Rone Selim Feb 6
Let me escape in to the night,
Dance with the Northern Lights
Flow in the universe
without shape or form,
i miss the magic
i miss the mystery
in the everlasting unknown
You know that feeling, when you would just like to escape from the everyday mundane tasks. When you have gotten use to everything around you, so nothing really amazes you anymore, because you're exhausted.. And you'd like to just take a second and close your eyes, reimagine and recreate the way you see everything, just be still and flow with the stream of your core. The place that's unknown.
Brianna Love Oct 2017
I watched the Northern Lights tonight
           high up in the sky,
                 colors of
                              purple   and
so pleasing to my eyes…
      I watched them dance
           moving back and forth
                so beautiful, so bold!

                I turned towards the south
               wondering if you could see
            the beauty displayed before me…

          They almost seem to sing
at least as far as I could hear,
     the words soft and loving
             causing my eyes to tear.

              Not in so many words
       but feelings, is what I felt,
               causing my knees to give
        and my tender heart to melt.

              Such splendor displayed
high up in the Northern sky,
      at times mother nature can be so harsh
            but also has the power to beautify.

The song I heard dancing in the colors
   was like a soft kiss upon the breeze,
       I didn’t have to wonder where it came from
I heard it whispered through the trees.

I watched the Northern Lights tonight
           high up in the sky,
                 colors of
                              purple   and
           so pleasing to my eyes…
Madeline Kennell Sep 2017
I hold onto the hope that someday I will see them. Those lights drug across the sky by a goddess with her water colour brush. Greens and blues and pinks that dance a star's song into being while the sky stretches and wakes up and prepares to host this fit of brilliance. When people down below lift their eyes to the heavens. Irises are filled and reflect a dazzling champagne of pastels which God has created. He wants to say 'I love you' and could think of no better way than this expression. Where snow gives way to reflective ice and the shiny sparkles slide silently through the night. It is the visual of the heart when in love, and it lights up the night like the first beautiful moment of a stage being brought to life. The conductor lifts his hands and a radiant explosion surrounds the audience. Music is not needed and none will ever accurately describe it. Few will see this spectacularity because the auroras only reveal themselves to the minds that wander and the hands that reach towards heaven.
Jae Thorns Aug 2017
i ran away from all those
noises, the reality,
i ran away from the city
to meet you.

i could never ever forget
your smiles that showed me
how pretty the world is.
your laughs that showed me
how amazing the world could be.

you are the northern lights,
one of the most beautiful
persons ever. eos, herself,
is jealous of your beauty.

she then tried to make the world
dark, but you're there.
you exist to guide me,
you exist to help me.

you're a northern light,
the beautiful aurora of sky,
my adoration, motivation,
and my beacon of hope.

i will always be thankful
to meet you, my dear friend.
and again thank you,
for making me see the northern lights.
Shadowhollow Apr 2017
An arrangement of seductive lights
Illuminating every one of our nights
A selection of your finest wine
But this time with no fine
Speaking nothing but words of love
Looking at the starts up above
I close my eyes and remember those nights
Looking up at the northern lights.
Does a true love really exist or do we just hope that it does ?
Michaela Hack Sep 2016
In the dark
We trudge outside
Stifling yawns
Dogs in stride

Down on the dock
The air is cold
Blankets laid out
My breathing controlled

We snuggle together
Then gaze at the sky
The fog drifts in
The stars feel shy

The dogs roughhouse
One is called home
The other two stay
Niko begins to roam

A cold breeze creeps
Turning my nose blue
The horizon has a glow
Will the lights come through?

The air feels so clear
The ocean so calm
The trees are obscured
An owl starts a song

A dog comes near
She licks my face
Then curls by my side
Like a warm embrace

The stars still flicker
Even if shrouded
The lights on horizon
They become clouded

My eyes start to close
My family is here
I’m surrounded by beauty
The lights disappear

I don’t want to leave
The dog is so warm
My sister’s behind me
I feel her small form

She’s curled up tight
Between momma and me
She’s wearing my hat
And complains she can’t see

I don’t want to go
I could stay here forever
Between the dark sea
And the foggy sky weather

Niko starts whining
What a complaintive old boy
But he’s right it’s late
His bed will bring him joy

Reluctantly we rise
And gather our things
Then we trudge back home
Sleeping till tomorrow sings
No One Special Sep 2013
Greens, yellows, blues
Indescribable hues
Soft beautiful, no less
Laying under the stars
As colors dance in the sky
All other thoughts left behind
Waves of purple and pink
With splashes of deep red ink
Sprinkled with specks of silver and white
On a canvas of a dark winter's night
Darren Wall Jul 2016
I watch the waves
Crashing down below
I see the lighthouse
Lighting up the snow

I watch the sunset
Slipping out of sight
Silhouettes before me
Boats drift into the night

I watch the stars intently
As colour fills my eyes
Tears released by beauty
By natures own surprise
Johnny Q Jun 2016
I found you when I strayed too far north
sailed further than it was safe
They warned me, begged me to return
but I had found the sea and left the shore
said goodbye to the days of yore.
With my destination in sight, I could hardly believe my eyes
The sky turned pink, green and violet
I stared at my life through a wide-angle lens.

You graced the night, you made me go blind
A dancing, smiling, breathing light
Your icy thighs
My northern lights.

Then I stepped out of a buzzing fridge
eagerly awaited an exciting new age
couldn't wait to tear off my bloody thorns
But you just made me eat my words
Count my faults
Finished dreams and swallowed thoughts
But who was responsible for all the pictures in my head?
I never chose to be caught in your fishing net.

You graced the night, made me go blind
A dancing, smiling, breathing light
Your icy thighs
My northern lights.

I tried to stay in the desert of snow
but over time, you just grew cold
you stopped shining for me at all
resisted my screams and ignored my calls.
I sailed home and left your frozen paradise
and today, I saw a girl I liked and lifted my heavy eyes.
She was dressed in white, feet all bare
I wonder
What if Jesus Christ had bleached blonde hair?
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