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Apr 2022 · 1.1k
M e l l o Apr 2022
i'll forget the memories i made with you
love will fade little by little
i haven't told you yet the name of the flower
when you asked me to identify from the bouquet
you brought on our very first date

i know that if there's life there's death
its up to us how we live in between
i spend my days having coffee with you
and yours to watch movies with me
flowers grow from the seeds then it withers in time

don't forget me i said
i hurt myself and cried more
i wish I was the one who'd say to 'forget me
Because honestly I can't say 'don't let me go
i will keep on living positively from now on

you don't have to say 'thank you to me
because i feel the same with you
i wish you didn't told me to 'forget you
please 'don't let me go

i'll forget the memories i made with you
love will fade little by little
i'll keep on living positively
Forget-me-nots symbolize true love and respect. When you give someone these tiny blooms, it represents a promise that you will always remember them and will keep them in your thoughts. (source: Google)
Dec 2020 · 519
new normal
M e l l o Dec 2020
im sure everyone wants to go back
return to that beautifully nostalgic
time of uncomplicated bliss
Last horah for 2020.
Sep 2020 · 337
M e l l o Sep 2020
some perfumes are fragrant as a child
others corrupted, rich, exultant wild
with all expansion of things infinite
which sings the senses and souls delight
Its been a while.
Jul 2020 · 218
M e l l o Jul 2020
come to think of it
your words have always been
my source of strength
as I was about to reach my goal
Mar 2020 · 144
M e l l o Mar 2020
now we're asking back
those normal days
we think was
boring before
Pray for better days. Stay at home and be healthy.
Feb 2020 · 146
Please Say No
M e l l o Feb 2020
a friend asked me today
she asked me if I know you
I said yes
questions poured in
in the end she told me
shes into you
she knew what happened to us
and said sorry many times
but I said that was okay
it was all in the past
she said you were nice
I smiled as she told me stories
about you as if I never knew
I pretended to be awed and curious
and finally she told me you asked her out

That's okay
I'm not that hurt anyways
stop saying sorry 'cause
we were through long time ago
but please be a good girlfriend
I said

I can't honestly tell her that
deep inside I'm still not over you
thoughts about you kept me awake at night
and I still kept the things I received from you
but instead I cheered for her
and tell her to take care of you

I guess you'll never know
that I'm still loving you
this heart of mine wasn't ready to let you go
how I wish I can tell her
"please Say No"
I'm not ready to see you with someone else
I hope she'll say No
Feb 2020 · 130
false front
M e l l o Feb 2020
we won't be healed if we kept on pretending that this love didn't hurt
Feb 2020 · 135
M e l l o Feb 2020
nagdulot ng pighati
ang labis na pagtingin
kailanma'y walang
Feb 2020 · 139
M e l l o Feb 2020
Don't be surprised.
I've learned to lose without crying.
Jan 2020 · 198
M e l l o Jan 2020
nawalan na ako ng lakas
para ipaglaban
ang natitirang bukas
Jan. 11
Jan 2020 · 865
Dapit Hapon
M e l l o Jan 2020
oras ko na inilaan
kay daling nalimutan
panahon na isinugal
sa pagmamahal na
wala palang katiyakan
ngayo'y nanagnaghoy na
sana'y wag **** iwan

oras ko na inilaan
mga bagay na
kay dali kong binitawan
na walang pag alinlangan
para mapasaya ka lang
huli na nang malaman
pinaglaruan mo lang

para sana sayo to
pero ang dali **** tumalikod
naglakbay ka sa kabilang daan
at bigla na lang naglaho
na parang bula
hindi man lang nagbabala
sana nagpasabi ka
nang ako mismo naghatid sayo

hindi na sana ako
nagbigay ng labis
ngayon ako'y naghihinagpis
sa pag ibig na ipinilit
kong ihandog
sa taong hindi naman
ako ang kailangan

sana nagpasabi ka
nang mabawasan man lang
ang pagtitiis
sa panahon na halos
buong buhay ko
akalain **** kay dali kong
ibigay para sayo
kung sana man lang
umalis ka ng mas maaga
nang hindi pa gaano kalalim
ang nadarama
nang maagapan ko pa
ang sugat na ngayo'y
hanggang buto
tagos sa kaluluwa
ang pagdurusa

sana matapos na ang
araw gusto ko na
Jan. 4
Dec 2019 · 527
M e l l o Dec 2019
you are his poetry
so he writes about your beauty
in between the lines
of his flawed rhymes
you'll find a
vulnerable guy
Dec. 22
Dec 2019 · 745
M e l l o Dec 2019
love can be a torture
in a beautiful disguise
Dec. 21
Dec 2019 · 150
Too much love
M e l l o Dec 2019
I remembered the day you asked me what it's like to fall in love
and now that I think of it
it is the tears that I try to hold back
when I won't admit I'm broken
it's like a whirlwind that picks me up from where you were and throw me somewhere I've never been
and it was like a match sticks when lit can burn a forest to ashes with a slightest touch

