If I could tell you anything
If any words could fall from my lips
And slip into your ears
I would say
I'm sorry
I'm sorry that even though
You are so blissfully
Beautifully happy
I can't be happy for you
I'm sorry
Because right now
I'm so unhappy with myself
That it's hard for me
To be happy for anyone else

5d · 24

It's fall
And the trees are changing
Daintily dropping their leaves
To the grateful ground
Wind whispering through their branches

It's fall
And the rain is pelting
Against my window
Inviting me to stay inside
With hot tea
And a good book

It's fall
And the smells are enchanting
Wet grass after a long storm

It's fall
And I'm wearing sweatpants
Giant sweaters
And long socks
Warming my feet by the fire

It's fall
And the cool wind
Rushes through my hazel hair
And tossing itself about my

It's fall
And squirrels are everywhere
Hiding food
And chattering
To each other
Across the trees

It's fall
And my bed is inviting

It's fall
And I want to lose myself
In a good book
A fire
And myself

It's fall
And I feel at peace

Summer is overrated.
Aug 15 · 38

We're all still learning
To love ourselves

Aug 13 · 46
Untitled 37

I Hopeless sinner
Have been made
A Hopeful saint

Aug 13 · 90
Darling, Oh my Darling

I am not in love with you
The way you are with him
I don't get butterflies
And goosebumps on my skin
I don't want to touch you
I'm not haunted by the might-have-beens
But darling, oh my darling,
I love you

I don't want to share our beds
In dark hotels at night
I just want to watch the stars
And hold you oh so tight
I don't want to kiss you
I just want to give you my whole life
And darling, oh my darling
I love you

I love how your lashes sweep
Over your sleepy eyes
I just think you're more lovely
Than all the sweeping skies
You don't have to love me
I just wish there was a compromise
Cus darling, oh my darling
I love you

I love you as I love myself
And often even more
If I am every ocean wave,
Then you must be the shore
There's something in your eyes
I just love the way I am done for
And darling, oh my darling,
I love you

My best friend, I adore you
And yet, you adore him
He is the lover of your life
And I am just a friend
I don't want you to leave him
I just want you to let me in
Cus darling, oh my darling,
I love you

And when one day you remember
The days when we were forever
Darling, oh my darling,
I'll still love you

Aug 6 · 96
Just As I Am

Just as I am
Poor wandering soul
Where I am broken
You are whole
And where I'm lead
Is in your control
Oh lamb of God I come, I come

Just as I am
My heart is yours
And into your well
My love is poured
And life forever
I'm assured
Oh Lamb of God I come, I come

Just as I am
You love me still
And when death comes,
It is your will
But by my God,
Stand by, I will
Oh Lamb of God I come, I come

Just as I am
Your love is more
Than any I have felt before
And when I reach the golden shore,
We'll sing "Lamb of God I come, I come"

My own addition to "Just as I am without one plea"
Aug 1 · 46
Untitled 36

My day is no longer
One moment to the next
One hour to the next
One smile to the next

Instead it is
One dosage to the next
One pill to the next
One health issues to the next

And for all of the effort
I put into remembering
My pills
I'm not living anymore
I am only existing

Jul 30 · 73
Daughter of Christ

Am a subject
Of an Intrusion of light

Jul 30 · 69
Untitled 35

Be near to me
Oh Lord,
I pray,
For I am sore downtrodden

Jul 30 · 75
I come

I feel your absence
Be present in me
So I may be present in you

Jul 23 · 119
Untitled 34

They say Time heals all wounds
But it's been years
And look at me
I'm still broken

Jul 22 · 49
Promises, Promises

I can't promise many things
A country house
Wedding rings

I can't promise all that much
To love you forever
Or to bring you stuff

I can't promise you the sky
Or to be your friend
Or to never lie

I can't promise you'll be the first
To hear my doubts
Or heal your hurt

I can't promise I'll always be there
To give you comfort
Or secrets to share

I can't promise I'm not a mess
But I can promise I'll do my best.

I can't promise to fix all of your problems, but I can promise you that you won't have to face them alone.
Jul 20 · 56

Do not fear the monsters, child
Underneath your bed
The real monsters-they walk about
And live inside your head.

Based on something I read that said "There's no such thing as monsters, only humans."
Jul 18 · 57
Something I Heard

If I can't catch you when you fall,
I can damn well make sure you land safely.

Jul 17 · 49

There is a woman that I know
She cares for me-she does
Reminds me of the better days
And greater ones to come
She moves with elegence and grace
And beauty like no other
"Who is this woman?", you may ask
This woman is my mother.

