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Fayez Feb 2021
People stand around
Worried sick

Wondering and waiting
For life to click

They're always the victim
Always feeling sorry

Hoping for a fight
But never emerging in glory

To be fair
I will give them the benefit of the doubt

Even though all they do
Is willow and shout

It's true that it's tough to get up
When life takes you so far down

And it's hard to get respect
When you walk with a broken crown

There are situations
That hit you when you have no plan

But my mother always said
Tough choices make the man
I remember meeting people that have given up, and I felt I was close to give up too, but my mother always said tough choices make the man.
Fayez Feb 2021
Tired and exhausted
I wish the world would freeze

But my clock ticks
and my face feels the breeze

I can barely walk
While everyone around me is running

I just want peace
Why does the planet keep turning

Night used to mean solace
But as the world turned so did the seasons

Solace changed to nightmare
And visits from demons

Things did get very bad
But I never stopped smiling

No-matter how big the demons got
And how much their whispers are enticing

There is hope in the darkest of nights
I am not phased by demon cries

I have heard them a million times
And I know the sun will again rise
Keep smiling, the sun will always rise again. A poem about holding on to what makes you happy in the toughest of situations.
Fayez Dec 2020
Woke up
Looking for you

Thinking about your smile
You came out of the blue

I felt like I knew you my entire life
Seeing you gave me Deja vu

Everytime we hug I can't let go
Stuck together like glue

When I need someone
You're the person I go to

Our journey just started
But I know we'll make it through
woke up thinking of someone I have a crush on
Fayez Aug 2020
She dances
To keep warm

Hoping one day
Her sun will rise again

Pale skin, blue lips
She never stops

She prays for a sunrise
That will never come

Her world will freeze
Along with her soul
Some endings are inevitable
, and not all endings are happy.
Fayez Mar 2020
I am emptied
Hollowed out
By you

The wind carries
My hollow body
Far away

A new land
Somewhere I
Can be whole
An ode to starting again, letting your emptiness guide you forward to a brighter place.
Fayez Sep 2019
I walk,
A thick brush
Paints my way

I cross,
An inked bridge
My feet black

I stop,
The black brush
Paints a crossroad

I sit,
days pass by
As I ponder

I decide,
A blackened path
Walking on ink

I wait,
The brush draws
More diverging paths

I reach,
Holding the brush
Snapping in half

I look,
My body covered
In black ink

I walk,
My body blackened
My path white
A person and the brush that paints their path. An ode to fate, destiny, and the premise things happening for a reason.
Sometimes breaking the brush will make us lost and 'blackened', but atleast we will be free
Fayez Jun 2019
I climb this mountain
While my hands bleed true
I climb this mountain
Just for you

You are not between rocks
Or at mountain peak
I climb and bleed
So I don't seem weak

These bleeding hands
are not brave nor bold
I hope you know
They are only yours to hold

I climb this mountain
With no goal or plan
A bleeding testament
To the ego of man
Men do stupid things, sometimes without reason, for the person they love. Sometimes just to prove to themselves that they are deserving of love.
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