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Tiana Jun 15
Candle lights and a day long sigh
Gray evening tea resting by
the journal
which's last page I thought I'd pen today;

But I can't seem to narrate,
today's unfolding
about how the world I knew
Put off it’s last enchanting shred;

But this thought suddenly gone faraway
As if blown by the witches wind,
Yes, witches wind I would say
Though this reality was a thunderous cloud, it brought promise of rain;

And I didn't know my heart did witchcraft, so intense,
It hypnotised me to immerse myself in the indulgence
of cherishing an unlived memory again;
Still working on this
Tiana May 28
If there was a quest for the saddest shade,
I'll gladly give the address of my place,
Never-fading dull and gray;

But Gray,
with a little effort
would give-away the key to a divine delight;
That you hadn't known was always there in white;
The white that was tactfully jeopardized;

If you know gray,
then you know the scent of first rain,
Nostalgic yet refreshing.
If you know a jeopardized white,
you know sadness in disguise
Just like the way you smile
with your stabbed bleeding heart;
Tiana May 28
I'm frozen,
And I can see your spirit fade away
The liveliest shimmers of all I've seen,
And I can't do anything;

My heart burning,
Trying to melt my surrounding ice
giving a last try
to catch your glimmers,

Then it gave up
Because it apprehended to be late,
So struggle breathed out;

Then I don't know how long I slept
Maybe hoping to see you in my dreams,

Where we'll go to that street
where we always wanted to be
My rosy flush and your musing gaze
As the wind swept past the starry horizon
with the sparks of pure amaze;

The sweet scent of that blossoming love
I still remember
I watched it go away with my heart surrendered;

I'm an icy embody;

Witnessing only the passing times,
without hope;

Who could've thought that not getting over means
there's no hope?

Not that I see miles away;
Even if I try to
These icy flakes blocking my way,
I'm too cold to be resurrected now;
Tiana Feb 12
February Morning!
How gracefully you in your nostalgic attire trigger memories
and this profound understanding;

The rushing energies before school
How I wish I could go back and take hold,
Of those hours of pure fantasies that wasn't disturbed
by the thought of my parents getting old;

February Morning!
Maybe your fragrance wouldn't have hit me so hard,
If I wasn't preparing towards a seemingly fresh start
in the lands of the lake poets;

And I now wonder,
Intimidated by your Swift withering,
how life has hypnotized me into singing
words of worth
for the synthetic and tangible shimmering;
I feel you've woken me up from an hazy conscious;

Next year,
If I'm to feel your caressing light again,
It mightn't be from my beauteous and evergreen nest;

Maybe you'll come in a different costume,
bearing a distinct scent
That I'll both adore and hate;

Maybe because
your wind will then carry a cold solitude
and I'll terribly miss my brother and our silly disputes;
while the chaotic kitchen clangs would seem so distant
comparing to the silent heaves of crocuses in outside gardens;

February Morning!
I know if I get to know you there,
My heavy hours in library won't stop me from reminiscing;

Nostalgia would strike me more violently
but this time
accompanying a yearning that'll pierce my heart silently;
Inspired by "the lakes" by Taylor Swift
Tiana Nov 2021
Just know,
You'll  be lured, attacked and get trampled,
By the ones for whom you sold,
Everything to keep them closer,
But before you know this wish will be over,
And they'll move from your ruins to search for another;

It'd have been still alright,
if that shattered wish was the realization of you being used,

But born under the fool's star,
you feel guilty for having them lose;

So you pick up your scattered pieces
and run after them;

Then there's your family,
your daughter and wife,
Whose warnings you don't listen
nor see their burning compromise;

But you still have the nerve to
ask them to adorn the enemy's feet
with the rubies of their broken temple;

                                      …(to be continued)
Based on a story I see Everyday
Tiana Aug 2021
sometimes darkness
indulge you in sheer tranquility
and eliminates the mists
Tiana Jun 2021
You make me so happy with
mere the knowledge of your existence,
Yet it turns back to utter despair,
Cause I despise the fact

That you are there
Like an art, so charismatically abstract,
but not mine yet;
An excerpt from the poem "An Oceanic Hue" by Tiana (Me)
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