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Where is the coin that doesn't fit the ruse?
Shall it be given to those with none?
Recluses are in joint gatherings to stumble upon an unknown truth.
There is a way to walk away, to get to the other side, leaving yourself behind.
In my feelings a deeper thought awakens a blue sky of sapphire and forgotten dreams.
I hope at least one other person gets something from what I write.
Hoping what I say makes some sort of sense.
Extremely vivid dying dreams, I hope to God I can see what it means.
We are surrounded by poetry on all sides, but putting it on paper is, alas,
not as readily done as looking at it.
JA Perkins Nov 2023
I think about you
from time to time,
admittedly more
often than not -
Making frail attempts
to sweep my thoughts
passed the place where
you carved a spot.
I hope you're happy now
and living well
I hope your mind
is quiet and free -
that your safe and warm
and your soul reborn
to be whoever
God calls you to be.
Love you dearly
Ken Pepiton Jul 2021
extrapolate (v.)
"make an approximate calculation by inferring unknown values from trends in the known data," 1862

From <>
wadjew thank they was doin'?
I thought they was stretching a bit of known into a whatifery zone

we can defend, on auto,
our reason for being based on
doing the task of becoming,

we all remember being weak, once

you was a little bitty baby, and son,
yo momma coulda wanted you less,
doncha know,
sbeen so long since cain' been gone,
nobody hear or can holler
loud enough raisin' up
t' raise cain, hearken,
djathank it was u,
ambiguous u-un-uni-uni'n' so on,
you think
this and that, and think, I may absorb.
-------- the overrunning thing-stuff ----

The economics black box that changes
this witty invention, I heard,
it's a shemetic thing,

Phoenician ****** says,
his cargo master writes these signs,
that let not one broken amphora
be marked as delivered,
as it is written so it is paid, in common money,
with the exchangers at the bench,
all with ledgers, balanced to the mite/

- 2021, though, quest questing question

ever-like things, likeness is the significance of
such whys as modify the meaning in ever,
ever, every means like one of those ever
lasting things, forms, right, the idea
that functions as the spirit of an imagined
ever thing.

In this, these, yes
these common story tropes. Gno-
sense the comedies and tragedies
had casts and plots
to fit the needed emoting from the start,
since the first bee dance,
was done in human terms, the purpose,
show the way to continued life,
as a whole, human being mob.
can you hear the ....
no signal

There never was a hell, Jesus was telling a story
Masha Yurkevich Jan 2020

In a city,
not too distant,
stood a building that
had been abandoned.

The place where boys
would run and play,
a place that youngsters
called a hideaway.

But early one day,
something great happened there.
A mother cat made that
place her lair.

The children could not have
been more happy when,
the mother cat gave birth
to five little kittens.

And everyday the
same would repeat:
the kids would come running back
with a small bit of meat.

But then one day
a diaster struck.
And all the kids ran fast,
little feet kicking up dust.

The building was in a cloud
of thick black smoke,
as second by second the
flames arose.

The crowd watched in awe
as the fire grew wings,
and no one said a word until:
"The kittens!"

A young boy lunged
for the door,
but his parents stopped him,
not letting him go any further.

The children clung to their mothers
and began to weep,
all until they all heard a
quiet squeak.

Beneath the door was a little crack,
and out of it came
something fuzzy and black.

"The mother cat!"
The children exclaimed.
And in its mouth she held
one of the little kittens she saved.

Little tear-streaked faces
ran up to the cat,
gently taking the little
kitten that it had.

And into the flaming building
she went again,
to save the other four that
were calling for help.

Seconds later she emerged,
carrying one more,
similar to the other one
that she had before.

In she dove once more,
as the flames licked the building,
determined to save each and every one
of her precious little kittens.

After some time
she again appeared.
Then dropped the kitten
and again disappeared.

And no one saw her
for quite a while.
Thinking that perhaps,
she had perished in the fire.

But then,
through the thick black smoke,
the mother cat had
finally showed.

