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Ann Terrin Feb 23
Little you gave, but so much you took
I gave you my world without so much as a look

You cried and leaned and ****** out my marrow
Never to see me as a beautiful sparrow

You could only see what you were blinded to know
Degrees of importance that seemed so far below

The ivy I fought against could never be pruned
It was never enough for you to notice me soon

Reflection has proven to be my valuable friend
It saw me though you and gave me my end

You could never say what I wanted to hear
But for that I forgive
You’re still frozen in fear

I bid you farewell
Finally, one last goodbye
The torch I once carried
All the tears I did cry

Not far from my beginning
The home I once knew
I wish you healing
And to know love again too
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
Living in a world that snobs
Is as painful as scorpion's sting
As I make random motions
I see more booings
Greeted with bruises
No **** not even an harry
Sees how I weep in isolation
But all shall cling to me in limelight
Randy Johnson Mar 2019
When it comes to underprivileged people, you are nothing but an abuser.
You believe that people who get food stamps and other free food are losers.
When a church gave free food to the poor, you said that church supports bums.
You look down on people who are less fortunate than yourself and that is dumb.

You judge people who can't afford to pay for the food that they eat.
They struggle to pay bills and they have trouble making ends meet.
When I call you a stuck up twit, it's certainly true.
If anybody qualifies to be a loser, it is you.
Joanna Charis Feb 2019
That girl with the

beautiful stature;

I knew she would

be captured,

by the hearts

of men.

Her icy cold stare

and long black hair;

I would rate her

a ten.

The way she walks,

she flaunts.

The way she talks,

she taunts.

She was the girl

whom I just met;

She was the girl

who was hard to get.
frances love Nov 2016
scraped knees and
blurry vision;
romanticizing nothing
that really mattered,
but it doesn't really
matter anymore; you
used to take me too
seriously and now he
laughs at all my jokes.

you can hear her dog
snoring from your bed-
room; i can hear you
whining from your
rocking chair. you
keep saying you are an
artist. i don't know
about that.
Brent Kincaid Oct 2016
He lives in a world
Of never and always
Even though there is
No such land.
You could explain
All the facts to him
But he would fail to
Grasp them or understand.

It’s all about opinion
And how he feels
And the way he thinks
About what he sees.
Nothing fazes him
Nothing teaches him
And no hint of reality
Brings him to his knees.

He only cares about
What he wants to have
Or what he wants
To make you believe.
He doesn’t love anyone
He hates almost everyone
He only gets upset
But he never grieves.

He looks into the mirror
And only sees himself
Because in his universe
There is nobody else.
You are just something
That is here to be used.
If he badly wants to do it
He is allowed to abuse.

After all, sun and moon
Revolve, rise and set on him.
In his solar system one star shines
Everything else is very dim.
Since he is rich, and can afford it
He keeps paid companions close.
He can stand free thinkers
Only by the miniature dose.
Ignatius Hosiana May 2016
She did it in the precious name of the king
who couldn't even bend past his bloated belly
she respectfully kissed his diamond ruby ring
and not because he could fly her to Paris or Deli
she urgently did it to **** the biting itch upon his back
using her ***** nails, with servants' muck at the back of her palm
for she saw the struggling king stiff stuck
believe it when she says she actually meant no harm
oblivious of the consequence of slave hands on royal skin
acting in the name of kindness to a caring crown
if only she'd known she was kicking a dragon's sheen
never could she at any moment wear this beautiful frown
for her next of keen mourn her feeble neck despondent in the noose
of a ravenous and thick expensive rope awaiting his use
Brent Kincaid Apr 2016
Snooty Rudy
Thinks he’s hot as fire.
Snooty Rudy
Leaves a lot to be desired.
Snooty Rudy
Thinks he’s better than us all
Silly Rudy
He’s heading for a big fall.

Rudy always thinks
He’s the star of every game
Rudy never gets
The joke hidden in his name.
He looks up on life
As someone else’s duty.
Someone must pay the piper
But it is never Rudy.

Snooty Rudy
Thinks he’s hot as fire.
Snooty Rudy
Leaves a lot to be desired.

Rudy never gets the check
When he goes out to eat.
When people rise to clean
He always keeps his seat.
Rudy doesn’t like to stir
From a relaxing chair.
Look around when work is done,
Rudy is never there.

Snooty Rudy
Thinks he’s better than us all
Silly Rudy
He’s heading for a big fall.

Rudy likes to join
Committees for charity causes
But when the work is done
Rudy only pauses.
He’s there for congratulations
But not for sweat and toil.
***** hands are beneath his station.
Never a smidgen of soil.

Snooty Rudy
Thinks he’s hot as fire.
Snooty Rudy
Leaves a lot to be desired.
Snooty Rudy
Thinks he’s better than us all
Silly Rudy
He’s heading for a big fall.
CE Aug 2014
How mysterious
How obscure
How bizarre

You choose to stare at brush strokes instead of your media
You choose to live in some vague attempt at what some call "culture"  
And look down on those who prefer the rest

Your tastes are what you call "unique"
But you're in a flock of black sheep

You will look down on me
Because you don't deem me worthy of some great thinker whose name you can't pronounce

You will look and groan about how kids really shouldn't be allowed here
because they just don't get it
Because we don't fit your melancholy and expressionless identity

And it's true
We're not a part of your empty pride

We will look at a landscape or portrait and smile
or maybe frown
Because it makes us feel something

We don't care for the culture around it

We're only here

Because it makes us feel

And isn't that the point?

Art isn't supposed to be shoved to the top of a podium

It isn't supposed to be sat behind glass while some snobs stare through intently
Not really sure what they're looking at

Isn't it supposed to make you feel something?

Maybe not..

Maybe I'm just a hopeful youth out of his place.
How to be vain:
Admire yourself in a mirror for 20 minutes.
Choose your clothes from 5 walk-in closets.
Make sure each and every article of clothing matches each other.
Wear as much makeup as possible even if you look hideous.
Never wear the same outfit more than once.
Lastly, spend time getting prepped for events even for going to the gym or the park.
One of my least favorite attributes. I stereotypically associate this attribute with snobs.

— The End —