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Zywa Aug 28
Travel like a tree,

as if I'm always at home --

The world's coming past.
"Ziehende Landschaft" ("Moving landscape", 1955, Hilde Domin)

Collection "Inwardings"
Zywa Feb 6
The nights are silent,

the ferries out of service --

everyone in bed.
Collection "WoofWoof"
Zywa Dec 2021
The snow stops traffic,

all I can do is stand still --

with my own shadow.
Collection "Between where"
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2021
They say things must change
With me the whole world stands still
Life just stays the same
Nothing changes when you change nothing
Zywa Dec 2018
Rainy days mud
my garden, the golden root is rotting

my wishing well spills over
I am spent

flaccid roads to the city
get me nowhere, no one wants

to pay for that, the world stands still
my little son is sleepwalking around me

by touch, cow and calf look
at me and frown, sighing

vapours muffled by the fine droplets
of rainy tears on the globes of my eyes

the sachets of water in which the world
always is upside down

a violet hangs and thinks:

mud will become waterproof
slate, eventually
Golden root: Rhodiola Rosea, it grows in Siberia and is also called Roseroot

In French, the Viola tricolor is called “Pensée” (Thought)

Collection “Pending rain”
Julie Grenness Feb 2017
It all came to a standstill,
A day when time stood still,
A beautiful world, fogged and grey,
Grief was its own land, okay?
But the sun arose the next day,
And we woke up anyway,
When the past was  a distant land,
Time stood still, not so grand........
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