karma Aug 7

The human race,
is a pure disgrace.
Making people feel small, so they feel big.
Taking away their rights and continuing rebel fights.
Growing up we learn the basics,
one being  speaking and expression of oneself.
When we reach 16 and know highschool won't benefit us,
we must stay seated and keep quiet,
because our parents want us to pass.
Making age a determining factor as to whether or not they are wise.
"I would advise you not to judge me,
for have you ever even tried,
to fit into my shoe?
i suppose not"

Firing shot guns at an individual in reflection to their skin tone,
using animals as testing products and ignoring sightings of UFOS.
Incredible brains rotting away;
in a country not so far from away from us,
water is 1000 miles off from home,
yet, in the next city there's a KFC
irony once more.

There are unnoticed souls
who are only craving kindness.
Noticed souls whom only desire to benefit themselves.
this human race
is a disgrace.
This human race is an ironic mess,
now after taking your time to read this,
forwardit to your friend and laugh.
because thats what humans do

My bestfriend sent me this and i thought it was beautiful so here you go. :)

A year ago
Can you believe?
Already a year has passed
I survived the turmoil and trauma
A pain I cannot even begin to fathom today
For that, I am stronger

A summer ago
I had sworn you off
You came back
Can you believe?
I was filled with caution and fear and light
A friend had returned
For that, I am kinder

A season ago
The leaves were falling as was I
Can you believe?
I understood the capacity of what I feel for you
A capacity I cannot even fathom today
For that, I am lighter

A month ago
Can you believe?
Already a month has passed
I grew in the love and warmth you interlaced between our fingers  
I was filled with laughter and comfort
For that, I am happier

m i a Feb 2016

to a lovely boy;
i want to tell you that you're lovely.
that you're beautiful.
oh so beautiful.
i want to tell you that you're eyes send me to a whole other world. that you're sweaters look adorable on you.
i want to tell you that you're hair is hot when it's wet, and that you're smile slowly kills me everytime. In a good way of course.
i want to tell you that you're perfect in my eyes.
i want to tell you that i like your face, and your lips, and your eyes, and your fingers, and your cheeks, and just you in general.
I want to tell you that, i like how you stay focused on your canvas when you draw, and you look only at your lines.
i want to tell you that i like- love it when you hug me. i feel safe. i want to tell you that im falling dangerously in love with you, but i'm scared.

so i wrote it in a poem instead.
m i a Feb 2016

in a couple of days,
i'll be fifteen, fifteen.

i'll be see as more older and mature,
though i don't think that's in my nature.

in a couple of days,
i'll be fifteen,

i'll be able to drive,
that's my biggest fear hopefully i survive, and maybe i'll grow a couple
of inches; and be tall enough to dive into the five feet at the pool.

in a couple of days,
i'll be fifteen,

and i'll be expieriencing things in so many different ways.

in a couple of days,
i'll be fifteen,

and i can't wait to see
the art grow within in me
even more.

in a couple of days
i'll be fifteen,

and i'm ready to explore
this new age im soon to be.

in a couple of days,
i'll be fifteen,

am i ready?

my birthday is coming up, im pretty nervous.
Emmanuel Coker Dec 2015

I remember what we did last night
I still picture you in those sexy tights
Panties pulled down in a brilliant flash
Unveiling what was once carefully stashed

The taste of your lips linger in my mouth
And you know I love when it makes a pout
We never really know what this is about
Even when everything seems to be going south

But what really matters is the fact,
That whatever we’re into doesn’t require a pact
So when I called you over to my house
You came running without your blouse

The ignition wasn’t off in your car
You stood by the door, looking hot as hell in your bra
Taking my shirt off and dropping it on the floor
You waltzed in further, slamming behind you, the door

I rose to meet your gaze as my hands fell on your hip
But you also rose to meet my pace and gently undid my zip
A little bit of nibbling and a series of selective pecks
I caressed your face and softly kissed you on the neck

You hungered and ached for me to feel you from the inside
Your knees grew weak, as my fingers went in with an easy slide
Moaning with pleasure as I took you on a pleasure ride
You pushed me over, telling me to hit it from the other side

