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M Mar 17
I have six of them buried deep inside my head
I could just pull them out one by one if I wanted to

But I tell myself "don't dig up the dead!"
"It's for the best!" they echo..
Might continue I'm not sure yet
M Mar 14
It's not that I don't want to get it, you're just empty.
Drained of empathy and utterly absurd.

I'm not being careless, if anything- I'm quite the opposite.
So I just choose to remain silent and brush your thoughts away.
You chose to devour me
Giving in, eventually.
M Feb 15
Bare handed I crawl my way up
Towards the sun if I must
"Unburden my mind, mother. Stomp on my ego, make it null, but make me whole.
Part one of what's to come <3
M Jan 20
Could you spare my blood?

Etheral lust scattered all around us like dust
Couldn't bare to keep my eyes open so I must
Tell my tale the way it was intended
The way I let my soul dependent
On you
i'm back
M Nov 2020
Comb my hair as waves come crashing beneath us, locking us into time and space. Heart's closed but my mind's perceptive.
An endless, bottomless pit, starving for the unknown, or anything that remotely fills the void.
Dreading the silence of my own existence, I stare ahead.

Then- you ask blankly: "What are you thinking about?"
To which - I blink slowly, and say "The waves".
The ones that keep echoing in my mind.
So you keep combing my hair to quiet the sea.
A thought
M Nov 2020
We're born again and again,
Get the hang of how things work,
Just to realize the importance of emotions, by this time all of they've been kept a secret, which ultimately leads to a black hole of nothingness..
M Nov 2020
All the words that you spit out
But you couldn’t even say the truth
“Hush now, hush”
It’ll get easier
Time heals everything
But its not time that heals everything,
It’s you.
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