"I can't promise you that love is beautiful, but I can promise you it was worth it." I answered
at the back of my head I know
much like of life
love can **** you
Dec. 8
Dec 2019 · 200
Sinking Deep
M e l l o Dec 2019
I can't keep pretending that I know how to swim
it's clear that I'm drowning
Dec. 7
Nov 2019 · 132
M e l l o Nov 2019
he told her to wait for him
so she waited patiently
while he made love with another stranger
Nov. 29
Nov 2019 · 269
M e l l o Nov 2019
i'm shivering
as i wait for you
the cold is unkind
to the strangers like me
i look at my watch
to remind myself of the time
you were late
but i can wait
the freezing breeze was
it bore right through me
as i wait for you
passersby would look at me
sometimes they'd greet me
or ask me why i'm standing
outside here in the cold
i just replied with a smile
or sometimes i would say
" i'm waiting for someone "
knowing that you'll come soon right?
of course you will
i'm shivering
but much more erratic
still waited for you
i looked at my watch again
it says 9:00 pm
when you said you would come at noon
the night grew darker
as the other little shops
starting to close
i'm still standing here
outside in the cold
it's cold
the weather
the let down
it all feels the same
i'm shivering
but you never came
Nov. 22
Nov 2019 · 259
Time's Up
M e l l o Nov 2019
we were sitting silently
on a dim lit park
and you kept on glancing
on your phone
"it's just a text, chill" i joked
but you answered way seriously
"im waiting for her to reply,
for me it was much more than
just a text from the screen"
that moment i know
ill no longer sit with you in the park
Nov. 15
Nov 2019 · 195
I'm an Alcoholic
M e l l o Nov 2019
I write like an alcoholic
drinking the last drop of ink
from my pen
I asked a stranger
to lend me
some cash
for a pen
a stack of paper
to start writing again
I walk like Im drunk on words
drinking two thirds
of my shot for one second
do you reckon?
I'll be able to pay for this?
or will it cost me my life instead?
I can't stop drinking
honestly, I can't stop thinking
these words
I consider my thoughts
when I'm sober
filling up the blanks
of a memory
I try to subdue
I'll give thanks to the
whose drinks makes me
want more
hopefully I can render
some explanation
for my jumbled up words
written on a napkin
it so happens that
I found something to rhyme
to finish this line

I write like an alcoholic
maybe tomorrow's painful hangover
may be the reason not to write again
Nov. 6
Nov 2019 · 217
gains and losses
M e l l o Nov 2019
there's this pattern
that I keep on going circles at
for everything I gained
I lost something in return
but I guess
I just never understand
which losses were worth losing
and which gains were worth acquiring
nov. 5
Nov 2019 · 389
M e l l o Nov 2019
don't date broken girls
my mom said
i retorted
"but they deserve to be loved too"
and so i loved a broken girl more than
i didn't realize she will break me too
Nov. 1
This is for my broken hearted friend.
Oct 2019 · 618
why not me?
M e l l o Oct 2019
tell me
what went wrong
was it because
i wasn't that strong
or it was that
i forgot to write you love songs
or maybe
i waited for you far too long
in between your words
you pronounced "him" differently
i wondered if there was a difference
between him and me
that so much
your eyes turn to him
and never me
Oct. 30
I wrote this for a friend.
Oct 2019 · 252
Elicit Recollection
M e l l o Oct 2019
old wounds rip open
those empty words from your mouth
the tear in my flesh
pulling me apart
inside out

cuts on the edges of my fingers
coloring the pages
words and sketches
of the notebook that I owned

bruises on the cover
its hue like a gentle blue
all this things inside
reminds me of you

what a great affliction
a euphoria for the twisted
cure this brain
with the sound
of your name
Oct. 28
Oct 2019 · 141
M e l l o Oct 2019
time is just a fragment we created
it never existed before until
we draw it into our lives
never affected how we saw each other
until we spoke
its very existence started

you spun time in between your fingertips
you stretched the time between replies
until it went from seconds to hours
months to years

