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It's not you it's me...
I'm sure everyone would hate to be on the receiving end.
Well, it is you, which is partially true, but I won't tell you that.
You just didn't make it on the list of people I want to invest my time in.
You seem nice, but you didn't win the lottery ticket.
Some other girl will award you her time, but not this girl.
Sorry not sorry.
Better than ghosting
KSC Sep 11
My heart broke when you rode off on your motorcycle,
I think we both knew it was over when you left,
In retrospect our relationship was rather short,
Thinking it would last forever,
Ready to take vows and sign mortgage papers,
It was like wanting fireworks to last forever,
It's impossible to keep that spark going when you settle,
Which is what you did with me,
You could never admit it but you never loved me,
It's nothing to be ashamed of because in the many poems I have written for you,
And the many tears I have shed for you,
I have realized that maybe I didn't love you either,
The act of you riding away, spoke to me more than a thousand words,
That October you tried to end it,
I wish you had the courage to do so,
Because the truth is that I'm better off without you,
My heart broke slowly waiting for you,
I knew you were the type to never come back,
But I always hoped that you would,
The hardest thing to realize was that we would never be the same,
When the kids ask about you,
I want to jokingly say,
"He went out for cigarettes,"
I don't know if it was harder for them because they picked you,
But they still ask,
Maybe they will always ask,
To them I say,
"He's not coming back,
He never loved you,"
I like to think that I'm preparing them for the heart break they will feel when they grow up and lose a love that never was,
I hope they are not as stupid as me,
I hope they are not as ****** up as you,
This was for the best though,
I realized that my heart longed for another,
But he end up being a coward like you,
St. Thomas,
The Patron Saint of Indecisive Men,
May you be martyred by a too young pregnant woman,
Bound by your progeny,
To die with a wanderlust,
With a love that does not suffice.
M e l l o Sep 7
At 25,
you'll read old conversations
at night
while having coffee
you'll think about your life,
how you never get enough sleep
thinking ways how to survive
work days until weekend
it feels like kind of a routine
but that's okay,
you'll get out of it someday.
Adulting under construction.
Emm Aug 2
wee bit of innocence,
left upon the rampant
running blindly with an open shield
to find self confidence
some shred of assurance of guidance
praying you'll prey in place of the prey
in this world, this world,
this cruel, cruel, wild, world...
Kriti Gupta Jun 30
Is this the rest of my life?
Hands ticking, passing the time
Brush those teeth, part your hair right
One large sip, frozen in mind

Is this the rest of my life?
Hands ticking, passing the time
You say maybe, I say fine
Trap my sorrow, hold me tight
Kai May 10
It's freeing
you can do whatever you want
no one to hold you accountable

It's terrifying
you could fall into bed and never leave
no one to help you when you need it
Moving out is what I'm most afraid of. It'll be nice to have my own space, but at the same time the change makes me nervous.
Ritz Writes Apr 2
Most of our childhood memories were not printed on photos but in certain biscuits, comic books, sight of the playground where the noises still echoes in our ears, the hugs of our friends, the touch of our mother's care and concern when sickness troubled.
And slowly, we drifted away from the state of innocence with a stoical heart to face the music.
Transition Period. ❤
“You’re a mess
Go to bed
Eat some food get some rest
Don’t you know it’s easier that way”

Clean my mess
Go to bed
Buy more food, I’m a wreck
Who the hell would know it’s so much easier this way...

There was a voice inside my head,
But I may have misheard it
I don’t know for sure
But would if I knew ears were working
I’ve been listening to the earth my ear pressed up against her surface
But lessons that I’ve learned could all be crude and oh so worthless

I walk through valleys that are only low as mountains can be high
I walk through streets without my shoes beneath the stars and lamppost lights
But the questions that I’m asking leave me searching far and wide

It’s like I dug myself a whole
and have to see how deep it goes
But it’s only six feet under
And as an aging hand may lay a rose upon my grave

This is what happens when kids have questions I guess.
Sarah Quinn Mar 10
I used to watch
the constellations
glued across my bedroom ceiling
and think "Someday,"
my name will be written
across the galaxies.

I see the stars light up outside
and think "****.
They cut my power again."
Trisha Singh Jan 21
There is no such thing as adulting
There is no such thing as growing up
Biological age cannot be an indicator
A source of income cannot be a dictator
The drama that disguises you as a sufferer
is apt for twitter and synonymous with tumblr
You can look like 50 but still behave like a toddler
Age, intellect , experience and memory don’t matter
Clarity of thought , clarity in action
is what everyone wants, just pay attention
Stages of life are only byproducts of imagination
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