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seraph Sep 2019
i am prismic and entrancing, refracting - always reflecting my insides outwards. you will know how i feel if i want you to know so, i will tell you how to feel and by my will you will do so, i am hypnotic and sympathetic. i am blinding and righteous.
syncopation Jul 2019
It is in the deep of night that this truth lays bare
All that had distracted in the day now ensnared
In the thorny thickness of the weight of what’s real
The gravity of everything revealed.
Anastasia Jun 2019
i often wonder
if perfection
is attainable
in simple things
like a rose
although it has thorns.
like the neon frogs
despite its poison.
like the sun
despite it's blinding beauty.
in you,
although all you've ever done is hurt me
an old draft I finished about an old dream I used to believe in
Andrew Rueter Dec 2018
While I am innocently driving
Headlights approach behind me
That are totally blinding
Here nobody will find me
So I have to keep riding

I can barely see the road
Because the scary glow
Only seems to grow
As it gets closer
To bringing me closure
In what could be a bull dozer

Sweat falls down my cheek
Because times are bleak
When I can’t see the street
The lights and my car meet
Yet I continue moving
As the lights go through me
They illuminate my cabin
Like a luminescent dragon
Disorienting my brain
With blinding pain
On this winding lane
During hazardous rain

The headlights float through my car
While shining like an exploding star
I’m having difficulty seeing very far
The headlights are my vision’s guard
Because my eyes start burning
While my wheels keep turning
I reluctantly resume learning
Shining pain on this journey

Well this isn’t good
The lights went through my hood
Violently twisting metal
But not the gas pedal
So my car won’t settle
As the blinding lights replace my own
Now blinding others feels like home
For I want the light’s pain to be known
So I won’t feel so alone
In this blinding zone
amanda Oct 2018
shadows and silhouettes
dancing on the ceiling.
blinding blue lights
circle the bathroom mirrors
stained with purple lipstick.
silent vibrations from your phone
blocked by the shower’s storm
and overflowing sink water.
spilled lotion bottles
and untouched lemon wicks.
wadded tissues
colored in colorless tears
drowning in puddles
of the bathroom tiles.
girls’ giggles in the room next,
moaning through the right wall,
and sad chocolate eyes
abandoned behind the shower curtains.
wet hair, wet mascara, wet sobs;
your sad chocolate eyes
trapped in a nightmare.
Last night I was betrayed,
again, are you surprised?
Last night I found out how,
alone I actually am.
Last night my body shook,
from knowing the unknown.
Last night I saw the light,
light I didn't want to see.
Last night I realized how,
how much I love the darkness.
Last night the light truly,
intimidated me.
Last night will become my,
biggest anxiety.
Last night forced me to open up,
open my eyes to the dishonorable.
Last night you drove me home,
yet you still drove me away.
Last night made me wonder,
will I soon catch a break?
Last night my heart shattered,
and has not stopped breaking.
Last night showed me my value,
at least my value to you.
Last night you left me in,
light that was blinding me.
last night you lied to me,
last night you lied to me.
Last night you lied to me,
way to many times.
Last night you affected,
me in ways you cant imagine
Last night. Last night. Last night,
will I ever stop saying that.
Last night. Last night. Last night,
will you stop making me.
Druzzayne Rika Sep 2018
Hard winds
keeps on coming
hitting on my face.

Sun shines
all the same time
blinding my eyes.

Waves coming
very much so inviting
becoming my only solace.
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