you did it so gracefully that one
can consider it as an art
Oct. 25
Hi. Thank you for reading. I have lots of writing done these past few days. I'm gonna post it all. Have great day.
Oct 2019 · 119
the truth
M e l l o Oct 2019
How did you get your heart broken?
I've cross the ocean for someone
whom I'm not meant to be with.
Oct. 22
Oct 2019 · 182
Wala Lang
M e l l o Oct 2019
ikaw yung wala lang
sagot ko sa tanong na
Ano ang iniisip mo?
"Wala Lang"
wala lang kasi hindi ko masabi ng buo
ang pangalan mo
na sa totoo lang pinilit kong kinakalimutan
at sana sa susunod
pag tinanong ulit ako
kung ano yung nasa isip ko
masasabi ko na ang mga katagang
"nakalimutan ko na"
Oct. 21
Oct 2019 · 161
M e l l o Oct 2019
these words
hang around my neck
like a noose on a tree
take these words
take them from me
set me free
Oct 2019 · 366
M e l l o Oct 2019
gun in your hands
was fully loaded
you aimed it at my head
pull the trigger I said
i know you will
you fired the gun but
it was my heart you shot instead
Oct. 19
I think of you today.
Oct 2019 · 148
those boys you never knew
M e l l o Oct 2019
broken boys
with missing hearts
are like broken toys
with missing parts
the lost fights
and lost nights
small mistakes
turn into highlights
their sorry eyes
filled with tears
but they never cry
they struggle
just to keep it all inside
Oct. 1
Sep 2019 · 257
M e l l o Sep 2019
I came across
such an indescribable feeling
which I thought
was beautifully breathtaking
and desirably mind blowing
when I feel deeper
it became
I was asked if how do I define the word love. Maybe this will work. Have a great weekend.
Sept. 28
Sep 2019 · 120
Dream House
M e l l o Sep 2019
if i were to build a house
i'll have your arms as the walls
your eyes as the windows
and your smile as the front door
i'll have your heart as the fireplace
and your soul as my light
in this house
i'll put my faith
i would finally
find a home
A friend asked me to write about architecture and love. Guess this work. Sept. 26
Sep 2019 · 220
M e l l o Sep 2019
I wonder of all the goodbyes you've ever said, if mine was the one you can't get out of your head.
The question that I never asked the last time we met. Sept. 24
Sep 2019 · 1.4k
M e l l o Sep 2019
there are nights
like this
when i kept on
staring the cracks
at the ceiling
and wonder how
on earth
we keep
all the bullets
fired at us
just because
we love the
the trigger
I dont know why. I guess I'm not that bulletproofed. Potd. Sept. 23
Sep 2019 · 302
M e l l o Sep 2019
I miss
I miss running. Sept. 21
Sep 2019 · 201
M e l l o Sep 2019
i write
the words
that i long
to be
Sept. 18
Sep 2019 · 250
Why do you Write?
M e l l o Sep 2019
i started writing
as way
of decluttering
thoughts in my head,
wounds that
needs tending
and a soul
that needs mending
then someone asked me
what will happen after you heal?
maybe when the time comes
i'll gladly burn all
pile of papers
the ground
Sept. 15
*I'll insert a good quote about writing later, need to sleep.*
Sep 2019 · 369
Keep it Going
M e l l o Sep 2019
“i'll walk you back”
he said
and that time
i took the longest
route back
just to spend
more time
Sept. 14
When you dont want it to end
Sep 2019 · 228
M e l l o Sep 2019
someday these words
I write
can make up all those
bloodshot eyes
sleep nights
Sept. 13
Sep 2019 · 307
Still Crypt
M e l l o Sep 2019
the rain
starts to drop
his fists clenched
his eyes was red
he cursed the ground
muttering the words
fate is wicked
screams unheard
he cursed the ground
called you stupid
your silence cut deep
the pain he tried to keep
he remain tight-lipped
yet inside he wails and wept
how dare you throw away the life
that others struggles to keep?
as the rain stop
he asked the ground
why did you commit
such selfish act?
Potd. Sept 11.
Sep 2019 · 826
Paper Boats
M e l l o Sep 2019
she cruise
on stormy seas
with a fragile boat
she creates
handing her life
on what she believes
the paper boat
she made's
destined to sink
Sept. 11
Sep 2019 · 192
Spilled Ink
M e l l o Sep 2019
our soul are like
bottled inks
waiting to be open
and spill it wonders
on blank sheets
this is a piece
of my soul
in ink
unto this paper
it spilled
Sept. 11
Sep 2019 · 398
Under Way
M e l l o Sep 2019
At 25,
you'll read old conversations
at night
while having coffee
you'll think about your life,
how you never get enough sleep
thinking ways how to survive
work days until weekend
it feels like kind of a routine
but that's okay,
you'll get out of it someday.
Adulting under construction.
Sep 2019 · 151
M e l l o Sep 2019
my silent
no fear
Sep 2019 · 364
Wala Sa Ayos
M e l l o Sep 2019
binalak kong baguhin
ang isip mo
at nang tumagal
ako yung nalito
kung saan ko ba
ilulugar ang sarili ko
Naisip ulit kita.
Aug 2019 · 196
M e l l o Aug 2019
I got the taste of what they called regret
I said as we walked around town
he was curious and asked me
What does it taste like then?
I think of you today.
Aug 2019 · 464
Ayan Ka Na Naman
M e l l o Aug 2019
Ayan ka na naman
dumadaan sa 'king harapan
pero kahit na minsan
hindi mo ako tinitingnan

