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We began
I miss you
I almost see
It's you I adore
I'm half alive
We begin to fix
We break-even
You said it's never too late
You said you are mine
There we are again
Back at one.
As empty
As this place
A memory
Of our peace

Alone with empathy

Us two
Who knew
That the world sounds
Better in silence
I hold it true, whate'er befall
I feel it, when I sorrow most
'Tis better to have love and lost
Than lie and never have love at all.

I'll cry out for your name
But it will never be the same
Enraged i cry, heartbroken inside
Can't take the pain, there's no way to hide.

I sink down right beside your promise
Your love in despair was put in demise
It's blissful as it seems every night
But then I'll woke up tomorrow like there's no light.

Good bye, for you cannot see me weep
Burn everything, there is nothing for you to keep.
I did not want to leave you, never.
But what you have said forever,
is never together.
A death of love
I'm not moving
I can't move
I'm not dead
For it would be such a lonely world for MEN

without U.
MENU A tale of being unique and special.
And that's the time
I've realized
that you are not
as good as poetry
that you are not
the one for me.
You're not
the one I need.
Because every time
I write
about you,
I bleed.
Left alone
Fallen angel who lost your wings
In order to see you smile again
I traveled to a dungeon
I am lost in the dark
Drowning in despair
And my heart came
close to breaking many times
But every-time that happened
I would see a vision of you
You shook my soul
I killed my weaker self
And continued fighting
I wandered the dungeon
Disposed of my enemies
I became more powerful
But there was just one important thing
I couldn't find
A spell to heal the wounds
that torment you
Powerless and defeated
I was wrong
I had to go home
Knowing all you want is my presence
My love, wait for me to come home.
Where you love brokenhearted things
You do sort of things that could help
Them stop pleading and weeping
no matter how
no matter what
it takes.
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