It took a little of my time before I was finally done
I then laid on my back, eagerly awaiting my turn
You held on to my shaft, saying to me ‘let’s have some fun’
And before I knew it, your tongue was on it, in a circular motion

After you were done, you looked up to me straight
And as we stared into each other’s eyes like we were new soul mates
You climbed on top of me, guiding me to your holy gate
And I moved slowly inside, treading carefully in a foreign state

I laid you on your back and went in slowly and nice
And with every move I made, you had this look in your eyes
I whispered to you ‘I love you’, even when you knew it was a lie
But you didn’t care about that, cos’ you were about to cum twice

Every thrust I made, took you to a new height
I couldn’t get enough, cos’ to God who made me you felt tight
My muscles ached as I made love to you with all my might
And you didn’t let go, not until we were through with the night

What went on later seems to be a blur
I can’t tell how long we held on for
But I know it was a sweet surrender
When as captives of lust, we freed ourselves together

Zead Aug 2015

(takes deep sigh with voice pitch going down)

guys... i don't do drugs. that includes weed and alcohol
Nateive Son May 2015

Once upon a midnight walk,
My stomach rumbled with the gawk
Of twenty birds fasting dear,
Very close,
But somewhat near!

Exclaiming in a thimble gout,
It’s got to go!
It MUST come out!

And running to the store on heels,
My insides slopped like forty eels,
Basking in the monsoon rain,
Shocking the world with shocking PAIN!

Once inside the market here,
My wallet coughed,
And with a tear,
Ran outside for a time,
For it had no money,
Not ‘ven a dime.

I shouted at this leather elf,
“It’s quite alright!”
“I’ll just eat kelp!”

And to the sea we forward pedaled,
Enjoying the sun and making sand castles.

Part of the Poems From Idaho collection.
Ember Evanescent Jan 2015

I'm going out for a bit
No, just up the hill
I won't be long
Don't worry
I know it's dark out, but I'll be okay
I can see the house from there

Of course what I mean is

I need a break from my family
No, I'm just going somewhere quiet and dark
I'll take as long as I need
Leave me alone
Yeah, of course it's dark, that's why I like it. Just shut up and let me be
I'm not even far away, you're overreacting!

Six missed calls, but I have my earbuds in and my music blasting
The same song on repeat
I came to write poetry, maybe some song lyrics
This is the pen I stole from the library
I scribble with it but the stupid thing won't write
It's freaking Broken
Now I know how He felt
He stole my freaking heart just to find out that it was already Broken
I hate being Broken
All I wanted was to come here and write
But I get lost in the tune
I finish drinking my sugarless chai tea that I brought with me
Every time I tip my head back to take a sip, I see the stars better
Forget writing, for just half an hour
Forget life
Forget school, and work, and deadlines and everything
Just forget it all
Let it go
Look at the beautiful stars
Pulling up my knee high boots
I get over my paranoia of being watched, or stalked
Nobody is hiding behind the tree or in the shadows, waiting to pounce
No one is going to attack me while I'm sitting on this bench in the darkness in the late evening
I'll be fine
I watch the winter frost along the tips of the grass sparkle and shimmer
The stars are so magnificent
I put the same song on repeat
A song that doesn't tell a clear story, but I can relate to any situation
I've listened to it since elementary school
And here I am years and years later
It is still saving me from myself
I am feeling broken and hollow
I hate myself, I hate life, I hate hating my face, I hate feeling so worthless
But forget that for a minute
I stop checking the time and I ignore the strange looks I get from the residents in the windows of the houses surrounding this little park area watching me and wondering why I'm out here so late all alone
I'm ugly, I'm cold, I'm stupid, I'm a waste of space
I don't deserve life
I don't deserve to talk to anyone
I don't deserve to annoy anyone with my existence
I don't deserve respect, or love, or loyalty or happiness
I think this daily.
I feel bad about freaking cars having to go to the trouble of stopping for me even when I have right of way at a crosswalk
But I have on my black comfy leggings
My black tank top,
My black slouchy cardigan
My black knit tuque
My lips are still slightly stained a faded red from this morning
My eyes are heavily outlined in black
The black is comfy for me
It makes me feel safer
I blend in with the night
I feel happier when I put all the black I have inside, on the outside instead
It's always better to externalize the darkness
Somehow, even though it looks pretty depressing, it helps
I stand up and begin pacing
I turn up the music and inhale, deeply
The winter air bites at my lungs, stinging my skin with its bitter icy fingertips
I let the cold seep into my breathing
To freeze all that burning self-loathing
I force a smile on my face
Somehow, in this dim starlight
I can see Peace so much better than in the sunlight
I breathe so deeply in until I can't intake anymore air
My lungs are at their limit
The smile I'm forcing stops being forced as the winter air and the music's melody washes away all those horrible Broken feelings
A strange feeling overtakes me as I wander around, pacing in spirals with my head tipped upwards, my eyes dancing along the constellations and the shining moon
Maybe the moon isn't whole tonight, but it still shines bright
Maybe I'm not whole, but that doesn't mean I can't shine bright
My phone is ringing, but forget that.
I can't stop smiling, I'm walking around in curvy lines my eyes staring up in wonder, my arms slightly spread
I'm happy
Oh my gosh, I'm happy
I almost laugh, I can't believe the burden is lifted.
The car pulls up, and I realize I've been gone longer than I meant
They've been searching for me.
They're angry, but I'm inexplicably happy
I smile and nod, then saunter home, my music still playing
The Happy feeling doesn't linger too long, but even when it fades out,
For the rest of the night
I'm left in a neutral state
Not my neutral state, which is just sadness,
But a happy person's neutral state
Truly not unhappy
That's all I wanted.
And I got it, tonight.

