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swarming in to burrow
beneath the skin*
this a plague of much

the locust band
had moved in
with a harmfulness
in its whirling spin

they'd not been detected
by the radar's pin
so unsuspecting were
those who dwelt within

as they stayed
we'd hear but their din
that was full on
regarding the clamorous tin

of the epidemic
which swarmed in
there'd be no possibility  
*for the kin to gain a win
Pauline Morris Aug 2016
On the 13th year of the 13th day
Locust are quickly on their way
And all summer long they are here to stay
They'll usher in the darkened night
And scream their song to the dying light
As soft evening colors hit the ground
Their shrill voice well be encompassing all around
You'll be unable to hear another single sound
But I love their song that chills to the bone
Because with it, it drowns out my own
Chloe Chapman Jul 2016
I consume time, as I march at a steady beat.
I may seem fearsome, but you I will not eat.
I once was a multitude, in times long past,
But now I am encased in gold and glass.
Inspired by the Corpus Christi clock, Cambridge, also known as the time eater, and the locust clock.
Ruby Marrero Nov 2015
my mouth hung open
like the door
a small draft entering
this empty room
like my small exhale
leaving the shell
of my body
it clung to the thought of you
like a locust to the tree
my vacant form
crumpling in the wind
my soul was a pest
it is better this way
Come into my parlour
said the spider to the fly,
would you like a cup of dew or a slice of cricket pie.

Locust is for dinner,
Roach's served for tea
it should be really comfy
cause there's only you and me.

Perhaps we both can surf the web
or talk about the weather.
We could go out and try on clothes, I look real good in leather.

But first of all let's go inside.
That's it my dear fly
and now that you have entered here
it's time to say goodbye.
16th Sept 2014

— The End —