With all her children
now being safe,
she dropped to the ground
and took her last breath.

But the children weren't
going to let her die.
They picked her up
and brought her inside.

Two months later,
the kittens are unrecognizable.
They live at the fire station,
an example that nothing is impossible.

And inside the station
is the best part of all,
the mother cat wanders
with her head high and tall.

The perfect example
that love does save lives,
and that love, above all,
will always survive.


Mena Mulugeta Nov 2019
Praise belongs
to the Lord
who has
awaken my soul
from death, my
life now is like a sweet
Jesus saves
Tanya Louise Sep 2019
hands like feathers
searching through my heat
sweet sounds
echo through our walls
the words he speaks
are wisdom to me
my body, his teeth
vague curses to deep
I take a picture,
two minds intertwined.
two lives unwind.
he makes this work,
oh, my love.
maybe his hands
will bring me whole
fleshy vessels pumping blood
ache selfishly for his touch
he's mine.
even with my sick mind.
M e l l o Sep 2019
i started writing
as way
of decluttering
thoughts in my head,
wounds that
needs tending
and a soul
that needs mending
then someone asked me
what will happen after you heal?
maybe when the time comes
i'll gladly burn all
pile of papers
the ground
Sept. 15
*I'll insert a good quote about writing later, need to sleep.*
The Government's World Wide want to appoint a Spiritual Guide Of the New Age...he is already here. Known by many names "The Anointed One" the "New Ressurrected Savior" behind his Mask Of Purity & Benevolence exists a thin veil that only the TRUE followers of Christ shall be able to distinguish when everyone else will be doomed to believe a LIE for the TRUE Nature of this Mortal Man. He will dominate the Nation's with a powerful voice and will entice and bewitch whole Nation's into believing in him due to his Accended Power. That power is UNHOLY and shall allow him to speak in tongues, prophecy things that will come to pass, heal the sick, revive the dead ...even so much so as to say and Blaspheme in the Holy Tabernacle Of God claiming to be "GOD" his multitude of miracles and wonders will make people question their TRUE SELF & their Faith. A man of stern character a pieus man who will dignify his Zeal among the Nation's as Ruler Of The New World. The Holy Bible talks breifly of such man who's sole purpose of confounding the masses and creating a false system of protection, peace, prosperity & love. This Final AntiChrist will walk inside the Temple Of The Holy Of Holies...and in turn gain new powers and create miraculous manifestations of Angellic Like Beings on Earth. BEWARE because his final objective is to manipulate the most powerful man & woman in the World to overthrow GOD'S WORD & his books. Powerful Pawns with powerful demonic influences are moving this World slowly creating a system of what may seem like "peace & protection for everyone" when in all reality they are staying the Earth for Christ's Return. Brothers & Sisters in Christ...remember to do good and pray for one another & genuinally love that neighbor it's all coming to a bitter end. Perhaps, out of reading this someone will see it the way I Black&White Crystal clear. God Bless You & your Families,Communities and Land. GOD IS IN THE JUDGEMENT THRONE READY 2 JUDGE EVERYONE ACCORDINGLY...BE PREPARED!!!
John 3:16  Hebrews 5: 9-13  Isaiah 48:10
forestfaith Sep 2018
But i Iove you.
your heart its been shattered before,
its been rooted down to the floor.

your eyes have been through galaxies of oceans and tears.
you hate the voices and shadows, they make you fear, they want you to hear

i can tell you, my love, that i don't deserve anything, except the cursed things and objects. Don't everyone? We dance to music that sells our souls, and talk the talk that kills the heart, and widens the hole.

I love you.
And i don't care if you are "mean", or bad, or a nightmare living in your own mirror.
Because, doesn't true love see all the mess, and scars, and yet, love the same?
I don't want to drive you insane, but I love you.
love you 12258
Thank you God for her :) Annndd of course I love you too LORD!!! My first love. My King.

ahh, true love from above, that you heavenly Father...
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