When you left, you didn't leave anything behind,
except some headphones and a note.
You forgot a sorry, or "I miss you" or even a heart, Just a "I have to go."

Not really. Just was pretty.

When life get tough,
and times get hard,
there's just one thing to do.
Take a breath, do not stress.
Put your faith in the Lord.
And he will help you.

You are the king who broke my chains.
You are the one who reigns.
You find the lost and make them found.
There is no cost, just trust in him.


A friend helped me with this one. Bunches you of love!! ❤️❤️

I don't know who I am.
But I know who you are.
With your all perfect plan.
You are healing all the scars.
They say your crazy you don't mind.
But you know that it is true.
It is is God you will find
everything you'll ever do.

I'm an unclean immortal.
Someday I will surely die.
But because you sent your son
you're giving us eternal life.

And I stand in awe of you lord.
And I am an unclean soul.
I mess up
        You forgive
                            ­  Nothing less
I'm made pure.
I am Yours.

This is also a song I wrote. It's about someone who is confused with themselves and their life right now. But they just trust in God. If you haven't noticed, I'm putting #musictomyears on all the songs I write. It say music to my ears. Not music tom years or anything like that. Lol. Bunches of love!! ❤️❤️

When temptation comes your way
and you can't get out of the past.
You keep your focus on worldly things, but how long will these things last?
Now life is made of pieces
of your brocken heart.
They're glued together but they won't stay
you need a healer and a place to start.

In need you start your search.
But things on earth, they won't work.
Then you found out how you can come clean.
Now life has been renewed
and it's all that you can do.
You've been a slave and now you've been set free.

The son, he gave his life
as a living sacrifice.
And three days later he rose again.
The spirit lets you see
that all you have to do is believe
that Jesus is the son of God.
And, God, he gave us this:


This is actually a song that I wrote. But songs and poetry are very similar. If you love poetry, give this a ❤️!! And if you love music and poetry, maybe you should consider songwriting. Learn how to play an instrument. Piano is really easy. Look up a video on "How to chord on the piano" on YouTube. Then your all set!! Bunches of love! ❤️❤️

The wind... so breezy and lovely and cool.
It is what defines summer.
It's what gives you a chill when your out of the pool.
And makes your hair crazy and you look like a fool,
And people think you can't getter dumber.

It's invisible, but you feel it clearly.
It smells like flowers in bloom.
It tastes like salad that dust from a fairy
swept over you like a broom.

I was out today and I started to notice the wind. You can't see it, but you know it's there. How? You feel it, taste it, and smell it. It was like a poem. Let the wind sweep you off your feet to greater places. Start to notice the beautiful things around you that your God created all on his own. Give him praise for those things. Block out all the bad in your life. Make this a daily habit. Take time out of your day. Your recess, drive home from work, your piano practicing, your life, etc. You'll start being a better person all together. Bunches off love!! ❤️❤️

Life, we all have one, but no one is the same.
Sometimes it's great! But, sometimes it's lame.
It's a rollercoaster. And there are many different points.
It's a body. With scratches, bones, and joints.
It feels like coffee. All warm and bold.
But sometimes it's bitter. And it can be served cold.
No matter what happens. No matter how it ends.
We always have family. We will have true friends.

My first poem!! Dedicated to @ZoeGreen.
Sha 6d

I allowed thorns to grow and replace my ribcage.
And I wondered why my lungs suffocated
and my heart scarred too much.

Worries are thistles masked as daisies.
I thought I grew a garden
when I built a prison.

It broke my collar bone
and my body can't move,
So I decided to escape.

With spikes hugging my inner being,
I ran to my lover
and he set me free.
Now flowers are growing inside me.

Hope makes the flowers grow
Sha Aug 8

I fell into an abyss of anxiety that stole the life in me.
I crafted problems out of thin air
and out of overheard words.
I meditated on it.

I was poisoned by overthinking and lived
like a man on the run.
I thought I would not be able to get out.
The abyss is deep and unfathomable.

But I saw the light.
The light healed me
and opened my eyes
and then I saw the surface.

I am not in the deep anymore.
I am in a new skin that is not made for burying
but for living.
I am saved.
I am breathing again.

You can be healed too.
Deep Thought Jan 22

This is for my generation.
  A generation full of selfies, in short for selfish.
  A generation of women murdering their own unborn babies.
Woman walk around half dressed hoping a man will grant them respect.
As they reclaim their lives, renaming it feminism at it's best.
This is for my generation.
A generation of men that rather play with their hands.
Rather than creating work out of their bare hands.
Lusting for women as if we were created for one night stands.
We are the millennials. We're full of worldly distractions.
Looking for our parents to be the lending tree.
Since we spend most of our money on booze & weed.
This is for my generation.
Can't you see we're slowly dying off? We are becoming too self involved.
While every pleasure keeps causing our own demise.
We're too stubborn to realize our ways are flawed.
We mask it and look for love in other people. Yet, we feel emptier when the love isn't reciprocated. Some call this "unrequited love".
This is for my generation.
I'm here to tell you that, you are loved, you are cherished, and you can be forgiven. You can be saved, not by your works or how much money you make.
If you only believe what He did for you on the cross.
The perfect blood Atonement.
We are the Godless generation. Most would say they believe in evolution, perhaps others would mention God.
This is for my generation.
See, Jesus didn't come for the religious people. In fact, he called them frauds. He's more than just a bunch of rules and laws. In reality, He only came to save the lost. Which lead him to be hated, beaten and killed on a cross. 3 days later, He rose from the dead something Allah never did.
Now that our King is risen, He's offering a free gift of salvation. That's why it's called Grace. Being coming Christian doesn't make you perfect, don't get it twisted. I'm just a forgiven sinner by His definition.

The choice is yours.

God selects what Man neglects.
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