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Tiana Jan 27
They say,
It will remain just a dream,
A beautiful yet heartbreaking fantasy,
And it's impossible
for you to be with me;

Should I blame myself for falling in
this charming reverie
my unfair destiny?

Not that I criticize my fortune,
For it has has given me a wonderful boon
even though I can't have it

My poetry would cherish it like
my timeless fascination with
the gleaming full moon;

The striking shimmers of the dark ocean,
The flamboyant hues upon those proud mountains,
From the delicate night breeze to the desired daylight,
A harmonious veil shelters countless of sublime mysteries behind;
Just like the alluring tune of a poem's rhyme;

This love is bright enough to blind
my heart
with it's dazzling mirage,
Even if it resides faraway in the land of magic and sand;

would it be illicit to nurture
this seemingly impossible love,
That magically adorns my dark nights like
those twinkling stars?
Tiana Oct 2020
Oh Desert Prince!

Your existance is like the wandering golden sand of your fascinating desert;

Light enought to flow through every chambers of my heart,

Gorgeous enough to be the life of the caravan's artistic mirage;

Your love embrace me with sheer darkness and chills of starry nights,

But warm enough to captivate me to stay within your sight;

You are the desert Prince,
You flow like poetry,
Amaze like magic
Priceless unlike jewelries,
And your love seems like a beautiful tragic,
Awakening my deepest desires that I didn't know even exist;

Loving you is like enjoying a never ending magic carpet ride,

That keeps me on edge whenever passed by a strong tide;

Oh desert prince!
You keep me mesmerized how Scheherazade did to Shahryar with every story she brew,

Not Arabian nights though but there's always an unfulfilled thrill in every word you sew;

Oh wondrous prince!

Now when you have played the most melodious echo with my heartstrings
that'd shy away the Qanun,

I'll never let go of you,

Though I don't know if I'll ever have your heart as a miraculous boon;
Tiana Oct 2020
You are the desert prince,
You flow like poetry,
Priceless unlike jewelries,
Amaze like magic
Whereas your love seems
like a beautiful tragic;
Been reading a book
Tiana Sep 2020
Beauty is mystery
mystery lies in darkness;
That may or may not be visible to the eyes;
And it flows like a dark river
that may carry danger
but also provides for life;
random thoughts
Tiana Sep 2020
Every darkness ends to a light,
whether the darkness
is visible to the eyes or not;
Tiana Aug 2020
Let the limitless sky and charming nature
untangle your messy mind
and calm your heart;
And let your mind wander
how this enchanting nature works;
Tiana Aug 2020
a little ray of sunshine
with a sprinkle of happiness
Can be found even in the darkest days
At sunflower gardens
random thoughts
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