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Ema Dec 2021
pulling leaves off trees
we drudge on
Ema Dec 2021
I wonder what it's like
To be a locust amongst many
Flying towards an uncertain goal
Seeing, maybe fleeing
The colour of coal
Ema Dec 2021
like a deer drinking from a stream
in the clearing
I am clearing
time away
I am the wolf
amongst women
I am a jar
half full
I am residue
on the sink edge
dusty, smudged
I watch people on trams
I watch people on buses
I don't smile
I watch the deer drinking
I play with my hair
I stare
I am the wolf
from afar
I am
I am waiting
for the clearing to wilt
and stream to dry up
I watch the deer
I am
Ema Jun 2021
the snail shells lie empty
they dried up and burnt
on the longest day
while limestone bathing lovers
chipped by fleshy hands
with great intention
don’t miss slimy snails

they are still in embrace
in stony waves
stopped and gazing
the light empties even
on the longest day
lovers and shells alike
eventually take storms
on their cheeks
Ema Sep 2020
One leg up
hand resting
I'm scribbling ideas
to help me fall asleep.
I like tall buildings
and lots of concrete

One leg up
while walking in the city
faces in weird spaces
my gait, not that pretty
four pugs on a chain
city cerberus
concrete keeper
perpetual eater
grim reaper

One leg up
on a concrete world
that idea spilled
like a cup
on the floor
my mind
Ema Aug 2020
Green tentacles, palm up,
Audibly ******* in sun rays
Round corners, not a single edge in sight
These eye-less beings have more than one shade
Algae-like, in hot nitrogen
Welcoming and rich in chlorophyll
Chloroform, intoxicated
In the face of these blemished beings
They’re flanked by lavender stems
Faces, yes, veiny and real
Upset vine leaves, corroded by rusty attacks
Translucent at the edge, reaching reaching
And in that negative space,
Quiet bees and buzzers, also *******
Here is life, not so still
Ema Aug 2020
you ever spend days
on nothing at all?

im in a wildly large puddle
large as life
but it dont make sense
i dont know this puddle
i dont know this man
his hand dont fit in my own hand
mine is wet and his is dry
inside my head he wants to pry

******* man
this nothing's mine
crawl into your own dreamworld
i screech, spit, kick, and then recline
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