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Jenish Jan 12
pale trembling body
mind leaking flames of fire
love fever conquered
Jenish Jan 9
endued speed of wind
he crashed to his funeral
drink and drive again!
Jenish Jan 7
The springs of my eyes
Glared my sight and in silence -
He walked away
Break up, Silence
Jenish Jan 6
When the holy water of cognizance, washes your mind clean
And the delightful fragrance of faith, ingrained your intellect
Then the nature blissfully give you her magic wand of life
And crown you in the kingdom where the wise sanguinely follows
Jenish Jan 5
Again I barred her
From peeping in my blanket-  
Winter is naughty
Jenish Jan 2
blame and curse on him
for her son's forgotten coat -
innocent rain God
Jenish Jan 1
Long lost stars of sky
Still staring at us and gleam -
Like beloved dead
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