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Drop in the Sea Apr 2019
Your parent couldn't walk this way
This doesn't mean , you cannot too
everyone is unique,no exceptional
So Maybe there's no way for you

But why do not try to find it
If you know when to stop
To not continue an endless story
Leading just to broken heart
Poolza Jan 2019
We were so close that I heard you breathing
So close that I could smell your sweet breath

You'd casually stare at me
And all I could see
Were your eyes

I reach to share my love

But the bell rang
Poolza Jan 2019
The way you look at me
The way you talk
Makes my heart melt

The way you run
The way you did anything
Made me fall for you

But this love is forbidden
I'm not supposed to like you

Even if I told you
What if you don't like me too?
Our relationship would be no more
I won't get to see you

I'll just bottle it up
and never ever tell you

Unless, you like me too.
Samreena Lodhi Sep 2018
For us, life holds;
countless enigmas,
uncertainty of existence,
certain exceptions,
bulks of expectations,
improbable concoctions,
perfect nothingness,
imperfect pains,
high level dreams.
don't you think!
Brevity of human life,
ephemeral stay in this world,
is more simple and lucid.
Simplicity and Lucidity,
is all that life can give.
i was reading multiple quotes and made the poem out of the main words.
Regan Jun 2018
Say I’m only yours
And please be honest, baby.
Don’t play with my heart.

© Regan
thirza May 2018
it is quite tempting
to never respond to your messages
and ignore your very own existence
just so you’d stop roaming around my head
every second of the day

but, heck,
i must be stupid
to think
i can remove you from my life
that easily

you still mess up my thoughts
and confuse me to no end
even when
our story has ended

you’re so distracting
but i can never
will myself
to not get distracted
by you.
— because you’re the only distraction
     i can tolerate.
Kinsey Williams Nov 2017
Very seldom do things happen instantly,
But we were an exception.

A firework of heart-burn and sparks.
Exploding fast, happening all at once.

We left nothing to chance,
and instead found a pure, thrilling, bliss.

Exhilaration without hesitation.
A leap into nothingness without fear.

And we ended just as quickly as we started.
We didn’t fade to black like rolling credits.

Because our love wasn’t a movie.
It didn't have time to development into a meaningful plot.

We were there, and then we weren’t.
aniket nikhade Mar 2017
As of now everything that comes to mind is apart from what was thought prior
Definitely even after a brief disturbance everything seems to be certain in life with the only exception of future, which remains uncertain.

As of now plans which were been made since long time are laid to rest
Planning takes a back seat as more and more facts get revealed with time that keeps on moving.

Initially what was thought as a possibility now needs to be explored in depth and in detail
Everything is kept on hold, since everything seems uncertain with regards to present and future.
Thoughts of what was planned earlier are kept on hold, since the need of hour is to take the right line of action
By doing so the the next step that needs to be taken can be thought upon and decided correctly and clearly.

Time now to decide upon the right line of action, since need of hour demands the same.
Extreme situations need extreme measures to be taken as facts cannot be ignored and truth will remain firm as it is in it’s place,
as it was prior.
MG Apr 2016
once upon a time
i thought feelings mattered
if it can change your whole world,
it has to mean something

it's impossible for one to feel so much
and the other nothing at all
because darling, i am so in love with you
and it'd pain me to know that you didn't love me too

but then again you don't know that
because i keep my mouth shut
or maybe you do,
but keep yours shut too

you have it easy
people chasing you here and there
because that's just how special you are
and i hate how i fell for it
i hate how i fell for you

and though i know you could never fall for someone like me,
i cant help but cling on to the hope
that maybe you really are different
maybe you defy the odds
maybe you're the angel who was sent to love me

but right now
i'll keep this where it is
i don't want to lose another friendship
due to a failed attempt at a relationship,
and remember everything about myself
that i know will never be good enough

so excuse me if i seem
unsolvable, mysterious, secretive, even sketchy
but i dont want to open my heart up
to someone like you
because you don't deserve
to have my image of you ruined
when you break my heart with your sincerity

so while it's still alive but barely breathing,
please stop doing that thing you do
because i know im fearless, but oh darling,
the one exception is: i am afraid of loving you
I Will Be The Exception

I will smile at every veteran I see
I will place my hand across my heart
and sing, "Oh say, can you see..."

I Will Be The Exception

I will laugh and talk and joke
and play, and smile. But not only on
Veterans Day. I will do it every day.

I Will Be The Exception

I will shake their hands, I will help in
anyway I can. Freedom can be celebrated
every day, not every now and then

From This Day...And This Day On

I Will Be The Exception
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