. Self-love is the basis.
Is it? My way is lost and I am standing here.
Love drips down from my fingertips,
A few more seconds and I let it slip.
There are memories worth the time
and mine are very few,
the memories I recall smiling
when i was with you.

Snowy winter's hidden kisses,
first time lovers' hits and misses.
Grandma's gone baby, now's our chance,
Can we kiss? Make it last, hear the song,
let us dance.

I know it was hard
when i had to say good bye,
But even that day i smiled,
wanna know why?

Because you kissed me,
you held me, and you said
"No matter what -
Jae, my heart is yours,
near or far, here or not".

You promised you would wait,
but you didn't, and i understand.
Promises are easy to make
when you're face to face,
hand in hand.

The years passed,
and at last, i made you mine,
but the dream was cut short
and i was running out of time.

Christmas was coming
and the legend was true,
that i would only spend one Christmas,
wrapped in love with you.

I would give the world and all that i have,
to live that Christmas once again -
when i was your world, you were my dreams,
and nothing else mattered back then.
I feel numb and detached

My blank gaze penetrates the ones I care about
Piercing their heart like a frozen bullet

There's damage
but no evidence that I cause the pain.

Why am I so cold? Why do I hurt everyone around me?
Why do I feel so frozen?
The cherry of my cigarette keeps me hopeful for summer, I walk outside in the cold looking for something to fill these pages. Anything. This lack of inspiration has me walking through the woods in the dead of winter, this lack of inspiration has me sleeping in his bed. This lack of inspiration has me sitting at the bar asking for a double gin and soda with lime, please.
writer's block
The cold has abandoned the world
Everyone has come out
Of their houses
Because the frost has finally melted away
Everyone but me

I couldn’t be warmer if I tried
I have no heat left
I gave it all away

One degree to those people I
Used to hang out with 3 years ago
Who caused me so much turmoil
If I had had the choice
Even then
I wouldn’t have chosen them to be my friends
They were too nice
Too good for me
But they were also horrible
In all the ways I am not
I did not belong with them

One degree of my heat went to
The girls who were always so nice to me
I didn’t have a place
And they took me in
They made me feel secure
Too secure
I felt so secure
That I thought I could leave them
When I really wasn’t strong
enough to ever do that
But there are some things I can never get back

One degree of my heat
Goes to my weird, wonderful friends
The ones whose hearts beat to the same tune as mine
I didn’t leave them
They didn’t leave me
I just realized
There was never enough between us
To even call on of them leaving
I just saw the love
They had for each other
And pretended they had it for me, too
It worked for a bit
But only for a bit

I have no heat left
What degrees of it I had
Have been lost to the storm
The blizzard that chilled
My heart
The snowstorm that cooled
My bones
The frosting that froze
My body
The cold that crept into
My mind

I am a frozen corpse
I have been a frozen corpse
But this is my last season
My last winter
For I have become too cold
Which will push me to finally do it
To finally thaw my frozen corpse
To finally end it all
Then everything will finally be warm
Y’all anyone free? I need someone to **** me
Karen M 7d
Boys are like tissues. -unnamed Twitter follower

If they're soft, they usually have two sides.
Both sides, so smooth and delicate, easy
To rip apart and expose the inner roughness.
It's fun to tilt her head back and gently lay
One of the halves on her lips and blow
Firm enough to get them soaring
High on endorphins and ******
Them out of the air, crumple,
And toss into the trash with the rest.

If they're rough, they're good
For one use only. They may be irritating,
But they get the job done. It's cheap,
They come in bulk, and always
Fail to clean up the streaky mess
Left behind for her hand
To finish.

If she's lucky, they'll have aloe
And lotion and designer brands
Made for those who are hard
To please. She'll be spoiled
By the silky smooth shine
On her face, but not one
Can keep up with the wear
And tear of being used
Over and over and over.

Once they're damaged, they're done.
She can't use them anymore. They know
The tricks. They know how they've been torn
Apart and crumpled and disposed without thought.
The smaller the pieces, the harder they are to manipulate
And bend to her every will. With one gone, what does it matter?
There's still the rest of the box, or the pack, or the cylinder.
Fifty. Maybe a hundred. All the more to her disposal.
Yes, yes. She knows what they think of her.
They all throw and shout and spit
Those filthy labels at her face.
But it's just another
Tissue used.
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