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Amanda Hawkins May 2020
cat eye make up after a break up
on my bed she crawls
in my back her claws
I will pet your *****-cat
where to find me at?
between her hidden fur
who said only kittens purr?
em May 2019
when you love someone
the falling feels like flying

but at the end of the day falling is falling
and the cold hard ground is always there
Jade Welch Feb 2019
My love for you came like the rain in spring...

Nothing at all.
Then all at once.
Bryce Nov 2018
There is a man in the stone
He is grainy and unable
To make out with the sky so moist
And uninviting.

There is a man on the bench
He is on his way to stone
He is a soldier and shoulders high metal rods

There is a man in the church
He is a cockel and a fraud
He loves father god
With all his excess.

There is a man in the road
He is searching for a soul
He finds God on the pavement
And in the curb, on the stone

There is a boy in the building
He is dazed and lazy
He dreams of death
And the bliss that will bring
Paul R Hensley Mar 2018
I made it.
Just a thought really
karma Aug 2017
The human race,
is a pure disgrace.
Making people feel small, so they feel big.
Taking away their rights and continuing rebel fights.
Growing up we learn the basics,
one being  speaking and expression of oneself.
When we reach 16 and know highschool won't benefit us,
we must stay seated and keep quiet,
because our parents want us to pass.
Making age a determining factor as to whether or not they are wise.
"I would advise you not to judge me,
for have you ever even tried,
to fit into my shoe?
i suppose not"

Firing shot guns at an individual in reflection to their skin tone,
using animals as testing products and ignoring sightings of UFOS.
Incredible brains rotting away;
in a country not so far from away from us,
water is 1000 miles off from home,
yet, in the next city there's a KFC
irony once more.

There are unnoticed souls
who are only craving kindness.
Noticed souls whom only desire to benefit themselves.
this human race
is a disgrace.
This human race is an ironic mess,
now after taking your time to read this,
forwardit to your friend and laugh.
because thats what humans do
My bestfriend sent me this and i thought it was beautiful so here you go. :)
Nicole Gaudiano Mar 2017
A year ago
Can you believe?
Already a year has passed
I survived the turmoil and trauma
A pain I cannot even begin to fathom today
For that, I am stronger

A summer ago
I had sworn you off
You came back
Can you believe?
I was filled with caution and fear and light
A friend had returned
For that, I am kinder

A season ago
The leaves were falling as was I
Can you believe?
I understood the capacity of what I feel for you
A capacity I cannot even fathom today
For that, I am lighter

A month ago
Can you believe?
Already a month has passed
I grew in the love and warmth you interlaced between our fingers  
I was filled with laughter and comfort
For that, I am happier
m i a Feb 2016
to a lovely boy;
i want to tell you that you're lovely.
that you're beautiful.
oh so beautiful.
i want to tell you that you're eyes send me to a whole other world. that you're sweaters look adorable on you.
i want to tell you that you're hair is hot when it's wet, and that you're smile slowly kills me everytime. In a good way of course.
i want to tell you that you're perfect in my eyes.
i want to tell you that i like your face, and your lips, and your eyes, and your fingers, and your cheeks, and just you in general.
I want to tell you that, i like how you stay focused on your canvas when you draw, and you look only at your lines.
i want to tell you that i like- love it when you hug me. i feel safe. i want to tell you that im falling dangerously in love with you, but i'm scared.
so i wrote it in a poem instead.
m i a Feb 2016
in a couple of days,
i'll be fifteen, fifteen.**
i'll be see as more older and mature,
though i don't think that's in my nature.

in a couple of days,
i'll be fifteen,

i'll be able to drive,
that's my biggest fear hopefully i survive, and maybe i'll grow a couple
of inches; and be tall enough to dive into the five feet at the pool.

in a couple of days,
i'll be fifteen,

and i'll be expieriencing things in so many different ways.

in a couple of days,
i'll be fifteen,

and i can't wait to see
the art grow within in me
even more.

in a couple of days
i'll be fifteen,

and i'm ready to explore
this new age im soon to be.

in a couple of days,
i'll be fifteen,

am i ready?
my birthday is coming up, im pretty nervous.
Emmanuel Coker Dec 2015
I remember what we did last night
I still picture you in those **** tights
******* pulled down in a brilliant flash
Unveiling what was once carefully stashed

The taste of your lips linger in my mouth
And you know I love when it makes a pout
We never really know what this is about
Even when everything seems to be going south

But what really matters is the fact,
That whatever we’re into doesn’t require a pact
So when I called you over to my house
You came running without your blouse

The ignition wasn’t off in your car
You stood by the door, looking hot as hell in your bra
Taking my shirt off and dropping it on the floor
You waltzed in further, slamming behind you, the door

I rose to meet your gaze as my hands fell on your hip
But you also rose to meet my pace and gently undid my zip
A little bit of nibbling and a series of selective pecks
I caressed your face and softly kissed you on the neck

You hungered and ached for me to feel you from the inside
Your knees grew weak, as my fingers went in with an easy slide
Moaning with pleasure as I took you on a pleasure ride
You pushed me over, telling me to hit it from the other side

It took a little of my time before I was finally done
I then laid on my back, eagerly awaiting my turn
You held on to my shaft, saying to me ‘let’s have some fun’
And before I knew it, your tongue was on it, in a circular motion

After you were done, you looked up to me straight
And as we stared into each other’s eyes like we were new soul mates
You climbed on top of me, guiding me to your holy gate
And I moved slowly inside, treading carefully in a foreign state

I laid you on your back and went in slowly and nice
And with every move I made, you had this look in your eyes
I whispered to you ‘I love you’, even when you knew it was a lie
But you didn’t care about that, cos’ you were about to *** twice

Every ****** I made, took you to a new height
I couldn’t get enough, cos’ to God who made me you felt tight
My muscles ached as I made love to you with all my might
And you didn’t let go, not until we were through with the night

What went on later seems to be a blur
I can’t tell how long we held on for
But I know it was a sweet surrender
When as captives of lust, we freed ourselves together
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