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Yohan Aug 20
Help me get this of my chest
this monstrous pain that impedes me
from doing things I wanted
Yohan Aug 20
‪Grant me strength‬
‪for I've been cruising alone‬

‪Give me hope‬
‪cause this phase is really unfair‬

‪Share me some effort‬
‪so that I can do things the way you want‬

‪Help me get this off‬
‪this eerie feeling that circles my chest‬

‪I've been impaled‬
‪please see me...‬
Yohan Aug 17
‪Surround me with fears‬
‪my great deity;‬
‪for I've not been afraid‬
‪at seeing them in my dreams‬

‪Caress me with darkness‬
‪my chosen one;‬
‪for I've been sleeping with them‬
‪filthy, lustful creatures‬

‪Pour me hot lava‬
‪my terror master;‬
‪for I've been to Hell‬
‪and seen the peace in it‬
Yohan Aug 16
I'm sorry for not having your back
for not giving you the time and effort
for not being the one you'll be happy with

I'm sorry for being too conscious
for keeping myself away from all trouble
for being the 'spectator' in this chapter

I'm sorry for not being much of a help
for being lazy all the time
for procratinating even on rough works

I'm sorry I haven't got the energy
for all the things life may throw at me
for every flag I forget to tie up

I'm sorry I've been too much of a bother
for letting myself run around temptations
for having the giddy personality

I'm sorry I haven't been smiling much
for I'm totally lost in this space
for the wave takes me to an ethereal place

I'm sorry I only wanted appreciation
for I'm a thick-headed fool
for this time I'll be wanted

I'm sorry...please keep me hanging...
from the ledge of eternity...
Yohan Aug 13
‪I'm afraid of the dark,‬
‪the wretching sight of the unseen‬
‪the eerie noises that come within,‬

‪I'm afraid of the dark,‬
‪the endless maze of the colorless‬
‪absorbing every bit of light,‬

‪I'm afraid of the dark,‬
‪the hollowness of the boxed halls‬
‪begins to tighten once inside,‬

‪My mind‬
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Yohan Aug 12
You are the epitome of beauty
the everlasting flower
that never withers

You are the greatest masterpiece
the millennium long portrait
that doesn't fade

You are the moon beneath the stars
the light that keeps of shining
through the darkest of nights

You are the good
in all humans
the Life
Yohan Aug 12
I'm afraid of the dark
the creepy loss of light,
the insatiable devourer
of anything with color
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