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FinkZ Nov 2020
They said Imagination have infinite power
You can imagine the edge of the world
Or the non existed colour
But no matter how powerful it is
I can never get the picture
A day without loving her
Imagination limits
FinkZ Oct 2020
I stayed and I waited
Behind the curtains, under the blanket
Covered myself in melancholy
Then pour my heart with whiskey

I cried then I lied
The heart beats, but my soul died
Still asking questions
About the separation

Lord oh Lord, tell me what happened
Why does love only brings depression?
Lord oh Lord, hear my prayer
For I want the best for her
For all the unrequited love/break up/ left dead
FinkZ Oct 2020
Another day another night
Under my thick skull there is a light
Roaming around my mind
Everyday day she shines
Like the lights fell from heaven
Ices starts to melt and break the depression
Another day another night

The sweet voice she used to sing
All her positive vibes and her caring
Saved me from the ocean tide
Heaven have created an Angel
Another day another night

Her coloured crown
And the soul behind the window
Never stopped amazed me
Dreamt of her around
On the night where the moonlight glows
Knocked me away from reality
Oh the times wasted to adore her beauty
She is the definition of beauty
FinkZ Oct 2020
Light the fire and pour the gasoline
Then let the ash follows the wind
To release the anchor of the world
That stuck on my back since forever

Light the fire and pour the gasoline
Let the memories fly to the astral realm
But my grip was never firm
And I still collecting dust ever since

Light the fire and pour the gasoline
Then put them back together with glue
Hide my feelings, and erase all the clue
Shut the noise from your heart when it's screaming

Light the fire and pour the gasoline
And use the flames to clean your sins
Or let your self be in the spiral of depression
Then fall and drown in the oceans
FinkZ Oct 2020
The dreams I had
Was set on fire by the world
Lefted only dust
Slowly fell to the dirt

The chemistry went out of hand
I need time but I ran out of sand
Been here forever I stand
In this unforgiven land

If only I can fix these legs
To get out of the deep space
Stop wondering how sweet does her lips taste
I wonder how far I can go, if I fix these legs

Whenever your name I wrote
My poems glows
But I have to bury the blooming rose
To see her happiness grows
FinkZ Sep 2019
If only I can be careless
Walk in without thinking the risks
Push my way to my surroundings
And feel innocent like a baby

If only I can be reckless
Barge in with my fist
Killing all of my guilty feelings
Before I end up hurting my buddy

If only I can be thoughtless
Acting like I didn’t do any troubles I did
Closes my eyes when the ones who cares bleeding
Shut my logics and follows the word of my feelings

But is it worth it to be that
Just so you know I have burning desires for her?
If only
FinkZ Feb 2020
I love your flaws, curves and style
I love how sweet is your smile
I love your positive vibes
That gave me such an optimistic life
I love your beautiful mind
I love your eyes that shines
I love how your voice sounds
That carries away all the sorrows around

I love you, I will never deny it
I love you, you're the one I want to be with
5 years still counting
FinkZ Oct 2019
It started
After I saw you for five seconds
Your beauty sticks to my memories for more than weeks
Only for a little moment
I can feel my muscles really weak

But it all ended
When I saw your curve of your lips
Goes up when you lean your head to his shoulder
There goes my hopes and bliss
Taken and swallowed by the world
FinkZ Jun 2019
Her text was the first thing
I saw in the morning
It was confusing
However I was smiling
But then I remembered
The reason why she texted me first
It was because I tried to call her
After I consumed lots of liquor
When I'm drunk, I tend to do something stupid
FinkZ Mar 2019
If only forgetting you are like smoking
My dreams and memories are the tobacco burning
Watch each of the tobacco leafs turning into ashes
Then put the ashes on my ashtray
Throw them away so I could see them goes away

If only to end my love for you by smoking
Using the poisonous carbon monoxide to weaken my heart’s desire to keep you with me,
**** the butterflies inside my belly
And the cancer cells will eat the remaining feelings inside me

Sometimes I wished smoking helps
But reality, every inhaler I took, my life slowly ends
Every cigarettes I burnt doesn’t lead me one step further
Most likely I slowly make myself to be dead in one spot
I smoked too much I guess
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