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Capriccio Dec 2019
It's like I'm just  a big kid
Who won't behave
I know I'm broken in this way

I am not the marrying kind
And I'm not fine
I don't need
Nor do I need to ever be
The One
Laura Slaathaug Oct 2017
you’ve met the love of your life
in college
before age 25
and you both want to marry in the church on campus
where you met—
flower crowns for the bride and her maids
suspenders and rolled-up sleeves for the
groom and his men.
You want to settle
near both of your parents
(they’re close enough that you won't have to compromise too much)
and work 9 to 5 Monday through Friday in the city  
and spend your weekends on the lake
and boat, jet-skii, watch the sun pass
through the sky and over the water,
where you learned how to swim
(your father threw you in)
and thus, you’ll teach your children.
They will call your mom Grandma
as she makes walleye and hotdish for supper
and they will call your dad Grandpa
as he stokes the campfire for roasting s’mores.
It’s nice to know
no water is bluer and no sky is clearer
even when moon and stars flicker
like lanterns in the wind as the clouds pass over.
It’s nice to never wonder
because you never asked for more.
xerez bridglall Mar 2017
Marry me into the spaces in your life,
Because the mountains shift ever so slightly to fill empty skies.
I was once the sky,
Searching barren deserts for mountains.
Until I realized, I am mountainous.
I'm an artist?
I wish someone would of told me that earlier
I would of told the actual ones i was so they could laugh at me
I'm just a soul trying to improve on the ordinary lines that normally come out
I'm not your Prince bragging about being a King
I'm just the by passer that gives a thumb up to the man making his very own ring for his woman

— The End —