To my best friend, my caretaker, and the most beautiful woman I know. ❤
Jul 16 · 40
Untitled 33

He does love us
He does hear us
He does know us
He does hear our cry

But He is not held
By the standards
Of what we believe is good
He has His own standards
To which we
Must adhere.

"He does not afflict willingly, nor grieve the sons of man."

Jul 16 · 93
Untitled 32

We are all
Like Simon-Peter
Sinking below the waves
And we are so
So close
To safety
If only we take the hand of our

Jul 16 · 76
I Came Not

He came not for the wealthy, but poor
He came not for the healthy, but sore
For we're wealthy in Christ,
And healthy in life
And the road bound for sin is no more.

"I did not come for the healthy, but for the sick."
Jul 16 · 120
I Confess

I confess
I am ugly
I confess
I am broken
I confess
I have a heart of stone
I confess
I am a sinner
I confess
I am helpless
I confess
I am hopeless
I confess
I am unworthy
I confess
I am prideful
I confess
I am hateful
I confess
I need a Savior
I confess
I am weak
I confess
I am weary
I confess
I am dead
I confess
I am a prisoner

But ugly
That I am,

He took me
And made me
And free

And that is a debt
I can never
Will never

But I don't need to-
He paid it for me

And now
I am free.

Jul 7 · 83
The Prayer of a Saint

I cannot walk alone
Upon the narrow road
So Jesus, guide me still
If it be your will

Jul 7 · 360
Prayer For Deliverence

Let me hear your lovingkindness in the morning
Let me taste your goodwill in the evening

For I trust in you
I trust you with all that I am
I trust you when I awake
And when I lie down

Teach me the way in which I should walk
I cannot walk alone
Without your help
Without your hands

For to you I lift my soul
I give my heart
I give my soul
I give me life
To you
To the one who has saved me
Time and again

Let me hear your lovingkindness in the morning
For I trust in you
Teach me the way in which I should walk
For to you I lift up my soul

Based on Psalm 143:8

I love the memories
We made together
I can still feel your warm hand
On my shoulder
As I sat by a fire
Staring at its flickering

I miss the good times
I remember when you
Scolded someone
Because "You never ask a woman for her weight"

I remember
Leaning my head on your shoulder
As you drove me home
After a long night
Alone in the silence
Only a dark road in front of us

And I miss
Your long hugs
And your bright smiles
And your conversation
And your greetings
And your jokes
And your family

And I miss you
I miss you so much

But alas, we have changed
The good times are gone
And we are now
We may have been soul mates
But now
We are just ships
Lonely ships
Passing in the long, lonely night.

Jun 22 · 132

Pray even if you don't speak out loud
Even if you've never prayed before
Even if all you do is say "Thank you"
Even if you fall down on your knees
Begging for peace

Pray even if you can't feel Him near
Even if He hasn't spoken back
Even if all you do is let tears fall
Even if you raise up your hands to Him
And ask forgiveness

Pray even if you haven't seen Him
Even if you haven't felt His hand
Even if  you scream in anger
Even if you have lost all your strength
And any hope

Pray even if you have nothing left
Even if you have been hurt badly
Even if you think He hates you
Even if you don't think He hears you
He will listen

Just speak to Him

We have a great creator who is always ready and willing to listen to our prayers, and all He wants is for us to speak to Him.
Jun 20 · 215
Night Shift

I can do daytime
I can go to work, and go shopping
I can go to dinner with an old friend
I can get dressed up and spend money till the cows come home
But nighttime
Nighttime is different
I can't do nighttime
That's when the demons come
They hunt me
Haunt me
Tell me lies
They tell me everything I believe
Everything I ever have believed
Is wrong
They tell me it's a hoax
And that's what I can't take:
All the noise
All this damn noise
It never leaves my head
It's like a thunderstorm
In my mind
Like a light switch
And damnit
I can't

Jun 18 · 153
Everyday Life

I'm sick of being sick
I'm sick of feeling pain
I'm sick of all the heartache
That I feel from day to day

I'm tired of doing nothing
I'm tired of being ill
I'm tired of all the answers
Being one more nasty pill

I'm tired of the physicians
I'm tired of All their "cures"
I'm tired of staying up all night
Just trying to wipe my tears

I'm done with being tired
I'm done with being sick
I'm done with all the doctors
Thinking I'm so thick

I know I'm just a patient
Another one to diagnose
I know I'm just a person
Shoving more pills down my throat

I feel like I am fading
I feel like I am dead
Like everyday is just more hours
Filled with blinding dread

I wish it could be over
I wish I could be done
I wish in place of all the cold
That I could feel the sun

God, I want to go home now
Can't do this anymore
I want to fold within your arms
Upon the golden shore

How long will you leave me here
A ghost within a cloud
How long will you keep me
Amongst the noisy, painful loud?