Ayan ka na naman
alam kong ika'y nasa malapitan
pero kahit na minsan
hindi ko kayang ika'y lapitan

Ayan ka na naman
bakit lagi kang nasa isipan
pero kahit na minsan
hindi kita kayang kalimutan

Alam ko naman
presensya ko hindi mo maramdaman
dahil palihim lang kitang
tinitingnan sa malayuan

Ayan ka na naman
sana matapos na ang kahibangan
dahil kahit na minsan ay
di mo ako makikilala kailanman
Peom of the day. I wrote this poem last 2012 for my filipino literature class.
Aug 2019 · 13.1k
Nagbago Ka Na
M e l l o Aug 2019
"Nagbago ka na"
salitang pagbinitiwan
ng mga taong mahalaga sayo
sobrang laki ng epekto
kadalasan huhulaan ko pa
kung masama ba ang pagbabagong
nakikita nila sa pagkatao ko
o maganda ba naman ang dulot nito
hindi masabi ng harapan
kaya idinadaan na lang
sa maliliit na komento
ibubulong kuno para kahit paano
hindi marinig at iwas argumento
pahapyaw lang pero
tagos hanggang buto
ang tanong, mali bang magbago?
mga pagbabagong
sinanay ng panahon
pagsubok sa pananampalataya
at temptasyon
sa huli ay natuto din ng mga leksyon
pero kahit ano pa sabihin niyo
kung kilala niyo talaga ako
ako pa din naman 'to
may ilang nagbago
pero lahat naman tayo
dumaan sa ganito
hinahanap yung totoong silbi
ng buhay na 'to?

Oo nagbago na ako.
Nahanap ko na kasi ang sagot
sa huling tanong ko.
Poem of the day. Aug. 19
Aug 2019 · 510
M e l l o Aug 2019
she finally found the light,
after her darkest hours
antecedently it's
the tallest and the brightest
skyscrapers blazed those
cold weary nights
Poem of the day. Aug. 16
Aug 2019 · 1.4k
M e l l o Aug 2019
pilit na ngiti
ang iginawad ko sayo
sabay sabi ng pangalan mo
nanginginig na mga kamay
nakatago sa likod ko
ang mga daga sa loob ko'y
ganito ang epekto mo sa sistema ko
hindi lang halata
ayaw ko kasing makita mo
kung gaano ako kahina
pagdating sayo
ang mga kalamnan ko
na halos nanamlay
nang makita ang mga ngiti mo
kahit asiwa
marinig ang boses mo
maliban sa telepono
andito ka sa harapan ko
puso ko'y kabado
utak ko na blangko
kung ano sasabihin ko
ang boses kong pagal kasi nerbiyoso
hindi ko alam kong ano gagawin ko
habang naglalakad tayo
tinatanong mo ako
kung kamusta na ba ako?
ang sagot ko sayo ay
ayos lang ako pero
kung alam mo lang
hindi ako sigurado sa sagot ko
matatawa ka at sasabihin **** nagbibiro ako
sana nga biro lang ang lahat ng 'to
sa sobrang seryoso ng nararamdaman ko
natatakot ako para sa sarili ko
nahuhulog ako ng sobra sobra sayo
hindi ko alam
kung kaya kong bumangon
sa kababagsakan kong bangin ng emosyon
na sobrang lalim na para bang pati katinuan ko
kaya nitong higopin pati kaluluwa ko
Ah sobra na
hindi ko man lang naisip kong
pareho ba tayo nang nadarama?
sana naman umamin ka
pipilitin ko na lang itatago ang lahat ng 'to
baka sakali hanggang sa dulo ng buhay ko
maiibabaon ko sa likod
ng pagpapanggap ko
na sinabi kong ayos lang ako
nung kinamusta mo
mga ngiting pilit na nakikita mo
kay tagal kong ininsayo
sa harap ng salamin
habang walang tigil sa pagpatak
ang mga luha ko
I wrote this for my friend. Aug. 12
Aug 2019 · 2.5k
Kalma Lang
M e l l o Aug 2019
mahirap makipagsapalaran
sa sitwasyon na alam mo
umpisa pa lang ikaw ang talunan
mga bagay na dapat dina dahan dahan
sabi ko sayo wag mo masyadong galingan
pwede naman tumigil muna saglit
wag papadala sa sobrang galit
huminahon ka at mag isip
baka sakaling mawala ang inip
Poem of the day. Aug 10. Been dealing with a lot stress lately. Kaloka.
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