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Fayez Jun 1
I climb this mountain
While my hands bleed true
I climb this mountain
Just for you

You are not between rocks
Or at mountain peak
I climb and bleed
So I don't seem weak

These bleeding hands
are not brave nor bold
I hope you know
They are only yours to hold

I climb this mountain
With no goal or plan
A bleeding testament
To the ego of man
Men do stupid things, sometimes without reason, for the person they love. Sometimes just to prove to themselves that they are deserving of love.
Fayez Jun 1
You Exist
A Painting

You Used to
Now you
Only Remember
That you Should

What am I
To do
When Color
Turns Gray
Feeling the person you love stop loving you is difficult. The bright and colorful person you call your significant other turn cold, gray, and turn from a beautiful painting to dull ash.
Fayez Feb 2017
People that we never met
Are becoming our best friends
Their loyalty and love is pure
Reminding us that we matter
In times when we forget it the most
Casually talking through years of our life
Instances far away suddenly matter
A person far away means the world
Happy birthday Patricia Cikuš, may our talks continue for many years more.
Fayez Mar 2016
I woke up
In a dark place
With four goats around me

The dance was demonic

They moved
Yet stayed in place
They sang demonic tunes
Yet did not open their mouth.

I paniced
and finally ran.

I kicked one
and it Unfolded
Into butterflies.

The other goats burst and shaped
A man.

The man had a mask
of Clay
My fist felt the clay
The clay felt my fist.

The mask

I saw fear
I saw dismay
I saw dread
I saw me.

He spoke
"I'm you? How cliche?".

I shook
I saw crows
I burst to butterflies
The crows ate me.

I was on the floor
I overdosed
I ****** up
I should do this again.
A trip through Hallucinations and nightmares.
  Jan 2016 Fayez
Patricia Cikus
why do i always
fall in love with broken people,
thinking i can repair
them -  their hearts, their minds...?

i want to fix them.
i pour molten gold out of my heart
and into my hands.
i burn them with it so i can
repair their cuts and put their broken pieces
back together...

but for them, it's hard to say that they're beautiful,
even after they had been broken,
even after i've poured all of my molten gold out of my heart
and burned my hands to blood with it
trying to put them back together.
Thank you, Mr. Brightside. You changed me, showed me what my purpose on this world is.
  Jan 2016 Fayez
Patricia Cikus
you will always be on my mind
you will always be every one of my thoughts
you will always be what i have been looking for
you will always be someone i never want to let go

i want you to be happy
to find peace within your soul
to realise we can have it all
to come back to me

i am thankful for meeting you two and a half years ago
for every precious moment we had had
for your smile, laughter and provocations
for every virtue and every flaw of yours

i pray for you every night and day
for you to be content with yourself
for you to find what you are looking for
for you to realise you are worth all of this pain i feel for you

you will always be the one who changed me.
i want you to be the one who will change me once again.
i am thankful for you who succeeded to change me.
i pray for you to be the one who will change for me.
This is for you, Mr. Brightside. I will never let you go. You are my biggest inspiration.
  Jan 2016 Fayez
Patricia Cikus
i walk down the street alone
through the crowd early in the morning
wishing you were beside me
so i could show you all the small things that make me happy
and i'd feel my heart is heavy like it's made of lead
because you're so near, yet so far
i can't get to you, i can't make you happy
you have to find happiness in yourself
then you will be able to love me back
to tell me that without hesitation
and we will be able to be happy together.
Please, be happy and content with yourself, Mr. Brightside. I love you.
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