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Eva May 5
I once met a girl
I took the girl in
Time passed
She refused to grow
I looked at the girl in the eyes and told her that she had three days to pack her bags and go
Zenzile looked up to the sky, held my stare then said
We talked.
The next day, I wanted to cut down four trees,
She stopped me and said I should cut three instead of four,
“Hopefully, this time it will bring peace and justice for all these wars”
Then Zenzile told me she wished she had not despised herself all of these years
I asked her why, I was naive these days
She told me it was because she had already been tainted by the bitterness of others’ crops
They ate at every millimetre of her skin,
Inserted themselves into the deepest tissues of her heart
And slowly shattered her from within.
She told me she could not save her world nor the people inside.
I told her that oddly, she looked very calm.
We talked.
The next day, I had not heard Zenzile and her morning lullabies
I looked outside, long gone was the sunrise
Eva May 5
I guess it doesn’t mean what it means when it was meant for you

For you I really could have tried
For you I’m willing
But is it too late?
Surely it is
The days go
The memories fade
Yet I think more and more of you
And who you are
And what you meant for my life
In my life you breathed essence
Making it impossible to forget
Knowing I was the ticking bomb who
Hurts more than if you were to be a new enemy
You’re just silently in my heart
The days go
The pictures fade

You never got to know who I was
I never got to know who you were
I guess it doesn’t mean what it meant anymore
I guess it doesn’t mean what it used to mean when I was meant for you
Eva May 5
I guess it means vulnerability for you
I’m vulnerable for you
A softly blown and tender rose
Still bruised and battling
Without having seen her attacker attack her

If you remember him
You remember him
You remember him
If I remember him
He remembers me
He remembers me
I’ve got a message
And it’s not a bird bringing it to you
It’s not a friend
It’s not a song
It’s not put in a letter on a fancy paper
It’s brought to you in a stairway
And it’s screamed at the top of my lungs
Eva Apr 2022
It has been a while
You grew skinnier and those dark eyes have fallen darker
I just wanted to let you know that
When outside there is a storm
Sitting next to the window
I whisper your name to the rain
Hoping it travels to your home
And you realize
You were my only warmth
All this time
Eva Feb 2022
I can’t say that you’ll be okay
But sticking around a little longer might change your days
If you do decide to stick around,
Don’t sit and wait to be found
Start climbing and believing
Start pushing then resting
Then go again
Peace of mind will find you there
Staying ready to receive it is always fair
Eva Feb 2022
I like to play with words
Yes sir
Playing with words
Just like people play with hearts within their hurts
What a shame it is to be lonely on this soft late winter night
I wish I had someone I could hold tight
Until then I’ll have me
By all means me
Means eye to eye with
No escaping other than embracing
Eva Feb 2022
And as the night whisks me away
I imagine your warm and cold embrace
The print of your hand lingering on all that I own and all that I don’t
My mind wanders on this Thursday night
I don’t know why I hurt so much
When the fantaisies were exactly what they were
We had never met after all
Still, your persistent stare and piercing eyes will follow me through the night
And you will sing to me as the moon shines down
I lost you
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