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She spread her arms and embraced me
that familiar scent made me smile
I noticed the wrinkles on her arms
and my heart ached

she spent half of her life
preparing what's best for me and still..
she is here
comforting me at my worst

My eyes welled up as i held back my tears
thinking of all the things i couldn't do for her
My heart pounding in a rhythm
thinking of all the best things for her

As she got up to bring me my favorite snack
tears finally escaped my eyes
wiping them away quickly
i promised to myself

I'll never leave you maa
That one perfect woman in our life
How am i supposed to say
what i want is not attention
it's reassurance

what i want is not sympathy
it's support

how am i supposed to say
i am battling..
with myself.
How am i supposed to find the right words and not sound wrong
At the end of endless search,
found the precious gem.
only to give it away,
as it doesn't fit my ring
Finding the perfect wrong ones
I wanna watch her skate again and again
and argue with myself about what's more beautiful.

The smooth stokes she does
or the grinding sound of her blades biting the ice.

The way those white boots fit her perfectly
or the beauty who doesn't know how confident she looks.

I wanna watch her skate again and again
and argue with myself about which resembles her the most.

The mountains in the back covered with snow
just like her filled with joy.

The frozen ice glistening under the rising sun
just like her in the middle of the world.
One Day, My Love
Take 3 steps back
and make way bishes
coz she the boss of em' all
and i her bro.
Take 3 steps back
coz she's bolder than u think
and i?
oh sweetie, you don't mess with the messy ones.
Take 3 steps back
and stay in your own world
coz ours ain't pretty as we look.
One big candle,
I bought it.
Let me light one last candle,
for old times sake.
Let me watch it flicker out,
to embrace the darkness.
Let it melt away,
and my heart for you with it.
Let the candle be no more.
candle in the darkness: 7
#candle #darkness #light #love #gone #melted
What if it is not what I imagined
What if the cold breeze is harsh on me
What if I couldn't find my warmth then
What if I feel lonely, even though I wish to be alone
What if that dream stays as a dream
What if I fail to love the moment
But what if,
What if all my "what-if's" are wrong
One day :-)
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