Sharp pain climbs up my bones
And clutches at my skin
My favorite part of every day
Is finally giving in

Someone tell me good things
That it will be over soon
And soon my bones will rest in dirt
Beneath the quiet moon

I am so sick of being the person who takes 27 prescription pills a day. I'm sick of every medical professional telling me that each new pill will work.
Jun 17 · 380
Alone Again

I am alone again
I knew that this would come
I saw it from afar
A bullet from a gun

Now I'm left here bleeding
No one to save me now
No one to give me stitches
Or wipe sweat from my brow

I am alone again
I feel it in my soul
I feel it in my heart
The loneliness is cold

I feel it in my heartbeat
It pumps within my veins
I want it to get out of me
I just want to be sane

And now I'm left again
With these red stains on my wrists
The bands of pain apparent
A touch of deadly bliss

I am alone again
And no one else can see
That though I am surrounded,
There's no one here with me.

Being alone with one's thoughts can be more dangerous than someone holding a gun to your head, because at least there's someone there to stop them.

I am a depressed, anxious insomniac who has never to her memory gone an entire day without being in physical pain. I am a migraine-afflicted, allergy-suffering, chronic-pain-having, fibromyalgia-surviving, lonely beast in search of someone bright enough to give what is left of my heart to. But like a phoenix, I am risen from the ashes day after day, sustained by the belief-the faith that one day I will be taken away from this agony, and never again will I feel the pain I do now. I survive only by the hand of an almighty God, who has promised perfect peace if I only speak to Him day by day.

"They will insult you, hurt you, defeat you, betray you, injure you, set you aflame and watch you burn. But they will not, shall not, cannot destroy you. Because you, like Rome, we're built on ashes, and you, like a phoenix know how to rise and resurrect."

When I feel you've forgotten me
And life seems to drag me down,
I bury my face in the things you've touched,
And inhale like I'm about to drown.

To someone I used to know
Jun 6 · 85
Untitled 31

It feels like my existence is one prescribed pill dosage to the next.

May 27 · 85

So here's goodbye to better days
When friends were not so far away.

May 17 · 93

18 years seems so short
When I'm losing you so fast.

May 8 · 139
Best Friend Forever

I'm good-ish with words,
so I'll use them to say
That you're​ my best friend
In every single way.
You make me smile,
And tow me around
And you laugh at me
When I fall to the ground

But I guess it's okay,
That's what best friends do
And I have to say,
You are my muse,
You're my inspiration
The thoughts in my head
I pray for you daily
when I go to bed

You've been there for me,
I've been there for you,
We've argued and fought,
But we made it through.
God gave me your smile,
He gave me your laugh
He gave me your love, and
We never looked back.

I don't know too much,
But this much, I do,
I don't want to live
in a world without you.
God gave me your hugs
And your friendship to treasure
And this much I know:
I'll love you forever.

So here's to the laughs
And here's to the pain
Here's to the sun
And here's to the rain,
Here's to the smiles
On both our faces
Here's to the miles
In all of life's races

And here's to the God
Who pushed us together
Forming a bond
That will never sever
And here's to you,
Dearest of hearts
Here's to the ends
And here's to the starts

Here's to the coffees,
The rough, and the tough
The time I spend with you
Is never enough
Here's to a future
With you and with me,
I don't know what will happen
But I can't wait to see.

So here's to the loveliest,
The dearest and best,
Here's to the Skype calls
And getting no rest
I love you more than
All these words can say,
But here's to the love
That will always stay.

I love you, my unicorn-mermaid-panda-poop-face-loving-superhero best friend. Here's to many more years of mischief.
Apr 20 · 588
Japanese Garden

The way the water
Laps up against the rock face
Sings songs to my soul.

