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Madelle Calayag May 2020
Have you ever felt that?  
When you don't feel good about yourself?
When you lose your appetite on things that you can do easily,
On your passion,
On your work loads.

Have you ever felt so empty?
Have you ever felt like your getting left behind?

'Coz I always do
True love always  possesses a tinge of jealousy,
Which can also be termed as"fear of losing you."
Madelle Calayag Mar 2020
'Can you explain to me what has become of us?'
the song continued
as if it was played to hurt me on that evening ride.

'not even pleading can save us'
the lyrics echoed  in my mind
it haunted me as I cried myself to sleep

I closed my eyes,
yet thousands of questions deprived me from my sleep
like what happened to the both of us?
can we get back?
did I fail to love you?
did I fail to recognize that we're falling apart?
was I not enough?

But no matter how much songs would I play
no exact lyrics can answer the queries
you've left in my broken soul
Madelle Calayag Feb 2020
I got no letters,
yet you gave me a long list of excuses.
No roses from you,
Yet you made me feel numb with the thorn of your words which pricked my skin
no sweet words but there were few sweet lies as I can recall

It was just a normal day.
It was a day to recall the slumbering moments of lies and bitterness.

But that was heart's day, yet all I got was hurt's day.
Hurt valentine's day heart tears lies bitterness flowers roses letters words expectations
Madelle Calayag Jan 2020
remember to breathe,
wipe dry your tears.
remember to get up,
and ready yourself .

But, the thing that you need to remember
is to help your self,
because no one will
self healing should come from within
Madelle Calayag Jan 2020
the truth is,
it's getting harder for me
to find
the path back to you.
Madelle Calayag Jan 2020
at the end of this day
I would stop begging
for your time and attention.
Maybe, just maybe.
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