Really long story, but essentially, my point is, I felt happiness, and that's rare for me. Stars, music, and tea. That's all I needed. Oh, also a little black, cold air to breathe and a moon. A smile doesn't hurt either. ;)
Jarred Stagen Jan 2015

I had a dream last night.
I was on a bridge.
A man was there too.
He was missing a few eyes.
he heard me walking, i think.
he turned to me, and smiled.
then he asked:
"Is this high enough?"

It was an ok dream. i rate it 10/10 why not good dream dream of the year
David Bojay Jan 2015

I keep rereading what I wrote last night... everything is so true and I don't deny it
I was out of it
Out of myself but so in with words
My brain is loose and fresh
I feel me
I feel you
I always will
I always had
Why don't I have the guts to tell you?
You'll blow me off most definitely
I keep thinking of you
If you think about it, we're so close to death
I could be typing this and someone could be pointing a gun at me from a distance
I hope you're okay
I hope you're safe
I think I'm God
At least the concept
We served our time with depression and we made it out
I was crying inside the mental hospital knowing you left me when I fell down on life
I'd pray and pray that one day you'd be my wife
We'd talk about how we would live together and how we'd own pets
Trips to the store and sex that would feel so right
No matter how cliche that is I'd say I was saying only the truth
Our truth is made up and thats what makes it special
It's ours and only ours
It was never about me, but us
As conscious beings
We are here we are there
We are ours and sometimes lost
I drew myself in your arms and time is erasing me
We've erased the future we envisioned and the present is gorgeous for the moment
Poetry speaks and the wind sure likes to listen to me
I hope you're listening
I hope everyone knows there is still time to forgive
Because I forgave
And love is a reflection of the cosmos
Like we're a reflection of equations
We could be the truth or we could be misinterpreted
We've created number we've created numbers we've created numbers we've created letters letters on letters on letters
We are time
We've made it to the point of limiting experience
We've created beliefs to follow for comfort
Do we really understand what life on earth was a million years ago?
Are we that great?
I don't want to get caught up in the past or in what I can be
I may be scared of what I'll turn out to be and I've always been scared to fear the future
What happened to me?
I hope in just simply becoming
Why cant we be together and grow strong?
We have titles for those who believe and for those who dont believe and those who don't and that separates us from us and judge eachother
Why can't we live without despising eachother and our beliefs
I'm just feeling more these days....

I just yeah
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