Mar 31 · 554
Beautiful Things

These are some beautiful things:
A baby's first smile,
A bird in the wild,
A bride on the aisle,
A love that's worthwhile,

Warm wind in the trees,
The salt in the seas,
The buzz of spring bees,
Winter's first freeze,

A loved one's laugh,
A child's handmade craft,
An actor's autograph,
A newborn calf,

The sunrise in the sky,
And the sunset alike,
And kind passersby,
The stars in the night,

The wind in one's hair,
Sweet spring on the air,
A mother's care,
A child's prayer

The color of skin,
True feelings within,
The sound of violins,
And feeling sheepskin,

A book in my hands,
My feet in the sand,
Stories of another land,
And the promised land,

The leaves in the fall,
Mountains like walls,
Sounds of a waterfall,
The smell of rainfall,

Peace after war,
And petrichor,
And sand on the shore,
And a winning score,

Peace at night,
And perfect light,
And a first sight,
And a flying kite,

A smile so dear,
A kiss so clear,
A loved one near,
And a new come year,

And hope that everything will be okay

These are the beautiful things

I could go on and on and on about beautiful things, even ones that don't rhyme. I fall in love with the little things, like how my friend only eats apples with a knife, or how my mom never actually drinks her coffee, she forgets about it and leaves it in the microwave ten times a day. I love that my cat can tell when I can't sleep and comes and lays right up against my back and purrs to help me sleep. I love that whenever my best friend is thinking, she subconsciously touches the back of her thumb to the indent above her upper lip. I fall in love with little details. There are just as many beautiful things in this world as there are ugly ones. Don't forget to savor them. ❤
Mar 19 · 267
A New Way Of Life

He carried a crimson bible
And held it between his hands
He flipped through it with his fingers
And taught me to understand.

Feb 22 · 286
When I'm Missing You

When I miss you, the world goes dark
When I miss you, I can't breathe
I feel it in my chest
Echoing in our now quiet room
I guess it's just my room now.

I miss you and my lungs won't work
When I miss you, it all hurts
Every damn thing hurts
And I don't know how to make it go
I can't put it into words.

I miss you, and it is bitter
I miss you in my heart-soul
Yes-It all feels empty
And I don't know how to make it stop
I can't make it go away

I miss you, my heart is hollow
I can't sleep without you here
It has been 2 months now.
Yeah - I keep track of how long it's been
Like a drug, I can't let go

I miss you - my body is numb
You say it wasn't my fault,
But I don't believe you
Yeah - I blame myself, what did you think?
That I would just move on? No.

No - I am stuck here like this, now
Your ghost haunts our old bedroom
Comes and goes like vapor
Or a cloud of dust - yeah, more like dust
Settled over my life

And no matter how much dusting
How much cleaning or primping
Or moving that I do,
You will never truly be gone - no,
You will never truly leave

Because this house - room is haunted
Haunted by the one thing that
Will never truly go
It's you, it's always been you - phantom,
Ghost of could have's and almost's

To someone who left with no warning.
Feb 20 · 156
If God Isn't Real

If there is no God, this is worthless
If there is no God, when I die,
No palace I'll see,
No banquet, no King,
No eternal life in the sky.

If there is no God, what's the point, then,
Of clothing, and money, and jewels?
If there is no fight,
No faith, and no sight,
What's the point, then, of getting through school?

If there is no Savior, no Jesus,
No father, no spirit, no son,
No cross, and no grace,
What's the goal of this race?
What motive to finish this run?

I  can't believe there's no Jesus.
For if He does not exist,
There's no point to this life,
No end to this strife
I see no reason to persist.

I have to believe there's a father
And that this trouble will end
If there's no afterlife,
And no house made of light,
Then I just don't know how to fend

I tell you, there must be a Savior
For Jesus is all that I have.
He died for my sin
And heals pain within,
And His favor to me is a Salve

I believe there's a God, there's a father
Who watches me from up above
A father of grace
With a smile on His face
Looking down on me with love

I can tell there's a God in this place
Wrapping his arms around me
In the waters of grace,
I can see His face
And I notice His art in the trees.

His goodness abides in the forest
He comforts my heart when at sea
His fingers they live
In the rocks and the wind
His handiwork's all around me

If you ask me "Who is your Savior?"
Or "Who puts this smile on your face?"
I'll grin just a bit,
And ask you to sit,
And tell you the story of grace.

"Hold now thy cross before my closing eyes, shine through the gloom and point me to the skies, heaven's morning breaks and Earth's vain shadows flee, in life, in death, o God, abide with me."

I want to be alone, but not lonely.
I want to talk, but I don't want anyone to hear me.
I want to cry, but do so silently.
I want someone to ask me what's wrong, but I don't want anyone to know.
I'm too tired to move, but I can't sleep
I want to tell someone, but I can't put it into words.
I want to eat, but food sickens me.
I want to leave this place, but I want to stay where it's familiar and safe.
I want to feel something, but all I feel is numbness.

