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All I craved for
Is to see more
Of many opportunities
That opens much doors
But I was left with an option
Fake this -perfect this!
What might pays big?
Fake burns fast like the enstrunch fire
And perfection rebuilds, reframe,  re-brand  the inner success fire.
Perfect not fake
Fake not,  perfect more
We all live by the impulse of our minds.
The visions we set pace.
The ambitions we nurture.
The whistle of our missions
And here lies above us,
A bridge we must connect

Oh!  Tradition........
An entity that dares; of what spell in our minds.
Crossing the bridge always seems impossible.
Yet,  our traditions,  mostly laughable.

Sound minds lost to anxiety
Love turns a new leaf of angst
Lives witness it call to death
And yet,  a bridge we must connect.

Must we live by the traditions that ruin lives.
Certainly, what I know of
Traditions are meant to serve the people
And not people as sacrifice
For the oath of our traditions.
What a bridge we must connect!
Live by good traditions and shun life taking traditions.
He walks up to her,
Down-low to his esteem
She disguisess her feelings
It's sure she wantts him
But how?
She couldn't make her wish.
He gives a pleasing smile
And as quick as her feelings drives
She was lost in his lips!
She whispers....
Your smile tease fast
And indeed, _the power of smile.
Smile,  yet again smile: dor the power of  smile is endless like the ocean flow
I pledge to Nigeria my country.
From between the heavens and the earth lies.
I pledge to not be a betrayer, but loyal.
Even when our leaders turn slayers.

I pledge to be the voice
That echoes above a mere noise.
I pledge to fight off vices with my pen.
To inspire, educate and liberate all our countrymen.

I pledge to be faithful, loyal and honest.
Even thou, our leaders proved to be dishonest.
To serve Nigeria with all my strengths.
In times when we were left with impotence.

And to nourish the great work of our forefathers.
As she stopped being a douth mother.

I pledge to defend her unity,
Uphold her honor and glory.
None will be left out- not a single entity.
Moment speaks, as all now become a past story.

Together we shall conquer.
Together we shall strive.
Together we shall set the pace right.
Together we shall rise up to the light
Nigeria @ 60—TOGETHER is the theme.
With reflection to what brought the country to being, it's essential to note the theme "Together" as the force that awakens the true spirit patriotism, growth and development in us.  Together we can maintain and make better our reputation in the world life and together we can make Nigeria better again. God bless Nigeria.
Aside the tiers of which she tolls in tears.
Holds her upon her hair.
Crumbled beneath her ***.
With grief out of disconcord.
As she refused to take charge.
But he continued to pounce on.
The pain,  the grief,  the blame,  all she gets on.

His thrusting showed a haste.
And a threatened, horror taste.
Force ******,  isn't that a waste?
Like the itching troubled paste.

Justice ceased to favour
Her cries,  but insult does.
As quick as she's now a *****
A *****! Such inhumane
Justice out-insult in;  our new normal.

Not again will she cry in vain.
Not again will grief runs through her veins.
Not again will she endures the pain.
Because she now stands to be the main.
And ****,  a disheartened effort with no gain.
This poem seeks to end the menace of immorality shown towards incidence of ****.  It also reveals the conditions of ****** and how much of displeasure they got in the act.
It as well pointed out how justice as failed victims of **** in our society and how the trial to justice merit not victims of ****.
The last verse pointed out taking responsibility attached to **** and which they will no longer cry in silence.  Every will they be subjected to grief,  pain and endurance without gain.

— The End —