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Rita Sailor Nov 27
he wants to leave and i help him to pack
because i know where things are
because i want to keep them for myself  

no wonder he’s not sticking around
an abrupt invasion of privacy is bound to end this way
good thing he didn’t burn all the bridges just yet
they welcome him back with open hands

we talk about a friend of a friend who’s friend with other friends but not ours
twice removed thrice forgotten at the party
no bad blood but don’t hold your breath for wedding invitation
i don’t have an appropriate dress and no means to come by 
since we’re started talking in lower voices about grown-up things like mortgage and 401k
we’re in an endless cycle of negotiation
with ourselves and each other
so long, don't think I'll ever throw a party for this tea set for six
Haylin Nov 12
This time it's not the sadness that's keeping me awake at night
But it's the responsibility I have to face in the morning
Winter Child Nov 11
the blur—
seems like it planted deep,
rooting in my bone
scares me to the core
will it ever be sure?
the uncertainty of my future.
i’ve spent nights & days
wide awake thinking
the best ways of dealing
“will i ever stop being so worried?”
about things im not even sure of
while all i can do is sit
—write for the feelings to ease away bit by bit
through every letter the ink spits
I’m way older than those ebony
Though sun light seems so lovely
I am tired and so lonely
Old time jokes and pathetic melodies
Accompany me to cemetery
Growing means a differences built
And as each day comes
I’m the only one who can’t quit
He goes home everyday at midnight
Drunk but say everything’s alright
Drive below the city lights
No more holding the bolster tight
Does he know that I’m home so frightened?
Everyday everything’s growing
And as the second passes
I’m the one whose always watching
Is that my little boy
who used to smile and spread the joy?
But now he throws away all of the toy
And forgot how things used to flow
Nowadays my time is running low
So this is how the goodbye goes
silentwoods Aug 17
Two years into adulting.
It’s possible, who knew?
I look the same as yesterday
But today I’m twenty two!

Dentist trips still freak me out,
Sometimes I burn an egg.
My blanket covers both my feet,
So monsters won’t grab my leg.

I don’t go out on Friday night,
My ankles feel the weather
And when I help the kids with homework,
We both learn math together.

Sometimes I’ll burst out crying
For no reason at all.
I know the words to one rap song,
And still prefer guys tall.

My puns are all intended
There is a spoon I hate
I’ll never mix my whites and brights
I can’t stay up too late.

My life has been a wild ride
But I’m thankful for each day
One day I hope to be mature
One day... but not today.
Daisy Marrow Aug 12
and then all at once, I knew
I'm just not at as happy as I used to be.
Stewert and Rose was where I was left to start anew.
I forgot all about constellations.
Everything just seems darker because
there aren't as many stars as there used to be.
I cried on my first night.
Marking the room with tears as a fresh start.
I guess it was just a little too much for me.
An empty room, sharing space,
with faces I've never seen.
Here is the place where I move on,
so maybe this is actually healthy.  
Someday I might be lucky enough to rediscover stars,
feel high again, and enjoy the summers once again.
Just like we did when we were young.
They used to give chocolates; you remember
sausage-worm fingers diving into
boxes of the unknown, sharp, sticky
tears as someone is pushed too hard
the box springs to heights unfathomable
here, it hurts just here
but only two eyes are on the boy's chest
pupils up at a dappled ceiling where
wet paper crackles poster paint dust
making promises to spectral parents
as not to get that one which gets
stuck in your teeth.
Now, you hover at a mouse
waiting for someone to toss you
two letters, maybe three
like a wrapper in the wind.
This time it's not the sadness that's keeping me awake at night
But it's the responsibility I have to face in the morning
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