Jan 4 · 297
Untitled 30

It's so unfair
So incredibly unfair
So unfortunately rediculously, messed-up unfair
That you
Of all people you
Get to live the life
I should have
You get to be happy
You get to be loved
You get to have no worries
When you're the one who left
You left me in pieces
With no one
No one to put me back together

Jan 3 · 297
My Wish For You 2K17

May you always be glad
And all your steps be light
All your nights be merry
And all your days be bright

This wish I have to spare
This prayer I pray for you
May your skies be sunny
And all your oceans blue

With every shooting star
You dare to wish upon
I pray that all your dreams
Will always meet the dawn

But there is one thing that
I wish with all my heart
Something I've felt for you
Yes, from the very start

I hope that one day when
Your heart is wearing thin,
Your sight is all but gone
From the places you've been

I hope that you can say
With utter certainty,
A lifetime of adventure
Is all you'll ever need

I hope on your deathbed
As your breath leaves your chest
That you can say Surely
That you did your best

That everytime you spoke
You left a little smile
Upon the lips of those
You'd talked to for awhile

Everyone you spoke to
Left a little better
No longer prisoners
But shedding their fetters

For every smile you cast
And every hug you give
May cleanse the souls of those
Who find it hard to live

And isn't it better
To smile and save a life
Than quietly pass by
And leave them to their strife?

Jan 2 · 95
Rain Drop

Have you ever had a moment
When the rain is pouring down
And it showers down upon you
With such a frightful sound

And then there is the moment
when you go beneath a bridge
And everything is quiet
And goes silent for a smidge

And though it seems a second
In that moment, there is more
More sighs and much more silence
Then you've ever felt before

And it feels that in that moment
The whole world takes a breath
You forget all of your sorrows
All ills, all tears, and deaths

And if only for a heartbeat
The world-it stands so still
And you feel your hands go clammy
And it sends o'er you a chill

Yes, in that bless-ed silence
It puts your heart at peace
You hope it stays forever
That it will never cease

Oh, but just as quickly as
The peaceful came to you
The moment takes on wings
Before you know it, it is through.

And how you mourn the loss
Of such a peaceful mo'
But if it happened all the time,
You wouldn't mourn it so.

No, some things are for only
A moment, just a chime
For people ruin lovely things
To mimic peaceful times

There's so many things
I just can't express
There's So many pressures
I'm under duress

There's so many thoughts
That I can't put to sound
But the silence they speak
It grows oh so loud

So many pieces
Of my shattered heart
I can't put together
What's fallen apart

I'm feeling so cold
Like the darkness creeps in
Entangling its branches
On something within

I feel so alone
I'm surrounded by life
But the road I walk on
Is the edge of a knife

There's a silence here
The screams, they grow louder
They fester inside me
Like sparks in gunpowder

I can't see the light
I think I've lost my way
The world is much darker
Than it was yesterday

And as my mind breaks
The days grow darker still
I've lost what heart I had
I've lost all of my will

Will to fight, to love,
My will to linger on
That my life were a breath
That once breathed out was gone.

It's been a long year. To hell with it. Here's to a new one.
Dec 2016 · 102
20-20 POV
Marisa Lu Makil Dec 2016

She's always been the one
To get drunk on life
And the love of everyone
Who surrounds her

I've always been the one
To stay sober, yes
And I see a world
So much clearer

It's just that all the best
Is something I don't see
I guess you could say

I shoulder all The curses her heart could never bear.

Dec 2016 · 115
The Way He Loves You
Marisa Lu Makil Dec 2016

You know of what I'm speaking
That icy cold of death
That tingling of your neck hairs
The anger on his breath

He tells you that he loves you, though
And that is why this works
But still his arms are cold as snow
And every blow still hurts

With every scar he leaves you,
Tears run down your face
He asks you why you're crying so
And says "Everything's okay"

But as you shudder, freezing
And goosebumps flood your skin
You feel your remorse leaving
And letting him come in

His arms-the ones that bruise you
For now seem warm and safe
But your mind betrays you
Those arms will start to chafe

No, no, he never loved you
For loving doesn't hurt
And even when he found you,
His heart was a desert

And in the years they'll wonder
Why you never spoke
Of the pain that he afflicted
And horrors that he wrote

But they wouldn't have listened
For they don't understand
That enclosed by his hurtful fist
Was a loving hand

And why would you ever
Betray that loving touch
For though the scars hurt so,
He loves you oh so much

