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Shofi Ahmed Apr 25
Will it be shining again all blue water?
Now is up to the luck.
Far from the twilight beach the sun
jumped in the sea is out of the light out of colour.
Lest it dives out catching the moon in the dark!

Twinkly stars, the studded diamond set
up in the high sky softly whisper:
As dark descends, a new moon
can drown with blindfolded eyes
but never lose her sway!

Over the black canvas of the darkened sea
lapping up one more dwarf - a submerged sun,
the untouched moon comes out.
And by now all the half-lit light bulbs up in the sky,
the cherubic stars are mirrored upon the sea water.
Now will the moon paint its mystique blue limelight
or will toy away once again being untouched?
Gods1son Sep 2018
To be honest with you,
I think I'm scared of this limelight
It feels so good,
Radiating this bright light
But, I'm so worried like,
Can I keep this light bright?

I'm caught between
Creating Plan B if I can't keep up
Or burning bridges so I won't give up!
A M Ryder Jul 2018
I'm treading in this wine
A forever never to last

Limelight wilts the roses thrown to stage
To stay red glory of the past

I am deeper in this more than I ever thought I'd be
What happened to me?
What happened to the world that once laid at my feet?

This is never what I wanted, it's just what I've come to know
To live some life of hollow glass doomed to the darkness, never to glow.
Ako May 2018
I keep slicing reality
With the Knife of Reason,
Yet brushing winds
Carry scents of hope.

Neuron connections of
Misconceptions -
Is that causation
Or empty words?

I keep dicing my days
Climbing the ego
Of a shoreless mind
You keep coming my way
Wearing nothing but bands
Around your thighs -
Limelight moments.
Ticking clocks.
Down my spine.
Written Nov. 10, 2016
Niqolet Lewis Apr 2017
the light pulses
draws you in
it narrows
and widens
can’t block out that glow
it flickers
Begging for your attention
Like a helpless moth
You're flying towards it
This isn't the real light
These girls, like neons they got you
These numbers they flickering like the halogen
and they got you
They promising everlasting love like LEDs
and it got you
Got you frantic
chasing that lime light
You're in that frame
Shine bright like the sun
Staring at it too long
and you’ll go blind
Kenna Marie Feb 2016
Some days you have the ability,
others on a shopping spree.
Dressing clean, ultra supreme.

To live is just a dream that only you can see with binoculars.
I live in our own aura, the World and I. Where we can kickback, sleek the ruffles out of our curtains.
With blood sleeking down the glass window pane, the beginning of a crystal clear scheme
with crimson stains.
A passing by expert, I have yet to earn what removed hastes to which I should come to a slower pace.
Push you into my fool, a clown to a stalemate.
Copping everything on a shopping spree, my feet don’t touch the ground, they elevate.

Now I’m trying to jam using these hands, but one grips at fear.
I don’t have time for tainted misused feelings.

I have to make them squeal for me. Hide in the bushes, they want to be seen with me. Using correct of muscle, I hold me. Carrying all these packages, I’m the one you want.
Does being a servant for God
mean that you are always the centre of a attention.
Is that fake ..
Like being a pastor
Is this real or fake.
Should we not do this for God.
He should get the glory
Not minsters
After all we are all on a mission.
To preach the gospel
Is there something missing here
Or am I jumping to conclusions.

We are called to be holy humble ...
Not be the centre of attention..
Where is God in all of this...
wave Jan 2015
The lonesome Ness
ends best
when friends are laughing
by a tale

Told once to myself
in my head,
when renounced
and spread

the boring
for moments on end,
I visit as servant
Are we only as cool as our friends tell us we are?  Actions speak louder than words.  Find your ONE, and never let it go...
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
He never knew what he did
The Kid just never knew what he did

Inside his mind at all ******* times
Nobody was there to pay him some mind

Quiet, quiet
Silence, silence
The play is being performed
He died once again

Nobody willing to pick away
So he would simply stay inside
And maybe the answer would come through
From a stranger
But he can't pretend a stranger is a long awaited friend

Thrashing all around
Is truly a maniac
Thoughts so radical
Because he had reason
They found him insane
Because he had goodness
They found him insane

All collected together
Like living statues to never move
Complying to everyone
Because it felt good

Quiet, quiet
Silence, silence
The play is being performed
He died once again

— The End —