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Daivik Aug 2022
My body limits my soul
As my soul limits my body

My soul limits my mind
As my mind limits my soul

My mind limits my body
As my body limits my limits

And in these limits,I am unlimited
Daivik Aug 2022
"So Man created god in his own image,in the image Man,he created him,Pagan and Non-Pagan he created them"
Daivik Aug 2022
ओ जानेमन! यू ना नाराज़ हो
तुमसे क्या राज़ छुपायु
तुम ही तोह मेरी राज़ हो

Be aggrieved not ,O lover!
How could I keep any secrets from you
When you are the secret I keep from others .
Pls don't judge me on this
Daivik Jul 2022
Who are you?
Who are you?
Daivik Jul 2022
When nothing is everything
Everything is nothing

When everything is true
Nothing is true

When everything is false
Nothing is false

When everything is false
Everything is true

When everything is true
Everything is false

When everything is nothing
Nothing is everything

Constant war is constant

Knowing nothing is as good as knowing everything

Complete freedom is complete dictatorship

The extremes are not furthest
apart but coinciding


And past,it doesn't exist
Neither does tomorrow
Just this infinitesimal moment
Where everything is false,
Nothing is false
Everything is true
Nothing is true
You are me
I am you
Daivik Jul 2022
Such a strange age
Want to be free
Afraid to leave the cage

Too young to be old
Too old to be young
Too little to spend
Too much to learn

Afraid of the future
Long to be in it
Flightless birds
in a sky with no limit

Nothing to do
So we cry
Nothing to live for
So we die

Addicted to depression
This covid generation
Craving some attention
Looking for clarity
In this lonely,loveless Eden
Zoo animals thrown into wild
Without any preparation

Hate our parents
Hate the world
Hate ourselves
Issues of dearth

Want to do so much
So we do nothing instead
Feeling so tired
Of being so useless

Yes,we have dreams
Atleast I remember that we do
What are they exactly but
We haven't got a clue

Something in between
First-time adult,last-time child
Most of the times we do nothing
But somedays we wanna be wild

Staring emptily into the void of insta
For that rush of dopamine
Too afraid to be bored
Young,dumb and serene

Simultaneously thinking
We are better and worse than our true selves
In search for salvation
On video game shelves

I'm so confused
This way or the other
Too dumb to know the answer
Too proud to ask my mother

All the friends
have suddenly become so strange
Acting so different
Singing odes to hell

Everyone else,
so figured out
Me and my friends
surrendered to doubt

Life-changing decisions
And dank memes
Not know what we are feeling
Not knowing what we want
Not knowing who are

Since we have so much time
We love to waste it all
Give me a friend to talk to
There's too much going on

Waiting for the revolution
Watching tiktok on the computer
Reading novels on socialism
What is your political compass?

Hearing the same song again and again
Left wing or right wing,which path do we take
Contemplating the economy,measuring the pain
Doing silly trends,to be up with our friends

Gold fish attention span
Choose a poison,choose a clan
We have so many plans but don't ask our plans
Be obnoxiously silent or be obnoxiously loud
Time to get real,time to fool around

Learning about the world
It seems awesome and f-ed up
The adults have ruined it
Now we have to clean up

Confusion is an ally
We are *****,young teens
Oh no,******
Feelings of love begin

Hey god if you are real
Can you email me the address
Because I am unable to find the pincode
of true happiness?

Take us to the yesterday
Take us to the future
What to do,what to do
Killed by confusion
Dont judge,you were once like this too

I don't know what I want to mean
But I get a pass
I'm confused,I'm eighteen

You cannot understand us
Because neither can we
Que sera sera
Whatever will be,will be

(Note-the poem may feel repetitive because so is life)
Daivik Jul 2022
What happened to her was disgusting
But she should have better not been out in the night alone
So what it was her job, she's not a man,a girl isn't safe on these roads

And what happened to her was indeed dastardly
But why did she have to go to that area
Being in that situation was partly her fault

The boys were indeed monsters
But did see what that teen wore
Her miniskirt might have turned them on
(Oh she was in a saree,never mind,moving along)

Of course it's all the boy's fault
But does good girl drink alcohol
What was she doing partying at 11'o clock
Maybe she was friendly and her no sounded like a yes,
You know,boys will be boys afterall

What they did,they should rot in hell
But why the hell did she take a strangers' help
I guess thats what being too friendly entails

And she has my full support
But, but,she was not a very 'nice' girl ,if you know what I mean
The jobs she did,the places she went
I heard she had many boyfriends
And don't take it in the wrong way
But she sort of caused it upon her

And that's why kids
Keep company of only 'good' people
And follow our orders
If you wish not such dishonour
Always be prim and proper

I can't imagine the pain she must be in
Now who will marry a bride with lost honour
All the reputation of the family is lost,better keep this a secret,don't tell the police

It's none of her fault of course
But western values did spoil the gal

And the boys did a grievous wrong
But she could have tried not being so free
It's not a West European city

Well you know what I mean
She could have, well, tried not existing
A poem on victim shaming
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