Nov 2016 · 104
Untitled 29
Marisa Lu Makil Nov 2016

The worst part is
That I don't know
Whether to wait for you
Or let you go

Nov 2016 · 117
All My Pain
Marisa Lu Makil Nov 2016

An eternity of hurt
Squished into 26 letters

Nov 2016 · 370
Promises, Promises
Marisa Lu Makil Nov 2016

You told me
"It will be the same"

You told me
"No, nothing will change"

You told me
"That was yesterday"

You told me
"I will always stay"

You said to me
"I love you, dear"

You told me
You were always near

You promised me
You'd hold me close

An eternity
Of hot cocoa's

Of all the things
You said to me

The promises
You spoke and breathed

Of all the lies
That you told me

This one was the worst

You promised me
"We're always friends"

You told me this
Would never end

You said to me
"Just stay with me"

But it was you
Who did the leaving

Nov 2016 · 159
Untitled 28
Marisa Lu Makil Nov 2016

Our conversations
Have been reduced to
Common chit chat and
Cordial goodbyes.

Sep 2016 · 166
An Evening Musing
Marisa Lu Makil Sep 2016

I think that in the end
All we need is not a lover,
But someone to believe in us.
Someone like a mother

Someone who can see us
Even with all of our mistakes
And all the faults they see in us
And still go on and say

With a fond smile and a
Thoughtful nod, and certainty they
Affirm "you're gonna be alright,
"You're gonna be okay."

Based on a bathroom thought "I think that in the end all we need is not someone to love us, but someone to believe in us. Someone who can look at us after all the mistakes we've made and all the faults they have seen in us, and still say with a fond smile and a thoughtful nod, "you're gonna be alright, I can tell." "
Aug 2016 · 464
Of Better Days
Marisa Lu Makil Aug 2016

I dreamed a dream
One summer night
As I lay down to sleep
Of gold and white
Of faith and sight
Of sunsets, and sunbeams

And in this dream,
My soul rose up
Awoken from my bed
A ghost of good
Of better times
Came to lift my head

Through the window
Pane I gazed,
The sight had once been black
But now a blue,
It shining, blazed
I smiled, it smiled back

In this vortex
Of brilliance
I gazed yet more and more
I saw a tale
Of times to come
It burned me to the core

I saw mountains
So vast and tall
Their tops would cut the sky
And valleys deep
Spotted with sheep
No artist could deny

I saw a king
No majesty
Ever could describe
Sitting on high
His foes would die
To just escape his eye

I saw a crowd
Of people bow
To lay down at His feet
And sing all day
Of glorious praise
And of His Mercy Seat

He bent down low
To whisper, then,
Of times that were to come
Of no more tears
Or sighs or fears
Exceeding joy and then some

I gazed around
And I noticed
A man off to the side
He opened up
His arms to me
A man so sweet and kind

He held me tight
When I could see
No way to carry on
He whispered, then
Of comfort, and
He hugged me til the dawn

I saw there as
He held me close
A group of children, too
A blonde, a boy
Two brunette girls
And all with eyes of blue

And in my dream
I saw a house
And not just an abode
A place where I
Could safely lie
A place that I call home

I woke up, then
To find myself
Laying in my bed
The dreams of night
Gave to daylight
And all flew from my head

I swung my legs
Out from my bed
And shook off all the gray
That seemed to cling
And needless bring
The shrouds of yesterday

I saw the day
Within a light
That to me was quite new
A light of hope
And daydreams and
It led me straight and true

Depression, then
Seemed not as dark
As it had the day before
Still, it was there
A whispered prayer
A knocking at my door

I gripped my sword
And rose up, then,
In all my little might
The king I saw
His sword did draw
Twas He that won the fight

He pushed it back,
That dreadful black
And then He looked at me
His lips parted,
He imparted
Unto me these words:

"Darling, I am
Always with you
Never should you fear
Always, I will
Fight your fights,
My sweetheart, I am here."

"For fear and doubt
Or tears, or sighs
There will never be need
Do not you fear
For I am here,
My child, you have me"

"Forever and
For always, dear
You have all of me
My heart, my hands
My tears, my plans,
My daughter, wait and see"

He drifted, then
As a figment
Into the dreams of past
And winked an eye
Whispered 'goodbye'
Of Him, I saw the last

I see Him, though
Some sunny days
And as I walk through life
He pulls on strings
And gladly sings
Of His glorious afterlife.

I cannot wait
To see Him there
His presence to behold
His glory see
His love of me
I'll walk on streets of gold

In the words of someone better than I, "He will never leave us"
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